Prepositions after "characteristic"

characteristic of, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 93% of cases characteristic of is used
    Character is what is characteristic of us.
    That walk was so characteristic of Michael.
    This sloppiness is characteristic of the book.
    The lack of any evaluation is also characteristic of the traditional approach.
    The use which he made of the money thus acquired was characteristic of the man.
    The genera Dimetrodon, Edaphosaurus, and Casea were characteristic of the order.
    Each of the following is characteristic of the maxillary sinus EXCEPT that: it is lined with mucous membrane.
    This is an ugly outward sign of gross irritability (atthanakopa ), a characteristic of short-tempered people.
    Instead, something which is characteristic of contact boundaries is eliminated: the interplay of the meeting.

    In 4% of cases characteristic for is used
    Osteoclasts were not characteristic for Paget's disease of bone.
    Jumping ship is just weak and not characteristic for true champions.
    Marking points characteristic for a cleft lip are sketched on the patient.
    Bright colours of the Mediterranean region are not characteristic for Belarus.
    One student names the testing of medicines as characteristic for molecular genetics.
    I don't know if that is characteristic for her or not, but this one made a lot of sense.
    As well, ManU's succesful style has been characteristic for its high pace in offensive phases and transitions.
    Bell (MS) illustrated the resting posture of a Gunda species that may be characteristic for the Bombyx lineage.
    And so characteristic for this Tower 200 might be the enables varied work outs that is set up Thanks to Length.
    Hence the behavior primarily characteristic for the second state comes to follow immediately upon the first state.

    In 1% of cases characteristic in is used
    The animal characters look fab and are really characteristic in a cheeky kind of way.
    However, while territoriality is characteristic in prisons, it is not exclusive to them.
    Complex tasks in information seeking are characteristic in the workplace (Kuhlthau and Tama 2001).
    Peter's Room (1961 ), the fifth novel, is characteristic in this respect though highly distinctive in others.
    This powerful use of close-up, as affirmation or silently to reveal an inner state, is characteristic in Ford.
    The fact that in Ajanta some elements that are also characteristic in Tibetan art have been depicted for the first time.
    So it is a good thing to look at the phrase, so characteristic in Matthew's gospel, in Year A, when we are concentrating on his account.
    And yes, these pointless conversations and dishonest redirections are characteristic in every conversation that comes up about appropriation.
    In Ellie May's case the film has to deal with the problem of a harelip, her most prominent physical characteristic in the novel and the play.

    In 1% of cases characteristic to is used
    Taste, flavor and fragrance of mango is very characteristic to the same.
    All of these terms, and vocabulary terms, are characteristic to the discipline of epidemiology.
    Nonetheless there were certain techniques and devices that were characteristic to Surrealist art.
    Mould Formation The formation of mould is not characteristic to any specific feature of bread making.
    The feel of a composite boat is unmistakable as the incredibly smooth glide is characteristic to them.
    The slightest alteration to the text would have automatically destroyed the remarkable coherence which is characteristic to them.
    In Chapters Three and Four of this work we have viewed that all of these characteristic to some degree can be found among the Legionaries of Christ.
    Frank Gehry applied that ' waviness ' that is characteristic to his works to the AGO, creating a glass faade spanning an entire block and is, in a word, impressive.
    While ABC are highly characteristic to Indian audiences, deals are loved by people around the world, a fact proved by the tremendous success of GroupOn in the US and its clones around the world.

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