Prepositions used with "authority"

of, in, to, with or by authority?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases authority of is used

Dwindling respect for figures of authority.

America is suffering from a crisis of authority.

Thousands of worthless links aren't nearly as good as a few links of authority sites.

Lesson 1: You do not back out of your interpretation just on the say-so of authority.

I suspect that the clean and uniform format is a large part of Wikipedia's air of authority.

But first, addressing the Argument from Authority complaints above your post, there are two types of authority: 1.

Those in other positions of authority with death in view will be motivated to impact positively on their subordinates.

What Laurie did is nothing compared to what Miller did from his untouchable perch of authority and to hell with baseball.

We are slow to rile and too many of us have what I calll Headmaster syndrome -- a childhood inculcated fear of authority.

In 14% of cases authority in is used

Also, we no longer believe in authority.

For the one in authority is God's servant for your good.

Bang has lived under the oppression of those in authority.

As you may already know, people usually hold a lot of respect for those in authority.

We can't question those in authority! Which implies that we should not think for ourselves.

Would you like to be unafraid of those in authority? Then do what is good and they will praise you.

From Jesus vision emerges a new concept of development, justice, and peace, not only for those in authority, but for all.

This was the dispute and the people in authority, a Minister or someone in authority or court of law should have settled it.

He preferred to call those in authority servants whose primary priority it is to ensure the betterment of those under their care.

Do not get distracted by the fear-mongering that those in authority and in the media are encouraging because it is without foundation.

In 10% of cases authority to is used

The point is that size is not related to authority.

In Canada, deference to authority is embedded in our political DNA.

But it's just as important to know how you generally relate to authority.

He was caught after local villagers provided information of him to authorities.

There's more to whites, and being ' white ', than slavish obedience to authority and study habits.

The young officers want to experiment in many ways which for old guards is considered indiscipline and challenge to authority.

The canning is done using a specific fish and buying them from the Sri Lankan market according to authorities is detrimental.

In the past, we deferred to authority and if an official told us something would damage national security we took that as true.

If you think the extent of Japanese culture is ' slavish obedience to authority ' then I think you are ignorant on the subject.

Internal Revenue Service for explaining to authorities how his former employer, UBS, helped thousands of Americans evade taxes.

In 9% of cases authority with is used

I think figures with authority scare you.

We associate numbers with authority and certainty.

And yet they've got to come back with authority and power.

We will cooperate with authorities in catching and removing copyright offenses.

He was referring to Baker's notorious brushes with authorities over his drug use.

Responsibility involves being accountable, and is therefore naturally associated with authority.

And the opinion of every person with authority on the matter, including the QB himself, said it was NOT a dirty hit.

In Malaysia, the industry works with authorities, civil society, and smallholders to ensure environmental outputs are maintained.

You have not engaged in critical thought, but rather have merely accepted that which confirms your preconceptions and with authority.

Trivedi feels that he has been fighting with authorities for months and has not been able to concentrate on his work as a full-time cartoonist.

In 8% of cases authority by is used

He was detained by authorities there in May this year.

Amalilo was last tracked by authorities in Singapore three weeks ago.

This was something that search engines Google also began judging sites by authority.

That board administers the finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group.

They arrived en masse without visas and without conditions imposed on them by authorities.

It talks of the vagueness of the provisions and how these are subject to abuse by authorities.

The article deemed the sentence was revenge taken by authorities on Wallace's human rights activism.

These phrases are thrown around by authorities, media outlets, individuals, and even cartoon characters.

This monument was only recently discovered by authorities and they are in process of turning it in to visitor center.

It was then shipped on a separate Qatar Airways plane to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where it was discovered by authorities.

In 4% of cases authority from is used

In other words, by believing that factoring is hard, you've fallen victim to yet another argument from authority.

But first, addressing the Argument from Authority complaints above your post, there are two types of authority: 1.

Are you aware that argument from authority is a logical fallacy -- are you proud to engage in logically fallacious reasoning.

The argument from beauty is equivalent to the argument from authority and will remain so no matter how many times it gets used.

Alleged victims say they need help from authorities in unearthing evidence of their claims from graveyards and public registries.

This does lead us down the credibility track -- the fallacy from authority -- but at least it's a considered rather than blind authority.

Heard all that crap before you know it's called argument from authority and you didn't even list the authorities! Just a long moaning diatribe.

She get an obstacles from authority for what muslims themselves say, they are unstoppable since they have got a directive from President of Tanzania.

In 3% of cases authority for is used

There was discipline and respect for authority.

Hard work, discipline and respect for authority were important factors that made life good and fulfilling.

I sympathized with Democratic politicians who wanted to vote for authority to use force, but with restrictions, like Joe Biden.

They will enjoy seeing people get killed at an early age, and generation W, X, and Y will stand in astonishment at their hatred for authority.

On the other hand, it has contributed to skepticism, rebellion, disrespect for authority, and in some segments of the society, a collapse of moral and religious values.

The kidnapped employees were shown in the video begging for authorities ' help and requesting the government to accept the TTP demands before the deadline in order to save their lives.

In 2% of cases authority on is used

His set the standard for hashing and the failures of reliance on authority.

The Authority is made up of a Chair and two members, all of whom work part-time on Authority business.

Information required to help the Remuneration Authority undertake its role 17 The Authority depends on others for information at key stages.

But outside the police seemed to think they were in the battle of Iwo Jima, screaming at us to move there, move here, red faced?? drunk on authority.

Under Lazcano's rule, the Zetas are also responsible for some of Mexico's bloodiest massacres, biggest jail breaks and fiercest attacks on authorities.

As some have said here -- unless we know enough to interpret the journal papers ourselves, we can only rely on authority, and the authorities who voices actually get to the people are all political.

In 2% of cases authority without is used

This was completely without authority of law.

Power without authority on the subject cuts no ice.

A sign warns against leaving a car there without authority.

Regulations governing BRTS Corridor, having been passed without authority of law.

In 1% of cases authority under is used

It is not reported if this is an executive agreement, or one authorized under authority conferred by Congress.

And Christ's interaction with the Centurian actually uses the example of being under authority in military service to illustrate the nature of faith.

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