Prepositions used with "action"

"of action" or "in action"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases action of is used

There is not much of action here.

I devised a 100-day plan of action.

Liquidity represents freedom of action.

Calvin's emphasis is on movement: ultimately, what we think is for the sake of action.

She was rarely given something interesting to do or allowed to be the focus of action.

Although I by no means endorse this course of action, I can say that it happens a lot.

Policyrelevant science and economics can communicate the costs of delay as clearly as it does the costs of actions.

Deploying new sites would lock the operators into a certain course of action (to exploit the new sites to the full).

A terrific story, a lot of action, some awesome banter and hilarious conversations and an exceptional magical system.

ECOWAS and UEMOA have developed a common plan of action on trade liberalization and macroeconomic policy convergence.

In 22% of cases action in is used

Thank you -- I agree in Action.

It is the free market in action.

See a video of it in action here.

In Bangladesh, BRAC, VAB, English in Action are the examples of non-government efforts.

Just like the wind is mysterious in action, so is a person filled with the Holy Spirit.

Today, you see it in action at Maker Faires and in every hackerspaces around the world.

Mthembu was in action again soon afterwards when he cut in from the left and sent a hard drive into the side-netting.

The party became separated from the dog during the clash, and with Sabi missing in action, her troop feared the worst.

Twenty-four hours after I got the news that my son was killed in action, I was in contact with his unit in Afghanistan.

The Thunderbirds are back in action next weekend when they take on the Alberta Pandas November 2-3 at War Memorial Gym.

In 11% of cases action into is used

We'll go into action immediately.

We need to shame them into action.

Step 6: Put your plan into action.

Personally, I handle frustrations by converting the stored ' energy ' into actions.

Often in a crisis, it is best to remain calm, rather than being panicked into action.

So get into action quickly after any programme and use something in your own business.

The festival will roll into action from August 26 throughout the province in which apart from other sports events.

Out in Scripture is a great devotional resource as you consider your life of faith and put that faith into action.

These creative clusters hold the potential to harness creativity and mobilize an army of creative minds into action.

In my Life Coaching program doors are symbolic of positive change and stepping out of your comfort zone into action.

In 11% of cases action to is used

Thank you for the call to action.

The Amerks return to action at 7:05 p.

And a call to action to new mothers too.

The call to action is also a great place to summarise what we've said on our web page.

This should be expressed in everything, even your calls to action and meta descriptions.

This call to action highlights a real problem, but raises more questions than in answers.

Gilmer and the story of The Impact Movement, check out his book A Cry of Hope, A Call to Action: Unleashing the Next.

Remember that micro-content is still supposed to do the job of big content -- drive people to action on your website.

Unless an entrepreneur is absolutely sure of the plans that will be put in to action, the entire process can not start.

You may be confused by this paper: An Epidemic of Traumatic Brain Injury in Professional Cycling: A Call to Action Mark W.

In 9% of cases action for is used

Protection for action taken under this Act, &c.

Watch the President's call for action: http: //www.

Hunger and poverty is ugly, and it calls for action.

How are you going to live up to that and do conditions in Washington exist for action? 19.

Platts said the Forties problems had added to the case for action sooner rather than later.

Strategic priorities The HSE Framework for Action on Obesity has five strategic priorities.

The premises was thereupon foreclosed, put up for action and sold to the Baptist denomination to liquidate the debt.

Again, we see Wright's concept of power as a fundamentally animating force in his reflections and agendas for action.

We ask the people of Britain about what they think about Al-Qaeda's Nobel Peace Prize for actions in Syria and Libya.

Then, such approaches need to be embedded into political structures so that they create effective mandates for action.

In 2% of cases action with is used

You'll especially appreciate the improvements with action movies and music discs.

Sometimes people with actions do good stuff, but they have got weird and evil minds.

I always combine it with action because without action it's just pie in the sky silliness.

She also made sure I leave the sessions with actions, and that I am committed to moving forward.

Eventually, Kim says, you'll be able to use your native desktop IDE or text editor and sync your project with Action.

Over 170 children from all over Ireland took part, with action played out over four separate races for U8, U10, U12, and U15.

It's often wise to cut down on verbs of being, replacing them (whenever possible) with action verbs; that'll make your writing punchier.

Jun 11 (5 months ago) Anne Kavanagh agent wrote Reflection coupled with action and when action frightens you, get psychologically neutral around.

Life is really quite a joy at the moment with Action Man no longer weekly commuting and the unpredictability of Army life being a thing of the past.

If Egyptian leadership fails to match its rhetoric with action, they risks losing credibility swiftly and will be compared to the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

In 1% of cases action By is used

Karl Markson Live by words not, but by actions.

The future is realized by actions, not by speaking with two lips.

Discussion needs to be followed by action, whether by the Barisan or Pakatan government.

If you think about it talk has always been rather cheap, if it isn't followed through by actions.

We are as strictly obliged to adhere to God by action in the time of action, as by prayer in its season.

Primary stakeholders are those that are distressed by actions directed to the organization either positively or negatively.

The FUTURE only ever happens in and from the present tense and is built of today's thoughts, dressed by emotion and driven by action.

What happened to the wave of action after Veronica Geurin's death? Minister Shatters words are meaningless unless they are followed by action.

How do you now authentic when you hear or see it? You feel it for it is a power that is seen by actions that are aligned with core value followed by action.

How do you now authentic when you hear or see it? You feel it for it is a power that is seen by actions that are aligned with core value followed by action.

In 1% of cases action from is used

Second, it seeks to pull in the United States to restrain India from action.

An organization that, we see yet again, has almost total immunity from action by the state forces.

Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle has been published in over 100 poetry journals from Action Yes to Verse.

After-all, where are you going to find an Ikea at a time like this? We now morph from action zombies to horror zombies.

The films at TAD range from action to thriller, but they all stay aptly dark to satisfy festival goers particular penchant for the alternative.

But forget everything you know about, and expect, from action games, and Lara Croft's move-set sheds light on what made classic Tomb Raider so compelling.

But Christianity, the age of thought, was also an era of intolerable duality, of man separated from God, of spirit separated from matter, and thought from action.

It's not that Liam Neeson should steer away from action vehicles entirely; it just seems unfortunate that a bunch of generally middling thrillers should be the work he is remembered by.

In 1% of cases action on is used

What gtd aspects are utilized? Deciding upfront on actions.

Being merely a restraint on action, morality seems to become a hindrance to living.

With the focus on action instead of intrigue, one might have expected there to be some differences in the visuals.

The aria allows the singer to pause and reflect on action that has passed and express their inner thoughts and feelings.

It allows for the film to flow well and means it doesn't need to rely on action orientated scenes and gratuitous violence.

If there is a decision on action by the FTC, it could come in the form of a lawsuit or probably wind up being a settlement.

Make sure inspirational moments are succeeded by follow on actions, so your employees see that you act upon your inspiration.

Since we can't control the weather or unstable foreign governments, we need to focus on actions that can feasible be controlled.

Should the impossible happen and the entire rest of the world agrees on action I expect you'll find cause to argue that Australia still shouldn't.

So I intend to write -- on real paper, with a stamp an ' all -- to two particular TDs every week, reminding them that my vote depends on action on this issue.

In 1% of cases action through is used

Verbally or through action disputes or shows contempt for an official's decision b.

The worker actively differentiates a new set of relations that can only be apprehended through action.

US government has to demonstrate through action whether Pakistan is a front state ally or an enemy state.

My proposed SXSW 2012 addresses this need, and challenges tech innovators to brainstorm ways for us to support education through not just donating money but through action instead.

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