Prepositions used with "accuracy"

"of accuracy" or "for accuracy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases accuracy of is used
    The price for this efficiency is, however, a loss of accuracy.
    With today's technology, the levels of accuracy achieved using DMMs is very high.
    Examine all assignments of a long to a double as this can result in a loss of accuracy.
    It behooves authors who praise rather than disparage to maintain a high degree of accuracy.
    Morgando's staff has achieved higher levels of accuracy with ArcGIS Server and StreetMap Premium.
    At this level of accuracy if you DNA tested a million kids, the test would be wrong for 100 of those children.
    Evidence should be given of the adequacy and completeness of the facts and the degree of accuracy of the estimates.
    The best agencies hire and train their staff to maintain a high level of accuracy, speed and precision for each job.
    Sodball - Just in the interest of accuracy, the Chrysler Crossfire was built on the same platform as the Mercedes SLK.

    In 20% of cases accuracy for is used
    The feature examines statements made by Minnesota politicians and checks them for accuracy.
    She does not edit for accuracy, She does not alter for correctness, She translates and posts.
    Bette Midler went as the deceased Sybil in Downton Abbey, and she wins first prize for accuracy.
    Yet the assurance is given on page 23 of the Report that its contents had been checked for accuracy and consistency.
    Good for us otherwise voiceless common folk! Win win all around in the ongoing search for accuracy in public discourse.
    For the most part the holes aren't for accuracy relative to the shell, but more for proper spacing between the individual holes.
    Often as not, the answer is that there is no answer, or the answer may be the best we have but still wouldn't hit a barn door for accuracy.
    Give Bloomberg an A for accuracy of explanation and another A for setting the matter where it belongs both for inception and oversight - viz Congress.
    Ingeniously designed with a special gravity escapement that controls its pendulum, Big Ben remains a standard for accuracy in mechanical tower clocks.
    Years later and though I work in a different field, I still have her to thank for instilling in me that same desire for accuracy in everything I write.

    In 15% of cases accuracy with is used
    Yes, this has only to do with accuracy.
    With this technique the instrument measures flow velocity with accuracy of 2%.
    Based on the speed of sound in water, the level is measured with accuracy of 0.
    So, reader's editors to deal at the most local level with accuracy and other matters.
    And we've done it 87 times so far, with accuracies generally within about one mile 1.
    Quick inrticate passing between the players with accuracy, with technique, to control the football.
    By first grade, many children develop the ability to perform the music of their culture with accuracy.
    Hardikar said that they tend to fall into the trap of an obsession with accuracy at the cost of style.
    Meanwhile, no one can say with accuracy how many different ingredients are used in personal-care products.
    It measures level by transmitting ultrasonic pulses through the air to the liquid surface with accuracy of 0.

    In 3% of cases accuracy to is used
    Quantum electrodynamics is a fifty-year-old theory of the interactions of electrons and photons that has made successful predictions to accuracies as great as twelve significant figures.

    In 2% of cases accuracy in is used
    Better still, even someone like me, who's never fired a pistol before, could outshoot a marine in accuracy, and rival his grouping.

    In 2% of cases accuracy on is used
    Like Salman Rushdie in Midnight's Children, he or she is willing to compromise on accuracy to get at the essence of things by giving that passage of events a recognisable face.

    In 1% of cases accuracy between is used
    This process frequently involves a compromise between accuracy and stability.

    In 1% of cases accuracy over is used
    The bickering over accuracy and bias eventually removed entire sections that could have provided some insight and background for those poor souls.

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