Prepositions used with "animal"

of, in, for, to or on animal?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases animal of is used

I do like a bit of animal print.

It evolved out of animal camouflage.

Study of animals gave birth to biology.

In the process, we also hope to educate the islanders on better treatment of animals.

Pieces had to be collected from ' bones of animals, barks of trees, parchments etc '.

There should be adequate lighting to permit the inspection and safe handling of animals.

No mention Of course, if you look at a product that makes no mention of animal testing -- assume that means they do.

The demand for foods of animal origin will rise faster with urbanization and income than the demand for cereal grains.

Recent research is showing that the meat of animals raised and fattened on fresh green grass is healthier for us to eat.

Other animals had never seen anything like it and were curious to know what kind of animal it was and where it came from.

In 10% of cases animal in is used

BCG was and is tested in animals.

They also all originated in animals.

She had a deep interest in animal rescue issues.

In animal cells sustained actin depolymerization can stimulate apoptosis via caspases.

Much of the blood circulating in animals is loaded with what we don't want in our bodies.

Candles were expensive so peasants usually used rush lights (rushes dipped in animal fat).

CHOLESTEROL It is the most common steroid found virtually in animal tissues, in blood, in brain and in spinal column.

Risk assessment So far, several teams have tested prenatal gene therapy in animals, including mice, monkeys and sheep.

As for those in animals, they are similar, the cortical substance is the same, and the structure only differs in shape.

Douglas is a retired Lecturer in Animal Husbandry at the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University.

In 9% of cases animal for is used

The rest provides a sanctuary for animals.

The hotline is for animal emergencies only.

So God does have some concern for animals.

Share This Article Comments (1) Jonah does say something about God's concern for animals.

It takes a considerable amount of land, water and energy to produce grains for animal feed.

She had such a huge heart for animals and she loved her family so much, especially her son.

His ' great love for animals ' is demonstrated by his reluctance once to carve a goose: ' You'll have to carve it Clemmie.

However, I continue to believe that this particular hunting practice should cease for animal welfare and public safety reasons.

It's that bridge; it's not the best but it is sort of a springboard to get people to get some kind of passion and warmth for animals.

Violence is for animals and humans are above animals, because humans have intellect and consciousness, or a higher level of consciousness.

In 9% of cases animal to is used

I got the reference to Animal Farm.

Watch what happens to animals in laboratories.

I also had some money that I could give to animals in the pound.

Just don't like people who are cruel to animals or those who pay someone else to do it for them.

The investigation resulted in the first case of cruelty to animals to be filed against a furrier.

Wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's kind to animals and phones his mother every week as well.

What strikes me the most is how we Humans are so similar to Animals in terms of how we react to situations and people.

This makes it of interest to animal nutrition companies, and trials on new products from three manufacturers are underway.

Other parts of the branches had their own uses: the under-bark could be used to make rope and the leaves were fed to animals.

Plants -- While we take great pride in our landscaping efforts, it is important to be aware that some plants are toxic to animals.

In 7% of cases animal on is used

Likewise, you've done shows on animals and language.

You always had answers to all of our questions on animals.

All FM products are guaranteed, and are NOT tested on animals.

I have seen some plc course on animal science but i do not no if it wil be what i need.

Even keeping the chickens on private land would require her to meet other city codes on animal care.

There exist, however, an extensive literature relating to depleted uranium (2) Experiments on Animals.

Vegans are people who avoid products from animal sources or products tested on animals in an effort to avoid harming animals.

I have tried their products and I can say they are excellent!! Also they are 100% natural ayurveda products and not tested on animals.

We know that the past can not be changed; PETA does not advocate throwing out every drug on the market that has been tested on animals.

They are familiar with the topography of the park and are a veritable mine of information on animals, birds, trees, flowers, insects etc.

In 7% of cases animal with is used

When paired with animals, their.

I don't have an issue with animals in circuses.

Northern muslems are at the same level with animals.

Every serial killers I've ever read about started with animals and younger children.

Plant cells have much in common with animal cells, but they have some different structures.

What is NOT mentioned is the fact that even cage-free eggs are associated with animal death.

Father was willing to let her have complete charge of them he had had too many unpleasant experiences with animals.

More than once I went home with EKG leads stuck to my chest even though I was working primarily with animals in the lab.

Is that the case? Afterall, there are people that love and have sexual relations with animals and siblings, just to name two.

Alltech's natural nutritional supplements can help farmers address some of their toughest challenges with animal health issues.

In 4% of cases animal about is used

Complain about how nobody cares about animals.

We also want to explain our response to consumers concerned about animal welfare.

Lee Davies People who care about animals and the natural world care more about each other.

Lee Davies People who care about animals and the natural world care more about each other.

If you are concerned about animal welfare or food quality and the halaal meat available to you is.

Galbraith went on to Ontario Agricultural College to learn mainly about animal husbandry, not economics.

We're talking about animals that have figured out how to use vending machines and what traffic lights mean.

I know less about tax than my accountant, less about cooking than Donna Hay and less about animals than Bondi Vet.

Most of our books about animals have the same basic structure: a portrait and a paragraph or two of explanatory text.

Most of our books about animals have the same basic structure: a portrait and a paragraph or two of explanatory text.

In 4% of cases animal from is used

Unable to feed off humans, he survived by feeding from animals.

Blyth also believed that man was a separate creation from animals.

I grab my arrow quiver, made from animal hide, along with the golden bow.

Saturated fat is the unhealthy fat which comes mainly from animal products.

But humans have these senses and this is what differentiate us from animals.

There are two things that clearly differentiate the human species from animals.

Keep saturated fat to a minimum, especially that which comes from animal sources.

Additionally, the bones are required to come from animals that die of natural causes.

What distinguishes people from animals is the fact that human nature inherently has godlike possibilities.

BUT they may still buy new ingredients that have been tested on animals, therefore benefiting from animal testing.

In 3% of cases animal like is used

These boys were treated like animals.

We are living like animals in this country.

Looks like animals built out of lego blocks or pixels.

However, as we saw with the dog food, Rick draws the line at existing like animals.

They only stop living like animals when they choose to -- you can not do it for them.

For passerbys to watch as humans like them are being treated like animals doesn't show they have good hearts.

When people are cornered and treated like animals then they start opposing anything coming form the side of oppressors.

But how many men do you know that would admit they wanted it? Men do crazy thigs when they are caged for life like animals.

God threw him into the forest to suffer for seven years and made him eat grass like animals so that he might know that God is the ruler of men.

In 2% of cases animal by is used

Chemical fertilizers replaced by animal fertilizers.

On most occasions the mascots are characters inspired by animals.

The rest of the body had been consumed or carried away by animals.

What I'd like to see is native tool use by animals who WERE NOT TRAINED.

Visit the famous and mysterious candelabra; continue to Ballestas islands inhabited only by animals.

It was ruled that the deer used by that carted deer hunt were domestic animals and thus covered by animal welfare legislation.

Out here in the Luangwa Valley, you follow paths made by animals; worn trails to and from water used by impala, hippo and elephant alike.

The assertion by animal protectionists that these conflicts are our fault because we encroached on wildlife habitat is only half the story.

The paper, published online by Animal Behaviour, pinpoints which species are most threatened by climate change in a series of new global maps.

It's the foolish notion that we humans sometimes have that gets people mauled or killed by animals they assume they can turn into docile companions.

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