Take your business communication to a new level

Increase the efficiency of your team members writing. No matter what the job is, marketing, sales or something else, written content helps you communicate with existing and potential customers. So it must be perfect.

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Get Linguix Business

AI-based writing assistant for your business

We work hard to provide your team with writing enhancement tools including English grammar and style checker as well as an advanced statistics feature. Also, you will have access to a comprehensive knowledge base covering all aspects of content creation and business communication.

Simple and friendly interface

Clean and intuitive, Linguix for business is a perfect tool to make your team’s writing better and achieve business goals faster.

Swiss army knife for business writing

Linguix business has tons of useful features: grammar checker, AI-based contextual and style recommendations, rich statistics analysis, teamwork capabilities and more.

Easy to use

Register your team in a couple of clicks, assign roles and start writing. Monitor how your team members’ writing evolves over time.

Incredible cost-efficiency

Linguix business plan starts at $10 per user per month which results in significant savings compared to our regular Premium pricing.

Universal solution for businesses of all kinds and all sizes

Start Linguix Business and you will understand how effective your employees have the potential to be in their writing. Use the admin console to track their performance and results over time, manage subscriptions and payment methods on the go. Linguix Business users receive:
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge base
  • Sophisticated statistics and monitoring
  • Centralized billing
linguix business dashboard

Here what Linguix users are saying

These business leaders and writing professionals are using Linguix for multiple tasks:

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Get Linguix Business
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