Linguix Business for Illustration. Teams

Enhance team communication to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness using Linguix's GPT-4 Powered Copilot. Craft flawless and engaging content in multiple languages.

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Linguix Business includes:

  • All PRO features (including GPT-4 copilot, rewriter, tone analyzer, text autocomplete, and more)
  • Individual accounts
  • Centralized billing
  • Sophisticated statistics and monitoring
  • Integrations with LinkedIn, Google Docs, Miro, Figma, MS Office
  • Starts at 2 seats!

Multilingual Mastery at Your Command

  • Flawless Team Communications

    Harness the power of Linguix to instantly correct grammar, refine phrasing, and craft content directly on your most-used platforms.

  • Global Language Support

    Navigate communications in multiple languages with ease, courtesy of our advanced Web Editor, browser extensions, and business tools integrations.

  • Optimized for

    Marketing, Sales, HR, and customer service teams.

AI-based writing assistant

  • Revolutionary Paraphrasing Engine

    Transform your writing with Linguix's intelligent paraphrasing capabilities. Whether it's enhancing clarity, adjusting message length, or correcting grammar, our browser extension and Web Editor are designed to refine your content in real-time, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

    Revolutionary Paraphrasing Engine
  • Connect Effectively, Avoid Communication Pitfalls

    Maintain a professional image and build trust with your audience by eliminating spelling and grammatical errors. Linguix's AI-powered support guarantees consistent quality in your outbound and inbound communications, fostering positive connections with clients and colleagues alike.

    Connect Effectively, Avoid Communication Pitfalls
  • Maximize Productivity Across All Teams

    Tailored for Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and HR teams, Linguix enhances productivity by streamlining writing tasks. From automating email composition to refining social media engagement, our platform accelerates repetitive tasks and ensures your message is clear, concise, and impactful.

    Maximize Productivity Across All Teams
  • Style Guide

    To ensure all corporate communications are clear, polite, and inclusive, use Style Guides to help employees avoid any mistakes that might have a considerable cost.

    Use Style Guides to make sure event titles, executive names, or positions look professional and fuel trust.