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We have a variety of Team Plan services for enterprises.

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Custom implementation

We are open to custom implementation projects to make Linguix flexible and more suitable for your workflow and processes.


Enhance the experience of your users by providing them with grammar checking and writing enhancement features right in your app.

White labeling

License our technology to boost your business' results and build better products.

Use Linguix in your products

Use Linguix in your products, customized for your processes

We are serving our enterprise customers in any possible way we can. So, we provide multiple ways of integrating our writing assistant into your apps and supporting your unique business processes. No matter whether the task is to run a custom implementation, integrate our API, or even white label the technology, we are flexible and willing to help.

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AI-based writing
assistance technology

Our algorithm can spot grammar errors and typos, provide vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and track each user's performance.

Productivity boost

Linguix goes beyond just a grammar check. Our advanced shortcuts allow up to 90% faster typing.

Improve your products and streamline business processes!
Integrate Team Plan to your products and processes, and get better UX, nurture sales, and enjoy consistent communication.
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