Prepositions after "attributable"

attributable to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 99% of cases attributable to is used
    Net income attributable to the parent was 48.
    Net income attributable to the parent was 170.
    Net Income attributable to Ordinary Shareholders.
    This decline was directly attributable to the moratoria on cod and other stocks.
    This is the net income attributable to the contribution to be recharacterized 6.
    The gain is mainly attributable to interest income and gains on investment bonds.
    Cleaning The facts may result in a higher proportion of costs attributable to either business or domestic use.
    The loss of NErgic innervation is attributable to the prominent pathology found in the locus coeruleus (LC) 4.
    There are off site costs which may not be visible on site but are attributable to the running of the project e.
    Equity attributable to Equity Holders of the Parent increased by 3% to approximately P71 bn from year-end 2011.

    In 1% of cases attributable in is used
    Self-expression is a lifestyle, attributable in large part to her nature.
    But our success is also attributable in no small measure to the strategy of your cooperative.
    That was the fiasco -- one attributable in equally measure to the media coverage as to the government's glass jaw.
    He said these positive developments were attributable in a large measure, to the generally peaceful atmosphere on campus and expressed the hope that there would be continued cooperation.
    Today's gas boom in the US is attributable in large part to George Mitchell, a maverick entrepreneur, who perfected together with his technical team the technique of hydraulic fracturing.
    As the reasonably forseeable result of the original publication, though, such secondary publication and the harm it causes is attributable in law to the tort caused by the original publication.

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