Prepositions used with "access"

"of access" or "with access"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases access of is used

Another requirement is that of access.

A number of seats with lifting armrests for ease of access.

First, the lack of access to SIM applications is surprising.

The school he attended give him unusual levels of access to the computer lab, and so on.

Only three significant routes of access to the peninsula penetrate this formidable terrain.

Thus, management of the resource and co-ordination of access to the resource becomes vital.

You may prefer to leave this tab blank and put the information into the Administration Tree Page for ease of access.

The end cost will likely be less than the $42b because of access to telstra equipment (or more importantly, trenches).

This type of access is usually provided for a flat rate well within the reach of most large- and medium-sized businesses.

In 21% of cases access with is used

Anyone with access to a terminal told you so.

The first division helps companies with access to finance.

Also produced in association with Access: The Education Station,.

I'd not a librarian, but am based in Oxford with access to the Bodleian, which is handy.

She extolled the virtues of living close to the city with access to amenites and services.

Even with access to the library, I never would have read all of the books I read through BBYA.

I have yet to decide whether to make these posts all public, or, open to my irate minority BFP friends with access.

What did emerge was that there were deficiencies in the data controller? s procedures for dealing with access requests.

With access to literally thousands of available vehicles, online sources take many of the headaches out of the process.

Affordable housing, good public amenity and open space with access to the River Thames, were the essential early objectives.

In 15% of cases access for is used

But we are hungry for access and content.

You pay a resonable fee every month for access.

To continue reading please login or register for access.

On the other, they lay down conditions for access to the society (pactum societatis).

BBC NewsBig Pharma doing more for access to medicine in developing countries than two.

This is the only on-line university program for access and privacy professionals in Canada.

Figure: You can also check-in automatically in VB6 What about Access applications? We also use VSS for Access projects.

Really looking forward to MOH Warfighter but I'd never going to buy a more expensive version just for access to a beta.

Colonisation took place as a way ensuring access to raw materials and trade-able goods as well as for access to markets.

In the original Sunday Times story Cruddas was alleged to be willing to accept foreign cash for access to David Cameron.

In 7% of cases access on is used

This results in further restrictions on access and re-use.

We have developed a model on access to information in Africa.

Others have focused on access to oil, natural gas, and minerals.

How to Celebrate ' Right to Know ' Day? Read or write an article on access to information.

You are only as Knowledgeable as your Data Allows All of the above practices depend on access to information.

It's a big issue and we are trying to come up with guidelines on access to information and national security.

The key features of this region include easier access to capital, dependence on access to technology, and increasing complexity.

Availability of this method depends greatly on access to an indoor velodrome (certainly rarer than they should be in most countires) and track time.

In 7% of cases access without is used

Without access, there is no collaboration.

Successful rural development can not happen without access to clean water.

Without access to proper medical care, Ding's illness was gradually getting worse.

It is even worse if it is a small business without access to capital to keep it afloat.

The majority of people live without access to justice, equal opportunities and human rights.

Ravn-Greenway said the changes still leave many refugees without access to the care they need.

We're excited to announce Udini, a new service aimed at individual researchers without access to a library.

Given the increasing shortage of physicians in the Yukon, many residents are left without access to health care.

However, without access to a regular supply of arms, it is likely that any uprising would have soon been crushed.

Without access to a printing press or broadcasting systems, reach was limited, leaving the power in the hands of the few.

In 5% of cases access in is used

The Department of Natural Resources ' voluntary Walk In Access program, which is funded by the U.

It provides superb data center facilities that employ latest in access control and data protection.

Just one more edition will be the Pro 2010 as well as Creator, Gain access to and in addition Prospect.

Figure: You can also check-in automatically in Access Figure: All the basic functions are easily accessible.

Despite their poor health, low-income women also experience a significantly greater gap in access to health care.

Discrimination in access to education and health leads to a lack of awareness of basic rights and social mobility.

It furthers inequalities in access to food by preventing access to productive resources by the poorest, especially women.

The Film depicts caste discrimination in access to water, health care, housing, work, political representation and land rights.

Whenever a service is available in the public and the private sector (the market ), inequality in access, usage and quality of service will increase.

The maps on the web site available to download below show open spaces for each borough, as well as areas currently deficient in access to pocket parks.

In 3% of cases access as is used

There are incentives such as access to discounts and free quarterly magazines.

He explained that major highways were blocked by protesting truckers as well as access to ports and rail terminals.

These companies need to offer services such as access to all files and they should not ask you to sign a lengthy contract.

It is full of great information including info such as Access Kenya's problems and hard hitting synopsis of the Kenyan IT scene.

The project would have facilities such as access roads and internal roads, sheds and stores, an administrative block and a modern car park.

Other issues do not stem from the person themselves, but the from the world at large, such as access to expert medical treatment and suitable prosthetics.

The Act also addresses other issues such as access to the shoreline, and other rights associated with fishing and public recreation, as well as the establishment of marine protected areas.

If these persons to engage in the business plan could have more ways of raising capital such as access to a loan, talk to potential investors, or find a strategic partner to start the business.

In 2% of cases access about is used

Poolers then had a discussion with VP staff about access.

Since before Machiavelli, courtiers have whinged about access.

It's about access to water resources that are directly beneath the surface.

Libraries, by their very nature, are about access to books regardless of the ability to pay.

It's bullying, and it's directly opposed to any notion that the Crown is concerned about access to justice.

You can find out details about access to the stones on the English Heritage website at: http: **35;4575;TOOLONG.

Figure: You can also check-in automatically in VB6 What about Access applications? We also use VSS for Access projects.

I also note that, in many places in Africa, the so-called digital divide these days is as much about access to reliable electricity as it is about access to computing resources.

In 2% of cases access from is used

It is vital no community is left out from access to high quality terminal care.

There is no reason to bar certain groups of citizens (minor parties) from access to parliaments.

Hess, also highly ambitious, could plainly see himself being excluded from access to and influence over Hitler.

If the protocol is not efficient, there is a chance of packets being lost as the user roams from access point to access point.

The American decision to bar other nations from access to nuclear weapons, whenever and wherever it was possible to do so, was confirmed.

Students 18-25 who live off-island will no longer be excluded from access to reduced-fare Opus cards and the reduced fares that come with it.

In 2% of cases access to is used

It is a huge disparity compared to access in urban areas of 65 to 88 percent of the population.

The legislated timeframe for responding to Access to Information or Privacy requests is 30 calendar days.

Insecurity has also affected the ability of the International Committee of the Red Cross and international NGOs, which do not travel in armoured vehicles, to access the field.

To the Ariaal herders, natural resources are community-controlled resources, while the Rendille herders consider them to be uncontrolled resources that are open to access by anyone.

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