Prepositions used with "artist"

of, by, for, to or with artist?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases artist of is used

The best of artists know this well.

Let's talk about the line-up of artists.

This track reminded me of a lot of artists.

But still winding up with evaluations, reports, paying of artists and suppliers, etc.

Dolli listens to a lot of artists, but the artist that inspires her the most is Jah Cure.

This group of artist had formed an organization called Balanced Art World International (BAWI).

Her work is one example of artists ' commentary on and appropriations of the virtual worlds of science and medicine.

Her work is one example of artists ' commentary on and appropriations of the virtual worlds of science and medicine.

And that's ok you know because a lot of artists go their whole lives and things are revealed to them little by little.

Indeed it invited the performances of lots of artists which made the whole show a spectacular one in the minds of many.

In 13% of cases artist by is used

The interior, with works by artists such.

Services supplied by artists and technicians.

Sam: Cars are animated by physics, not by artists.

And here they are: I've always fancied a nest of tables by artist and Bauhaus professor Josef Albers.

Glass-engraved panels by artist John Hutton, depicting five themes, can be seen throughout the building.

And, most of those that have not, are by artists who have never had a release, and are from the early period (1959-62).

I will warn you however, that my bias shows through in this list so it will be mostly dominated by artists from YG and JYP.

The Series includes completely unknown live performances by artists such as Heifetz, Kogan, Arrau and Segovia, among others.

This exhibition includes new works made for the show by artists Nate Lowman, Julio Cesar Morales, Richard Phillips and Swoon.

In 13% of cases artist for is used

Notice there is a category there for artists.

They will be more likely to pay, and that makes more money for artists.

I think it is time for artists to take back control of our work and wares.

Here you can source information on local authority support for artists ' studios.

Registration for artists, models and volunteers are now open until 22 August 2012.

I wish our National Library had a programme for artists, illustrators, graphic novelists and data visualisers like this.

He left home for Paris, a Mecca for artists, musicians and writers, and immersed himself in the city's burgeoning art scene.

An important project for artists around the Indian Ocean 15/07/2011 The Spherique Indian Ocean Art Project opens in Zanzibar.

It stands for artists, warehouse parties, bicycles, underground music, lightless terrace houses, postmodernity and ' ' awareness ' '.

The above figure in record sales does not include record sales for artists for whom they have written and with whom they have collaborated.

In 10% of cases artist to is used

It doesn't just apply to artists.

I used ot do that to artists all the time.

I became very exposed to artists in Mexico after that.

I am unaware of any of the proceeds from any such lawsuits ever making it back to artists.

To artists, labels and PR companies, please read the get reviewed section before sending us.

Today, the Whitney Museum of American Art is inaugurating a major exhibition dedicated to artist.

Creating a gateway between abstract and realistic art, Mir brought a new way of thinking to artists around the world.

It's crucial, he says, that the public realises that the majority of Samro licence fees go back to artists as royalties.

Guests included Presidents of major corporations and VIPs to artists, authors, sports personalities and international celebrities.

Long Live DIY!!! Down with the MAFIAA You have a misunderstanding RIAA is suppose to give money earned from music sales to artists.

In 10% of cases artist with is used

Speak with artists, curators and dealers.

Topspin works with artist such as Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Paul Simon.

She shares her interviews with artists, celebrities, designers, innovators and influencers.

The place was packed with artists, all chit-chatting about the art, the hefty turnout and who knows what else.

It was not about us -- it was hard to understand how to work with artists that are also your friends, and to work without a space.

Quaytman with artist Amy Sillman and art historian Rhea Anastas, was typically cerebral yet accessible from various points of entry.

Live music is one of the best forms of entertainment, and with artists touring all the time it is easy to catch one of your favourites.

A frequent collaborator with artist James Turrell, he was the Lighting Designer for the acclaimed James Turrell Museum at the Hess Collection at Colom.

He has spent the majority of the past five years on the road, as a headliner and with artists including The Swell Season, Ben Harper, and Ani DiFranco.

Bartels has to date co-curated three Gallery exhibitions Kai Althoff (2008) and Anthony Hernandez (2009) and Kerry James Marshall (2010) with artist Jeff Wall.

In 4% of cases artist from is used

Creativity and innovation comes from artists, writers, composers, programmers and other creators.

Ideas from artists working in all creative disciplines under the theme of ' Red Carpet ' are welcome.

Together the GALA Committee and Siegel collected pieces from artists around the country and worked them into the show.

This year's entertainment will feature performances from artists such as One Direction, Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis and Tim Minchin.

Lekra is the cultural and literary wing of the Indonesian Communist Party, which had a sizable membership from artists from various fields.

Although we receive an amazing amount of support from artists, venues and volunteers, there are considerable costs to be covered when running a project like this.

Not only it includes the judgment and estimation to all the situations happened in the society from artists, but it has the strong influence because of its aesthetic form.

In 2% of cases artist on is used

One of the first iPhone apps to launch was SpotOn Radio, a personalised radio app that creates playlists based on artists.

In 1% of cases artist about is used

About Artist's Eye on Ireland In this feature, we highlight artists who use Ireland or their Irish heritage as inspiration.

Let's just have everyone PAY something: how about artist sets a figure wanted, then people make a contingent commitment, spreading word as needed.

In 1% of cases artist Among is used

It is not uncommon to find people -- mostly among artists themselves -- who feel that the visual art ecology should be quarantined from the vagaries of the market.

In 1% of cases artist in is used

Until quite recently there has been very little interest in artist made books or folios in this state, the commercial galleries seemed reluctant to include them in exhibitions.

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