Grammar Checker and Rewriter for Opera

Grammar Checker and Rewriter for Opera. Works in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Polish

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Grammar Corrector, Punctuation
Checker, and Rewriter for Opera

Create compelling and error-free content in your favorite browser.

Grammar check on the go
Linguix swiftly detects and corrects grammar and punctuation errors, whether you're responding to customers or crafting an email in Opera.
Instant spell check
Ensure your text is free from spelling mistakes and typos, regardless of how quickly you type. Feel confident when sending crucial messages for work or school.
Synonym suggestions
Our tool highlights areas for improvement and suggests appropriate synonyms, making your content sound more native. 

Write without mistakes and save time to achieve your goals faster

Clear and compelling copy helps you attract more leads, enhance communication, and foster stronger relationships with customers.


Polish your writing on any website in the Opera browser 

Use Linguix’s browser extension for Opera to check your text on millions of websites, from Gmail to ChatGPT. Our user-friendly tool swiftly catches typos, grammar, and punctuation errors, providing real-time correction suggestions.

  • Use Linguix for Opera for both short and long-form content.
  • Type with confidence, as Linguix continuously detects typos and spelling errors.
  • Benefit from Linguix's efficiency on countless websites, thanks to its user-friendly design.

Make sure your content is compelling with Linguix’s rewriting feature

Not only can you produce error-free copy, but you can also craft sentences that sound native, eloquent, and easy to read. Linguix helps refine your writing style, suggests alternative phrasing, and delivers insights into your writing habits. With consistent use of Linguix, your confidence as a writer will grow.

  • Make your content sound more professional.
  • Get ideas for cliché and boring phrases.
  • Use Linguix to become a better writer.

Use Linguix's content templates to get rid of writer’s block

We often do need to come up with ideas as quickly as often. From press releases to essays, access diverse templates easily to overcome writer's block. Our growing database caters to business, personal, and educational needs.

  • Find any kind of content for faster writing, from blog posts to personal emails.
  • Save time by customizing our ready-to-use content templates.
  • Forget about writer’s block with Linguix for Opera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our grammar and spell checker to sound more professional and trustworthy for your customers.

Yes, we offer a Free version of Linguix for Opera, as well as a Pro one.

The Free Plan includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, as well as a text rewriter for six languages.

With the Pro Plan, you'll benefit from advanced grammar checks, synonym and fluency suggestions, an unlimited text rewriter, and a Content Quality Score for benchmarking your content.
Linguix for Opera supports grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish.
Yes, our AI text rewriter provides alternative phrasing, enhancing your sentences to sound more professional and engaging.
Yes. “Let’s Write” is an AI feature that allows you to instantly generate blog posts and other long-form copy in one click. Access it by logging into our Web Editor and clicking the "Let's Write" button. Select a pre-defined query or input your own, then insert the generated text and continue editing within Linguix.

Grammar Checker and Rewriter
for Opera

Install our browther extension to get your writing checkt on Gmail, Google Docs,, Canva, and millions of other websites.

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