Prepositions used with "moon"

of, about, on, to or for moon?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases moon of is used

A sliver of moon hung in the sky like a stage prop.

Due to the angle of the Sun on the Moon, we see different portions of Moon illuminated.

The gravity of moon is 1/6 th that of the earth and it revolves around the earth in 27.

Before he slunk into a sludge of moon faced indifference, I used to feel similarly about Arshavin.

You wouldn't want some guy with ADD who couldn't stay focused for a few hours of moon time to collect all the rocks.

Installment for moon-cakes As I said, if you love to eat mooncakes or you have lots and lots of relatives, you will need a lot of moon cakes.

Thin streams of moon light reached through the gap and she felt the cool and crisp night air on her skin, raising goose bumps on her thin body.

In Hong Kong, you can find dozens varieties of moon cake with nuts or ham, with white lotus seed paste, red bean paste, green bean paste, fruit or coffee flavor.

The village contains the ruins of a Buddhist monastery which was called Somapura Mahavihara (the great monastery situated in the locality of moon) in the ancient Buddhist World.

In addition, even more elementary concepts like the phases of Moon and the cause of twilight were well understood, as was the fact that the blue sky is nothing but scattered sunlight.

In 11% of cases moon about is used

You know what I think is weird? How everyone argues about moon sightings for ramadhan and eid, and all the other months just flow nicely.

In 11% of cases moon on is used

Now she lives on the moon and Houyi can only visit her one day every year on Moon Festival.

Length of day on Moon A given point on the Moon will experience a day of sunlight that lasts 29.

Rosaleane, who set out to change the memories of a dying man whose only wish was to land on moon.

Merlin/McREL Editor's Note: See also this newer story: ' Significant Amount ' of Water Found on Moon, published Nov.

In 11% of cases moon to is used

According to Moon, the Jamaican culture and natural ambiance have proven the island an ideal location.

If you get tired of the food at the hotel, you can take a cab to Moon Beach and there are lots of eatery around that around which is only 10 - 15 mins away.

In 9% of cases moon for is used

It's suitable for moon cake fans who still want to enjoy more and pay less.

Installment for moon-cakes As I said, if you love to eat mooncakes or you have lots and lots of relatives, you will need a lot of moon cakes.

In 6% of cases moon with is used

The fruit most commonly associated with Moon Festival is the Pomelo, although apparently persimmons are also a favorite.

This second, endogenic, source is thought to possibly come from the interaction of the solar wind with moon rocks and soils.

What happened to that boy? I will continue to pretend he's on military service and wish him to work with Moon Geun Young again.

In 4% of cases moon during is used

Astronauts examined the surface more closely during Moon landings.

In 4% of cases moon in is used

India also claimed an interest in Moon exploration at the same conference.

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