Prepositions used with "accommodation"

"of accommodation" or "for accommodation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases accommodation of is used

The selection of accommodation is all of a lovely standard.

The cost of accommodation is part of the total program fee.

We can all agree that a villa is firstly a type of accommodation.

However, you or your family should not have a house in the place of accommodation.

The cost of accommodation and feeding are part of the total program fee to be paid.

Unawatuna offers wide range of accommodations speeding to the nearby villages as well.

Information box on responsible travel myths: Myth: I have to sacrifice quality and luxury of accommodations.

The policy of accommodation was so successful that it won the friendship and respect of many powerful figures.

There are many small guesthouses and hotels along the beach allowing you to have a wider choice of accommodation.

The quality of accommodation is good, and with the over supply students are in a strong position when demanding quality.

In 25% of cases accommodation for is used

Paying for accommodation cuts into travel budgets.

Hostels and motels are other cheap options for accommodation.

The Volcano area is the 8th largest for accommodation within Honolulu.

I've applied for accommodation through a company called Spectrum Western Challenge.

Certain routes allow for accommodations in huts while others provide full service campsites.

The airline won't pay for accommodation for stranded passengers if delays are weather related.

Not the fact that the promotion of the uniform speeds up the budget for accommodation, given current trends.

The best site we have so far found on the Internet for accommodation in Ukraine is run by travel experts TUI.

Flat bones form a cavity for accommodation of organs that protect the delicate organs and they are quite often very irregular.

What is my max budget for accommodation? Okay so you don't know anyone who you can stay at so now we have to think rationally.

In 9% of cases accommodation with is used

Nicely presented home with accommodation comprising:Entry Hall.

What's the story with accommodation? The accommodation in Waterford is pretty good and not that expensive.

Or we can provide you with accommodation for you in stone town where you can enjoy this magical old town and.

If you need more than one day to decide on a verdict, the court will provide you with accommodation and other necessities.

With accommodation fashioned from old corrugated iron Nissen huts, migrants were frequently shocked at the primitive conditions.

Yes, it is well above budget but we have been doing well with accommodation costs and at 50 euro each in a central location and with a great room, we reckon it is a bit of a result.

Comparing Sri Lanka to Thailand, where around 20 million tourists visit annually, Wallace has said that is hitting a ceiling with accommodation capacities and limitations on infrastructure.

In 5% of cases accommodation in is used

More Never stayed in accommodation before that was deftly silent, very strange.

The seeds of trouble have been sown, though, starting with the change in accommodation.

In accommodations in Pretoria, you might have amenities, which include Web connection.

Health and social assistance employs 14% of the region? s workers and 7% have jobs in accommodation &; food services.

Not having the appropriate contact particulars, resort handle and e-mail is a superb flaw in accommodations web design.

In 4% of cases accommodation on is used

Being able to put down a deposit on accommodation is also useful.

We saved a lot on accommodation which we spent on shopping, going around, etc.

Your expenditure on the route will be on accommodation and food - both are easy to work out.

A man spends 1/3 of his salary on his salary on his children's education and 2/5 of the remainder on accommodation.

For information on accommodation, visit the York hotels page for my choice of places to stay along with comparative rates and details on booking.

In 4% of cases accommodation to is used

My approach to accommodation is the same.

This mind set of the Pakistani leadership was not inclined to accommodation of the Jumma people.

With little notice their quiet street is quickly being turned over to accommodation for single miners.

Education is needed for all stakeholders in wildlife tourism, from guides to accommodation providers to customers.

My one word of advice is to go direct through either Bishop Joseph or his Son James and they will arrange everything for you from Airport pickup to accommodation whilst in Nakuru.

In 3% of cases accommodation about is used

A quick note about accommodation in the city.

To learn a lot more about accommodations in Pretoria, go on.

About Accommodation All the accommodation that we use in Ghana is run by local people.

Kinabalu? Before talking about accommodation, let's make a short overview of the reasons why you should choose to travel to Mt.

In 2% of cases accommodation at is used

Dinner and overnight at Accommodation of your choice Day 4: Depart for Mbale in the morning visiting the Bujagali falls and the source of the Nile en-route.

Dinner and overnight at Accommodation of your choice Day 2: After an early breakfast, our driver/guide will take you to Mabamba wetlands where you will see swamp endemics.

Dinner and overnight at Accommodation of your choice Day 3: Early morning departure for Mabira Forest, one of the most important ornithological sites in Uganda with more than 300 species recorded.

In 2% of cases accommodation including is used

Daily budget of $25 in Poland? Including accommodation - yes.

Take a Road Trip Across Australia Get your expenses (including accommodation and fuel) paid for by driving cars from one side of Australia to the other.

In 1% of cases accommodation as is used

They can also double as accommodation if you're travelling long distances.

With these initiatives, the tourism related services sub-sector such as accommodation and restaurant remain upbeat.

As a team we looked at the department's out goings and realised we were spending a fortune paying the expenses associated with the consultants staying in London, such as accommodation and meals.

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