Prepositions used with "thing"

of, about, for, on or to thing?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases thing of is used

Lots of things to be done there.

MACHON: Yeah, that sort of thing.

There's a whole range of things.

Ursus Augustus: 22 Jul 2011 9:15:28am Your second paragraph gets to the nub of things.

You also need to tell your family -- this isn't the type of thing you keep to yourself.

If you like that kind of thing, as I do, it can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

The troop commanders were in Korea, but Struble, Doyle, and Smith were working up the naval side of things in Japan.

In the grand scheme of thing it seems that the corporations that rule us love the idea of class and political strife.

So the kind of things that they use or were used to then could be the kind of things that they like later on in life.

I have used the example of police-protester brutality because we all see this sort of thing in the media quite often.

In 7% of cases thing about is used

People can be so weird about things.

They care about things I care about.

They should not ponder about things.

I'll confess, I don't do keynotes about things I'd totally clear and certain about.

END-of-123 echo x - 124 sed ' s/X// ' >124 X Xi've thought about things somewhat.

Why not look at their social media site to find out more about things that they like.

We are talking about things that do actual good -- things that actually positively influence the lives of people.

By a curious coincidence the resulting word perfectly expressed the way Arthur was feeling about things just then.

Whole lot of discussion going on about things that are going to be irrelevant if we lose Acrtic Sea Ice this summer.

Thus many persons who formerly cared only about guns, suddenly started to care about things like libertarianism also.

In 6% of cases thing for is used

Then they went out looking for things.

She was a go-to person for things literary.

That goes for things that aren't working, too.

But even though I tried my very best, I still got blamed for things which I didn't do.

If its a good woman, someone you date they will pay for things too, buy you gifts etc.

Oh I know, I know, it's not exactly as if you lie around waiting for things to happen.

They assume that people always vote for things which are popular, which carry benefits without acknowleding the costs.

Indeed, we searched for things to do in our free time, began to look for somebody to help, because it was our purpose.

Task There are lots and free tools, but for Thing 19 we'll look at a few of the free ones: Zotero, Mendeley and Colwiz.

I don't know that the answer is for things to get as bad as possible, by electing Republicans, before they get better.

In 5% of cases thing on is used

Ask them their opinions on things.

I always enjoy your take on things.

I like sharing my opinion on things.

We remain fixated on things that can be accomplished through broad policy initiatives.

While time is winding down on Fitness Month, by no means should you slack up on things.

We just continue working on things, continue to get better and continue to plan to win.

We would live to hear from you though if you have any recommendations or tips on things that we may have missed out.

The mile-per-hour count isn't helped by my habit of focussing on things that really don't warrant extended attention.

Because it means I don't have to go shopping for it!! And deliberate on things!!! I think I'd far more creative for it.

Is he on a graseby pump, how many pain pills is he on things like oxycontin, fentanyl patches, gabapentin, tramadol CR.

In 4% of cases thing to is used

He caved in to things that he shouldn't have.

Where you have rules applied to things, you get order.

They point to things past themselves, greater than themselves.

Too much attachment breeds unhappiness: He who is attached to things will suffer much.

Buddhist teaching says not to have grasping attachment, not to hold tightly to things.

We still have physical parameters to things, such as finite energy, masses and so forth.

Once they informed me of the fee I have started questioning them and told him I need time to thing and closed down the call.

An error perhaps, or else they are testing the response to things (sorry if that sounds paranoid!) This was a great article.

What made men confess to things that were unlikely, sometimes impossible and usually unsupported by other evidence? Torture.

In 3% of cases thing at is used

I like that sideways look at things.

Indeed, it changes the way you look at things.

Just that things were bound to happen this way.

And it was a very important role because it made Ravi Verma look at things differently.

I don't look at things that people look at, I take notice of what is in someone's heart.

Give examples, be sincere and he will see you aren't just looking at things on the surface.

Now I will be able to look at things more critically and provide proper guidance on the implementation of the NNPSP.

Motivational Dyer once said that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change.

Chapter 14: Perception and looking In this chapter the author considers how we look at things and how we see things.

We live in a department store society and it's hard to hurdle over most people's perceptions of what things should cost.

In 3% of cases thing with is used

Letting her get away with things.

Surround yourself with things you love.

People aren't really happy with things.

With things to do for both children and parents, everyone will have a relaxing fun day.

God/dess's working has to do with things free from change and movement -- things divine.

I can put up with things not going my way, if I think the situation has been handled fairly.

This wouldn't be to say that re-legalisation in China would be a sensible policy with things the way they are there.

Granted, it's a cheap-o version from IKea years ago, but still, I don't usually have a problem with things sticking.

The thing is we spend most of our time feeding our minds with things that feed the flesh rather than the spirit man.

Since Season 1, you've helped me see that there are better ways to deal with things than just screaming and fighting.

In 2% of cases thing in is used

This yields the darkness of indulgence in things.

There are certain things I will not buy in any stores.

Calder is making arguments to establish certain things as facts.

They argue that a person should only believe in things for which they have good evidence.

Ministry have a non-financial interest in things like arena shows but they don't interfere.

Watch or participate in things that are funny; be around people who make you laugh out loud.

But here is a thing: according to Shariah law, it is prohibited for Muslims to invest in things such as the arms trade.

Of course me being me, I am always hugely interested in things to do in Donegal, try them out and then write about them.

It refers to the experiencing of abundance in things which are apparently insignificant or little, both in value and amount.

I am going to be still what I am and no one can tell if I am evil or good, because there are grey shades in things everywhere.

In 1% of cases thing into is used

Weird how we all read into things our own way.

It's exciting to buy a house and easy to rush into things.

She also knocks into things often and can improve on her social etiquette.

Delia even prefers the hand mixer, as she argues you can whisk more air into things.

We will look into things, and I hope we can welcome you back to our hotel some time in the future.

The only people who read that far into things like iPad usage and music taste are Guardian readers.

To bump so many sick people off, to leave them helpless, is too cruel for most people - so you turn them into things.

At this point, Jobs had a limited education, and no obvious talents, apart from a notorious ability to talk people into things.

He dreams of a world where the young speak up fearlessly and channel their energy into things that make the lives of others better.

At any rate, I sure do not intend to run indoors for the whole winter, but at least for the first few weeks easing back into things.

In 1% of cases thing like is used

Seems like things are coming to an ugly head now.

Well, sounds like things are really going well with you.

Get a grate or fence like thing to put around the fireplace.

So things are much clearer now, and it really felt like things were starting to roll.

It looks like things are all wrapped up TIGHT amongst a certain group of yards &; suppliers.

This is taken with dismay because it looks like things are almost coming back to business as usual.

You alway bring out the smallest details that make us feel like things are actually simple if we look at them deeply.

Despite the obvious inadequacies of the union's campaign, it felt like things were moving, like the struggle was going somewhere.

So it doesn't seem like things are moving too quickly, but this does sound a lot more optimistic than Marshall's previous comments.

Seems like things are just so much more laid back when you're not worried about buying gifts or if someone will like the gift you bougt.

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