Prepositions after "amenable"

amenable to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 96% of cases amenable to is used
    Most people are amenable to this.
    But even MWE is amenable to an RCT.
    It is amenable to some direction from us.
    Or perhaps I may have been more amenable to a marriage of different political minds.
    A new generation of customers, more amenable to the use of this channel also helped.
    Groups of people have to work together to reach a compromise amenable to all parties.
    She's amenable to the idea, but would also like to be able to combine the e-reader with limited e-mail capability.
    The highest-energy impacts drive debris all the way to Jupiter, which hosts two moons that may be amenable to life.
    Trouble is, that success lead to hubris, and forgetting all the stuff that isn't amenable to the scientific method.
    Fortunately Torrin and I have been working together so long that he's amenable to some experimentation while we work.

    In 3% of cases amenable for is used
    You are amenable for what you say.
    You are amenable for wheadgear you feature.
    No one in FAS was made amenable for massave misspending of public monies.
    Culturally, India has a democratic and free society that makes it amenable for disruptive ideas.
    But a system based on bribery and compliance should be perfectly amenable for our purposes of selling the term, normalising it.
    With eBay, if you bid on an auction and win it, you are amenable for making payment; however, that doesn't mean that everyone does.
    He is even accustomed with accepting the man amenable for popularising the now accepted convenance of cutting apparel with neckties.
    We are not amenable for the agnateity of any of our Concovering or breezeramming in any media to User Concovering subacclaimed by you.
    Waugury are amenable for our downll; it reapperceptions me of the time, if Eve bamboozled Adam caapplication the activatening of mans acheing.
    A edgey arid terchase can be catechumened into a abundant ppBoss Mary, this Christmas you will be amenable for adornmentating the absolute auberge.

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