Prepositions after "concurrent"

concurrent with, to, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 79% of cases concurrent with is used
    Section 15-Delivery concurrent with Payment.
    Section 22-Payment concurrent with Delivery.
    concurrent with that should be deity worship.
    concurrent with the publication of these reports, a public forum will be opened.
    concurrent with these improvements, total maintenance costs were reduced by 12%.
    Presumably she's looking to make a point, concurrent with her 15 minutes of fame.
    There was one gaffe concurrent with the rise: Romney's much-criticized response to the embassy killings in Libya.
    The timing of Chris's sickness is concurrent with my getting this flu, so it is very likely to be the same thing.
    The game is said to be concurrent with the latter half of the Half-Life series, and we all know what that's like.
    You hear the sound of the pencil scratching onto the paper, concurrent with each expressed swirl, dot or curlicue.

    In 14% of cases concurrent to is used
    That sentence is concurrent to the sentence Leon imposed this morning.
    His discharge was suspended for a year, concurrent to the above conditions being met.
    His discharge was suspended for three years, concurrent to the above-noted conditions.
    concurrent to that timeline Cate and I had been searching for projects to do together.
    To execute this regime, you need to take a nap with your back concurrent to the ground.
    As in Daniel 2, the rise of the kingdom of God is concurrent to the time when the fourth has power.
    concurrent to the exhibition will be a live program featuring performances, readings and workshops.
    concurrent to their rising in the hierarchical ladder, they are imparted with further skills and knowledge.
    Trials of the Molonglo Protoype (SKAMP) are being undertaken concurrent to the existing operation of the MOST.

    In 2% of cases concurrent in is used
    Such as grand finales of a theme concurrent in the piece.
    COSATU national spokesperson Patrick Craven said the protest will take place concurrent in Johannesburg and Pretoria.
    If not you won't be able to take the nclex, or I would ask your school now to repeat the courses you were not concurrent in.
    Thirdly, each member of government is only allowed one limited term which can not be concurrent in the same specialism with anyone they are associated with.

    In 1% of cases concurrent for is used
    It became a too big concurrent for wood industry.
    The layouts, agencement, structures Louis Vuitton Outlet together with styles will be concurrent for their classic counterpart, lively and energetic.

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