Prepositions used with "friendship"

of, about, for, in or on friendship?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases friendship of is used


I'd a huge fan of Friendship is Magic.

The third type of visit was that of friendship.

Grabbing, stealing, envying and/or begging are big nos in the rules of friendship.

The beginnings of friendships are often built around playing together with others.

And this display of friendship says a great deal about how Canadians view politics.

They also lived in the homes of various Rotarians where further cultural exchanges and bonds of friendship blossomed.

In the fall of 1944 the Soviet Union and the Provisional Government of France had entered into a treaty of friendship.

However, if one fears corrupting his religious values, then this type of friendship will not be permitted with non-Muslims.

Meanwhile, the bond of friendship between Shankar and Kisna is threatened when both fall in love with Rajni (Vijayantimala).

In 9% of cases friendship about is used

It was about friendship, responsibility and sharing.

Can you guess what it is? A superbly illustrated picture book about friendship.

I wrote about friendship, family, trust, fidelity, communication and commitment.

It's a movie about friendship, and the depths real friends will go to in order to stay friends.

It's more about friendship forged during hardship, growing up in a rough neighbourhood, finding oneself and capturing the energy of youth.

So this second level of Fellowship is about Friendship; and we develop our Friendship when we share our experiences, our homes and our problems.

In 9% of cases friendship for is used

Anyway, you drink for fun, for friendship, for celebrations.

For friendships brings a special joy and pleasure without end.

I think most people today are lonely because they don't make time for friendships!

Life is too short for friendships with people who use you, put you down or simply bore you.

Or why people judge others based on their politics, almost like it's a criteria for friendship or respect.

Forty seven years ago! That's a long time for friendships and much has happened along the way but we have remained friends.

To offer something to everyone - many people who join are looking for friendship and support, particularly if they have been struggling along with their problems.

On 9 August, the Indo- Soviet Treaty for Friendship and Co-operation was signed in New Delhi, which Kissinger subsequently termed as a'bombshell ' in his memoirs.

In 7% of cases friendship in is used

Love has its roots in friendship.

In friendships it is a heart choice.

The question isn't weather to include him in friendship.

This can lead to heartbreak or a break in friendship or, in a worse scenario, both.

It was the first time in the history of Virginia (the largest slave holding state) had ever parntered in friendship with a slave trading country like Ghana.

On some level we all know that there is a difference in friendship and attraction, but at their core, what exactly is this difference? Well, let us take a look at the very beginning.

It can do so by staging Games that remind us of their enduring value: that this coming together of the peoples of the world in friendship is good in itself, and needs no justification.

In 4% of cases friendship on is used

Now, the last three weeks or so, I got substantial experience on friendship.

On Friendship: This is the tricky part -- I used to take pride in having lots of friends.

I also liked that the show didn't focus much on romance as it did on friendship and hardship.

Make a Poster A great idea to celebrate friendship in a creative manner would be to create a poster on Friendship Day.

Video -- Friends after Breakup With Ex Hope you enjoyed the video and post on friendship with ex after breakup, please do.

In 4% of cases friendship to is used

They should n't, because the feeling of good will is a key to friendship.

But we -- and I pray that he also -- can take comfort in the fact that politics has led to friendship.

These are very close to friendship alliances which include co-operation agreements and memos of understanding for research and student as well as faculty exchanges.

TEACHING CAREER After graduating from Mico, he began his career as Headmaster at Fullersfield Government School in 1916 where he served until 1918 when he moved to Friendship Elementary School.

In 2% of cases friendship by is used

I was badly hurt and let down by friendships in the past, and I will never be okay with those people again.

Unless they realise the importance and benefits of relations marked less by malice and more by friendship, the increasing hopes of a better tomorrow in Indo-Pakistan relations may still be belied.

In 2% of cases friendship from is used

It is far different from Friendship which should be d rock on building your relationship.

Right at the beginning I asked myself the question about what I could realistically expect from friendships I was likely to start abroad.

Yet the richness which comes from this conversation, from friendships which shape and change us for the better, which lift our eyes, is in itself an education.

Allegedly, the running joke in the group is that to be qualified to run under the group (aside from friendship with Fabian) one must NOT have money for the political exercise.

In 1% of cases friendship like is used

Like friendships, mentors and mentees do things together that are fun and engaging.

In 1% of cases friendship with is used

Let ' s i9000 start with friendships first.

Like a normal twelve-year-old she is dealing with friendship and relationship changes, family dramas, and school.

The Warsaw Pact had little to do with friendship, co-operation or mutual assistance, but everything to do with the USSR reiterating her military authority over her satellite states.

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