Prepositions used with "administration"

"of administration" or "in administration"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases administration of is used

I have not sorted out the accommodation and Iam going to do Masters of Administration.

But whatever her role, a Department of Administration has always been a sensible idea.

It was not an majestic system of administration that unexpected proposed employing commoners.

Obamacare creates several new departments that almost doubles the size of administration offices.

A general fund shall likewise be created and used for expenses of administration of the association.

The concept of a Department of Administration stands on its own merits, no matter who the governor is.

The senior director of Administration in the Ministry of Planning National development and Vision 2030 Mr.

Rule under the Romans was well organized as they had good skills of administration and were well disciplined.

It is not economic to make Tamil the language of administration in addition to Sinhala through out the country.

In 17% of cases administration in is used

But with a change in administration, those bills went onto the backburner.

The persons who run American hospitals all have very high IQ 's, whether they are MD's or have a master's in administration.

For a workforce drowning in administration, much of it repeated or re-entered into multiple databases, BPM can be a great thing.

They may specialize in programming for infants and children with diverse abilities, school age children or work in administration.

Further advancement opportunities include positions in administration such as department chair, dean of students, or college president.

Masau will begin studying for his Master of Education degree in Administration, Planning and Policy Studies program later on this year.

Moreover by the mid 1960s the government had transferred all local indigenous employees in administration to other parts of East Pakistan.

Andreotti completed a dual Masters of Science Degree in Administration and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

As with the assets of most companies in administration, the trade mark rights relating to Rangers FC, have reportedly been sold on to a ' newco '.

Gompf has over 30 years of professional experience in administration, strategic planning, fundraising, grants management, budgeting and program design.

In 11% of cases administration into is used

Team Bondi's entered into administration, according to a report this morning.

Why couldn't a company make staff redundant without going into administration? it's been happening every day for years.

If it fails, the company, whose debt holders are already waiving interest payments, is likely to fall into administration.

If someone goes into administration and needs to do the N E W C O route, there might not be a place at the table if no SFL team is willing to move up.

Therefore, the starting a business should be a family decision, if this scenario happens, to be considered by the parties to enter into administration.

I remember it quite clearly, the day that it became clear that it was actually going to have to go into administration was the day of our Christmas party.

It was only in 1957, English language was done away from the oppressive system &; Sinhala Language was brought into administration by the Leader of the Nation, S.

The Associations must accept the blame as they have punished clubs for going into administration, when the Associations have not catered for the ownership correctly.

The fact that United has one of the largest fan bases in the world, that they haven't fallen into administration, and that it doesn't appear to be happening any time soon has not derailed Mr.

In 9% of cases administration for is used

Finger pointing? Monterona said that he raised this concern to DFA undersecretary for Administration Rafael Seguis.

He was an executive in the aerospace and transportation industry as Vice President for Administration of Rohr Industries Inc.

My experience has been that the fact that students need to be served food is more of a problem for administration that anything.

Vice-President for Administration - Yanjie Long Yanjie is a third year student, studying Law and Commerce at the University of Auckland.

For administration they reported to the different boards which governed naval affairs such as the Navy Board, Victualling Board and Ordnance Board.

In 4% of cases administration on is used

Stephen Muriithi Manegene, Chair of the working group on administration and budget (Kenya) Nicola Clarke (UK) announced.

Your transaction information and customer card information is secure even from their own employees because their systems never display the full card numbers, even on administration screens.

In 4% of cases administration to is used

Moves from customer services/creative sector to administration happen quite often.

Volunteers help with every aspect of KYGN, from teaching and assisting in the nursery classes to administration and site maintenance.

So they were aware that no one was there for us to talk to, but asked us all there so that they would not look incompetent to administration.

Jobs can range from working as a nanny to administration, construction, hospitality, farm work -- or some people even go overseas to play sport for local clubs.

In 3% of cases administration by is used

Enforcing school rules and regulations that have been set by administration or fellow captains.

Passive immunization: It is the process of developing immunity in previously non-immune individuals by administration of sensitized lymphoid cells or serum from immune individuals.

In 2% of cases administration after is used

Reduction of the intraocular pressure in man starts about three to four hours after administration and maximum effect is reached after eight to twelve hours.

Variables were measured during steady state normoxaemia and 10 and 30 minutes after administration of 17 mg/kg aminophylline (mean (SD) blood concentration of theophylline 14.

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