Prepositions used with "appeal"

of, on, In, for or to appeal?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases appeal of is used

Summary dismissal of appeal 421.

There is to be a right of appeal.

Court of Appeal President Justice S.

His appeal against the verdict in the Court of Appeal was dismissed on January 10, 1955.

His appeal to the Court of Appeal has been reserved for judgement at the appellate Court.

Indeed, the application met the three criteria developed by the Court of Appeal in AES (i.

While Smits may have felt he was in the clear, the trial judge (eventually supported by the Court of Appeal) disagreed.

Before the Ombudsman can examine your complaint you must avail of any right of appeal open to you, for example the SWAO.

The Speaker was referring to the Supreme Court ruling on a number of Writ Applications filed in the Court of Appeal more.

In 10% of cases appeal on is used

Finality of orders on appeal 430.

Practice and procedure on appeals 159.

She received a fine of R15 000 on appeal then.

Because most or and what is diabetes mellitus Cialis Online Cialis Online which was based on appeal.

On appeal, the Supreme Court of Kansas, in an opinion by Justice Burch, reasoned as follows (78 Kan.

He was jailed for the assault but was freed on appeal a week later and later also told he could have his job back by a tribunal.

Doping is a crime in Italy, and Ferrari was cleared on appeal in 2006 of criminal charges of distributing banned products to athletes.

Singh eventually won his case on appeal, and the campaign he mobilised was an important catalyst for reforms that are now set to become law.

In 4% of cases appeal In is used

Record in appealable cases 264.

Arrest of accused in appeal from acquittal 427.

The judgment of the High Court was carried in appeal to the Supreme Court.

It is in this way that the appellant is in appeal before us by way of special leave.

The Rockettes are still somewhat wholesome in appeal, its a family thing not so much showgirlsesque.

As social networking sites increased in appeal, so did the number of web sites that could be found online.

There has also been a high success rate in appeals against the test results, with around 40 per cent of rulings being overturned.

The issue which was raised initially before the Allahabad High Court and thereafter in appeal before the Supreme Court in Allahabad Bank v.

The apex court held tbat the fact that an order ' passed in contravention of Article 311 was confirmed in appeal, could not cure the initial defect.

In 3% of cases appeal for is used

November 2 retained attorney for appeal.

It was not a matter for appeal by Pengxin, he said.

Even if that judge is corrupt and a coward, you set it up for appeal.

This would automatically create grounds for appeal which must be taken into account at this stage.

For appeals against Central Government Departments, you have Central Information Commission (CIC).

That the federal prosecution turned down Elmer's complaint without any option for appeal should be questioned.

In 3% of cases appeal to is used

But no need of Committeee to Appeal the election that PDP and Jonathan Loyalists woefully failed.

This decision is final and not subject to appeal to the Court and to the Grand Chamber or elsewhere.

Provocative dressing for self comfort is a falsehood and such dressings are meant only to appeal men.

Employees from Union and Amandelbult who do not return to work on October 30th would be dismissed, subject to appeal.

Bank Julius Baer had until May 31 2012 to appeal the judge's decision to unseal the client data CDs (see our May 18 2012 news below ), and it didn't.

Claimants from these countries will receive accelerated processing of their claim, will have limited access to appeals and limited access to work permits.

According to Red Cross and other aid agencies the amount of donations to appeals for Africa increased almost ten-fold after the vulture and child photo was published.

Julius Br had until May 31 to appeal the decision, but the deadline has now passed with no appeal, which means the contents of the CDs are set to be revealed against the bank's wishes.

In 1% of cases appeal as is used

Hartley The Past: Our cradle, not our prison; there is danger as well as appeal in its glamour.

In 1% of cases appeal by is used

No law or policy can be justified by appeal to such contested beliefs.

Nils Holtug also suggests that the problem can be avoided by appealing to ' deontological principles, e.

It gives an explanation of the universe at large, by appeal to what is discoverable as the deepest of known facts.

Girlanda said he believed that her playing music was a sign that she was confident that the decision would be overturned by appeal judges in Perugia.

In 1% of cases appeal despite is used

Liam Feeney (left) opens the scoring at The Den despite appeals for offside.

The Jamaican Government, despite appeals for information, has failed to fully articulate its plan on what happens after the IMF deal is sealed.

In 1% of cases appeal under is used

The total number of judgments under appeal during the first quarter of 2012 are valued at $380.

Tested on the aforesaid basis, tax effect in respect of disputed issues in the assessment year under appeal in the case of respondent-company is more than Rs.

On the basis of the discussions made above and in light of the earlier decisions of the Court, we are unable to sustain the orders of the Kerala High Court coming under appeal.

In 1% of cases appeal with is used

I found it bizarre however that you would think of TB as a person with appeal in that area.

And that remains true even if you win some soldiers over to your side with appeals to their reason.

In its absence we are left with appeals to reason and morality: all well and good, but not enough if you think that power.

The SC was dealing with appeals related to a January 2002 judgment of a Designated Court in Gujarat in TADA cases from 1994, 1995 and 1996.

Section 197 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 deals with appeals against convictions or penalties in connection with offences against that Act.

This is an independent statutory body which, among other things, deals with appeals against local authorities in relation to decisions to grant or refuse planning permission.

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