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No matter the job – marketing, sales or something else – written content helps you communicate with existing and potential customers. It must be perfect, or as near as can be.

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We work hard to provide your team with writing enhancement tools including English grammar and style checker as well as an advanced statistics feature.

Speed up your team writing on millions of websites

Automate everyday typing tasks with shortcuts (content templates) and save up to $10,600 a year!

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Writing Assistant
Linguix is the only grammar and spell checker for business ranked #1st by Product Hunt community

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Security best practices

At Linguix, we protect our client applications with secure, cloud-based infrastructure. This ensures that information is processed quickly and reliably. We consider the trust of our customers mission-critical and place a top priority on user privacy and security. Here you can learn more about how our system is set up and how we ensure customer security.

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Advanced team work

Advanced team work

Share documents and explore writing insights both at team and individual employee level using our Team Plan+ product.

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If you need a custom implementation of Linguix, we can do it. We are happy to launch a custom implementation project and provide efficient 24x7 support afterwards.

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More options for businesses

Corporate English learning

Corporate English learning

Use Linguix to enhance your corporate language learning program. The app will help your employees to explore grammar rules, learn new words and develop their writing style.

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Candidate assessment

Candidate assessment

Use Linguix writing insights to assess candidates applying for writing-related jobs. Analyze their readability scores and their number of mistakes to make data-driven hiring decisions.

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White labeling


Embed our grammar checking or productivity features like shortcuts into your software using our white labeling program.

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Universal solution for businesses

Sign up for Team Plan and you will understand how effective your employees have the potential to be in their writing.
Friendly interface

Friendly interface

Make your team’s writing better and achieve business goals faster. Take your business communication to a new level.
Tons of useful features

Tons of useful features

Use the grammar checker, AI-based contextual and style recommendations, rich statistics analysis, teamwork capabilities and more.
Incredible cost-efficiency

Incredible cost-efficiency

Linguix business plan starts at $10 per user per month, which is a significant savings compared to our regular Premium pricing.

Everyone Can Be a Great Writer

Why customers love Linguix
“I like the following: - great usability - price (it is much cheaper than Grammarly) - content templates library (useful when you do not know how to write a press release or smth) - secret mode (content is not stored) - they also have a nice blog with grammar and content creation tips.” Alex Peterson
Alex Peterson
Smile Bright Media Inc.
I've just started using it, and so far the tool looks interesting. I like its speed, and it highlights real errors (I've tried some checkers before, they also fired useless alerts). VJ Johnson
VJ Johnson
Freelance business consultant
Linguix is great product. I have been using for the last one year and have seen the evolution of the product. Good job guys. Sateesh Hegde
Sateesh Hegde
It's an awesome app for me as a business owner for constant communication with customers. Premium subscription fully pays for itself. Stanislau Sakharchuk
Stanislau Sakharchuk
Co-founder & CEO at AMS
It is a very easy tool to use. It works effectively against typographical errors, my biggest problem as I write fast. In addition, it corrects grammatical errors and works as a Chrome extension resulting in something super convenient. Cons: I use it regularly and it seems a very complete tool, I have nothing negative to say. Juan G
Juan G
head of graphic design
and photography agency
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Hi John

I manage partner relations at Acme Corp, and I'm reaching out to see whether you'll be interested in using Acme App to boost your sales and marketing. Our tool provides a large number of features that your marketers and salespeople will admire! Basically, the implementation of the Acme App allows boosting sales at least by 15% by optimizing your sales funnels, SEO, and marketing copy. I am sure SuperCorp will benefits from using our solution and would like to show you how we can do that based on data. Would you have 30 minutes this week to connect? I have no scheduled meetings this week, so we can hop on call anytime you want.

If you're booked or not ready for a call yet, next week, we're hosting an open webinar, where our founder Peter will run a demo of the product.

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Convey your thoughts accurately and concisely.
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Make your language more diverse and beautiful.
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