Definition of 'scared'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Having fear; afraid, frightened.

2. made afraid

3. Simple past tense and past participle of scare.


1. But there are people who are scared stiff of the idea of dying.

2. So the positive result left the shocked call centre worker feeling dirty and scared.

3. How many other students would scared and nervous armed students have killed?

4. But she was four and scared stiff.

5. Maybe it is the best who should feel the most scared.

6. So kind of from that you get scared really easily.

7. He does not get scared and hide.

8. The people on the bus must have been scared stiff when the wave hit the side of the vehicle.

9. She says she's scared and something stops her.

10. My wife's feeling scared and sad.

11. He's often very scared and nervous about new things.

12. You're fighting for your life and scared stiff with all the noise.

13. Maybe it's not the first time you have made her feel scared.

14. I was so scared something would happen to her.

15. She said: 'I was worried sick and scared.

16. But she means the world to me and I'm scared something will happen again.

17. [Loud cheering.] "But before Registration Day I was scared -- just plain _scared_.

18. No match on the face but the name scared up a few hits. there were four Philip Prokovs in the city.

19. The title scared me a little, i thought someone was transfering off ER… like scott or randy or the guild…

20. I am not sure if the book got banned because I tackle sensitive issues in depth-like food safety, local corruption that protects the sex industry, and a weak education sector that squelches innovation and analytical ability-or if the title scared the regulators, or something else.

21. "Sometimes you can use the word scared to represent my emotional state at the beginning," Yao told Reuters at the offices of the Shanghai Sharks -- the Chinese Basketball League team he now owns.

22. I have to admit, your title scared me just a little bit.

23. For her to get serious about the disease, it took what she calls a scared-straight moment thinking of her son losing his mom.

24. He was barking; what she described as a scared, violent bark around the time Martha may have been killed.

25. BY ALICIA QUARLES, The Associated Press NEW YORK - Metallica and the word "scared" don't usually go together.

26. ‘It was odd how dressing unusually could cause people to feel scared and intimidated of you.’

27. ‘As they travelled down to the place where the car was meant to be, Amy couldn't help but feel incredibly scared and nervous.’

28. ‘I knew where he was, and I was worried and scared that it would be too much for him.’

29. ‘He said the experience has made him frightened of walking in the town and scared of police - even though he has done nothing wrong.’

30. ‘I think in a lot of hip hop these days people are kind of scared to venture out and do different things.’

31. ‘I was kind of scared he'd attack me, and I'm deathly shy around adults I don't know.’

32. ‘I think sometimes people get scared and defensive if they don't understand something.’

33. ‘Scarlett just stood beside me, watching all the other scared freshman pile into the gym.’

34. ‘Either he's scared of being caught lying, or he feels very comfortable with truth.’

35. ‘The first thing I told her was to make sure that her parents knew but she said no because she was too scared.’

36. ‘Many on-lookers at the bar and on the dance floor stopped to look at the scene with scared eyes.’

37. ‘I'm telling you this because I am struggling to understand why my new sales team seem so scared of me.’

38. ‘He continued down the path, wondering what the rumbling meant and why people were so scared of it.’

39. ‘She was not scared of heights, either.’

40. ‘I cannot speak for him, but I was still scared stiff.’

41. ‘She had a really scared look on her face.’

42. ‘She stopped dead in her tracks like a scared rabbit when she saw us.’

43. ‘Hazel nodded, a bit scared of what was going on.’

44. ‘You may be perfectly fine, but Mom's scared to death.’

45. ‘I can't remember when I first started getting scared of going to the dentist.’

46. too shocked and scared to move

Other users have misspelling scared as:

1. scard 18.86%

2. scered 3.73%

3. skard 2.95%

4. skared 1.87%

5. skarde 1.67%

6. sceard 1.57%

7. scerd 1.47%

8. scarde 1.18%

9. Other 66.7%

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