Prepositions used with "android"

of, for, on, to or with android?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases android of is used

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me.

With a straight vanilla install of Android 2.

DNA will be running on latest version of Android (4.

User interface and platform Here we have the latest and greatest version of Android, 4.

Personally I can't wait to see what the next 5 years will bring in the life of Android.

According to a report in Taiwan's DigiTimes, Google is readying the launch of Android 5.

Microsoft is well noted for making more money off of Android makers than even Google is because of Patent Licensing.

The platform does not lay obstacles in the path of Android developers and they can chart out their path free of cost.

The newest ASUS tablets are running Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a big improvement on the previous versions of Android.

The Kindle's Amazon-customized version of Android, in particular, offers a fast, smooth reading and viewing experience.

In 22% of cases android for is used

Of course, support for Android 4.

With the new Kindle App for Android v3.

The feature is new, and is available for Android 4.

Not sure if this is the place, but I see there's support for Android native buffers.

I love Firefox for Android, but find myself frustrated sometimes with the mobile web.

Perhaps adding support for Android apps will solve this eventually, but it hasn't yet.

However, for Android on the other side, Google has confirmed free posting of applications for Android on its store.

Now we have more than one Firefox: Firefox for desktop, Firefox for Android, B2G, Metro and who knows what else to come.

An advantage of developing for Android is that it can be done on multiple platforms including Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

There is even an? App Inventor for Android?, which uses a visual development environment for novice coders to build apps.

In 16% of cases android on is used

Yuga will be running on Android 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos runs on Android 2.

Similar distinctions exist on Android devices.

As one of the however many tens of thousands of developers on android, you are wrong.

Specifically we will describe how SeeTest automates thousands of tests on Android and.

Animoto is a widely popular web application which is also available on Android and iOS.

I'd in my last year of University and doing my final year project and I am making a app on android and maybe iPhone.

Samsung is probably preparing for Apple's next big lawsuit on Android &; I'd guessing is having to seek alternatives.

That said if you want something you grandmother can use buy one, if you want the customisation Android brings, buy one.

It's less than Steve's desire to go thermonuclear on Android jpancoast 23/10/2012 at 18:58:44 They're really stretching now.

In 11% of cases android to is used

This especially applies to Android devices.

Reasons to upgrade LG handsets to Android 4.

That is, unless, you want to upgrade to Android 3.

I think Windows8 is far superior to Android in Tablets &; not suitable for desktops &; Laptops.

In addition to that, Microsoft is pushing hard to become a strong third alternative to Android and iOS.

The record breaking smartphone is currently in the process of receiving the update to Android Jellybean 4.

Disclaimer: If you are new to Android, read this information about rooting first before proceeding with the article.

I have zero reputation, so can comfortably risk nothing by saying no way will there be a *switch* to Android or WP7.

When it hits a ceiling we'll be able to see more clearly when people are switching from iOS to Android and vice versa.

Since any file in res/values/ expects tags only known to Android, we can add a file with these tags in a file, say fonts.

In 10% of cases android with is used

It is loaded with Android OS, v4.

No problems with Android and HTML5.

Operating System Armed with Android 4.

The only company I see at the moment doing it successfully is Samsung with Android devices.

With Android, Google had a shot at disrupting Apple, too, though it has yet to play out that way.

Say you have a great idea for an application and have limited experience with Android development.

Consider Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Music, Google+, Google Chrome, and how well they mesh with Android.

Because of which users using smart phones with Android are at advantage to have better applications coming their way.

Looking more and more like there will be more than one Nexus device with probably one of the OEMs going first with Android 4.

While the Nikon S800c was the first camera to come to market with Android on-board, the Galaxy Camera's use of Android version 4.

In 4% of cases android in is used

Just a minimise is required and easy too in android.

It's not easy enough to support custom fonts in Android.

In any case, here's how to take a screenshot in Android 4.

A general myth in Android is that it has only one font, as opposed to iOS's 50+ fonts.

The latest developments in Android news are so hot that they can not be ignored in any way.

To follow on from this, I think Ubuntu on Android is going to be a massive gun in Android's arsenal.

But while it's possible to change default apps in Android, Apple Maps will continue to be the default service used within third-party apps.

Both of these Android and Apple are leading in their latest upgrades that are reached to the jelly bean in Android and iOS 6 in case of Apple.

This has been updated in Android Jelly Bean to include blink detection, but you sadly won't have this option if you're stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich.

In 3% of cases android about is used

Performance One of the things I found annoying about Android phones in the past was the lag.

The thing about android is know your apps! Some can be drainers and some are easy on the battery.

And speaking of smartphones, how about Android? Well, it's obviously a mobile platform, but underneath the UI, APIs and libraries is Linux.

What happens when the market hits saturation? One of the interesting things about Android's rise is that it has largely come about at the expense of RIM and Nokia.

The good thing about Android is that it is so universal, T-Mobile were doing cheap Android handsets for 20 a few months back, and yet you will still see it on the high end devices like the SGS2.

In 3% of cases android from is used

We're hoping for minor improvements from Android 2.

I wouldn't expect Samsung or HTC to walk away from Android overnight -- absolutely not.

Contacts and Calendars There are two ways to get your contacts and calendar dates from Android onto iOS.

The iPhone is the largest contributor to Apple revenue, even though it took a hit from Android during the past year.

In 2% of cases android by is used

It was the first to be powered by Android 4.

This feature is only available for devices powered by Android 4.

Also the Software Development Kit (SDK) by Android makes application development easy, fast and provides for a scope for innovations.

It plays music, movies and TV shows only from Google Play's limited collection and YouTube, and can be controlled only by Android devices.

In 2% of cases android like is used

You can download apps like Android.

I love to blog &; like Android gadgets.

Like Android, the Aliyun system is based on the Linux kernel.

What's worse, ios does not automatically scale to different resolutions like android does.

I would really expect something like Android notifications, where your online accounts are plugged in and polled for timely notifications.

As Chrome and Firefox for Android catch up to their desktop counterparts in form and function, people will begin to expect mobile OSes like Android to have few compromises.

These people will then appear either with their own unique notification, a starred message in the Mail app and a dedicated mailbox for them, a little like Android favourites.

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