Prepositions after "appalled"

"appalled by" or "appalled at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases appalled by is used
    In fact, I am appalled by them.
    I am appalled by your comments.
    But I am appalled by the hygiene.
    Pickle, where is your pot?) Sometimes I am appalled by the amount that I don't know.
    I'd appalled by some of the comments, but glad people are talking about it at least.
    I am appalled by the atrocities that have been committed by Ivory Tower Raubritters.
    Instead, I'd appalled by the influence this woman now wields over a field I once respected and admired -- science.
    If you are as disgusted and appalled by this as we are then please do not turn away from Dogstar or dogs like Puma.
    Some days, I'd appalled by what's in the news, and by the ways women's rights in our country seem to be under siege.
    Having trawled through quite a few movie websites this past month, I am appalled by some of the nasty reviews posted.

    In 43% of cases appalled at is used
    Why are we not appalled at this.
    I am appalled at the meaness here.
    I am so beyond appalled at this move.
    Oh good grief! First of all I'd appalled at how he is not being labeled a terrorist.
    We criticise him, we deride him, we stand appalled at his inanities and his actions.
    I'd appalled at the hindu's lack of sensibility in censoring these kind of articles.
    I'd pretty appalled at this breach of privacy, especially since Huffington Post broke the story nearly a week ago.
    I have never been so appalled at a speaker? s ability to talk for over an hour and share no substantial knowledge.
    I am a cancer victim and I am appalled at the amount of generous people's donations you are spending on advertising.

    In 2% of cases appalled with is used
    I am appalled with this service.
    I am appalled with the way i have been treated.
    Pretty appalled with the doctor in the story, though.
    As a woman, I am appalled with how she has conducted herself as a politician.
    Lastly, to the author who is such a Christian and appalled with these books and everyone else as well who agrees with her.
    We the entire Islamic World are absolutely outraged and appalled with the Slanderous, Filthy, and Vile remarks that this wicked man has associated to the best of mankind (i.

    In 1% of cases appalled as is used
    I'd appalled as a veteran that the U.
    So I say explictly I am an avid listener and supporter of public radio and I am appalled as to the rightousness that is being presented here.
    Like most of us, I watched appalled as the Oslo bombing was followed by the tracking down and killing of so many innocent young people on Utoya.
    Every night people watched appalled as the hopelessly outnumbered Biafrans -- they only had 2,000 troops at the start of the war -- threw themselves at the massed ranks of the Nigerian army.

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