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1. Being essential or decisive for determining the outcome or future of something; extremely important.

2. slang Term of approval, particularly when applied to reggae music.

3. archaic Cruciform or cruciate; cross-shaped.

4. Archaic Having the form of a cross; cross-shaped.

5. Extremely significant or important.

6. Vital to the resolution of a crisis or the determination of an outcome: synonym: decisive.

7. Having the form of a cross; appertaining to a cross; cruciform; intersecting.

8. Severe; trying or searching, as if bringing to the cross; decisive.

9. having crucial relevance

10. Decisive, as between two hypotheses; finally disproving one of two alternative suppositions.

11. Pertaining to or like a cross as an instrument of torture for eliciting the truth; excessively strict and severe: said of a proceeding of inquiry.

12. In anatomy, specifically applied to two stout decussating ligaments in the interior of the knee-joint, connecting the spine of the tibia with the intercondyloid fossa of the femur.

13. Of or pertaining to a crucible; like a heated crucible as a utensil of chemical analysis.

14. Having the form of a cross; transverse; intersecting; decussating: as, a crucial incision.


1. Successive monarchs and other members of the royal family have played crucial political roles in our past.

2. She is doing that by cutting out a seemingly crucial part of selling expensive clobber: shops.

3. The crucial moments always go against you when you're second in a two-horse race.

4. He said:'The first goal seems to be crucial at the moment.

5. The Government's sugar tax will play a crucial role.

6. Perhaps more importantly, he played a crucial role in 1986 in organising the first papal visit to a synagogue.

7. With a semi-final place on the line for both players, the champion was by far the more composed at the crucial moments of her win.

8. There are three elements crucial to recovery.

9. The prize then will be crucial financial backing.

10. The timing of the coronation was of crucial moment.

11. There have been friends and family who have played their crucial parts.

12. The relationship between these two roles is crucial.

13. There are two crucial differences in our backgrounds.

14. They also serve to remind us that political liberties are crucial for economic growth and cultural confidence.

15. The banking sector is crucial to economic recovery.

16. She was popular precisely because she erred at crucial moments.

17. Parents obviously play a crucial role in shaping these goals.

18. The resulting insights and goodwill may be crucial in resolving differences.

19. That will be the crucial issue of economic policy and politics next year.

20. His support was crucial during my recovery.

21. The crucial part is writing a really great book.

22. The crucial difference between a retirement village and a nursing home is that you own your home.

23. Now it continues to push forward crucial economic reforms in a broad range of areas.

24. Confidence is crucial to recovery and investment.

25. crucial moments in history call for great leaders.

26. It formed a crucial part of the evidence against him.

27. There is a scene in which a Belgian lorry driver plays a small but crucial role.

28. MI5 bosses have given their crucial backing to the new package of powers agreed by the Cabinet yesterday.

29. America's backing was crucial to the British campaign.

30. Averroes has, unlike Avicenna, made the way something is picked out by the term crucial in determining what kind of modal proposition is produced.

31. Graham fears deep newsroom cuts would eviscerate local reporting, which he called crucial to "the health of the city."

32. Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign-policy representative, welcomed Tuesday what he described as a crucial step in a "historic process" to bring stability to the troubled Caucasus region.

33. BASH: McCain says he's going to Colombia to spotlight his support for free trade, which he calls crucial to jump-starting the U.S. economy -- a sharp difference with Barack Obama.

34. BASH: McCain says he's going to Colombia to spotlight his support for free trade which he calls crucial to jump-starting the U.S. economy.

35. BASH: McCain says he's going Colombia to spotlight his support for free trade, which he calls crucial to jump starting the U.S. economy, a sharp difference with Barack Obama.

36. BASH: McCain says he's going to Colombia to spotlight his support for free trade, which he calls crucial to jump starting the U.S. economy.

37. France in a bid to drum up support for the plan, which he called a crucial part of efforts to lead the world's poorest continent down the path to economic prosperity.

38. Mark D. Wallace, president of United Against Nuclear Iran, said in a telephone interview that the group might seek Congressional hearings on Iran's Swift membership, which he described as crucial to the country's economic survival.

39. ‘Bad management and bad cost control will be crucial in deciding success or failure.’

40. ‘We have reached a crucial stage and now tenants and residents will begin to see real improvements on their estate.’

41. ‘His appointment comes at a crucial stage in this long-running drugs war.’

42. ‘Ambitious plans to complete a town centre pedestrianisation zone have reached a crucial stage.’

43. ‘The committee is asking for continued support as we are at a crucial stage in the campaign.’

44. ‘His error was made at a crucial stage in the match but he couldn't deny the funny side.’

45. ‘A near doubling of the share values would be a crucial factor in any decision that is made.’

46. ‘Williams now faces a crucial decision as to which direction he takes his career.’

47. ‘The decision on where to film was crucial to the success of the dramas.’

48. ‘This could mean that wrong decisions are made at crucial moments - and these cannot be reversed.’

49. ‘The chemistry so crucial to the success of any screen romance is absent.’

50. ‘I see the next 18 months as crucial to the long-term development of the game.’

51. ‘We do appear to be at a crucial juncture, to say the least.’

52. ‘Ultimately, these incidents probably did not prove crucial to the outcome.’

53. ‘God knew all logic flew out the window that crucial moment.’

54. ‘Coach Gary Moorby was particularly pleased with this crucial factor in the Cougar victory.’

55. ‘A crucial factor in the rise was the growing number of women who smoke.’

56. ‘There are no elements more important than others, but timing is crucial.’

57. ‘Watson believes conceding a goal so early on Tuesday was crucial to the outcome.’

58. ‘Certainly, Conroy's interventions were crucial to the outcome of the game.’

59. ‘If you want to lose weight, it is crucial to maintain low insulin levels.’

60. ‘It is crucial to keep your head covered when running outside in winter.’

61. ‘Only 15 percent mentioned domestic policies as being most crucial to them.’

62. ‘I make no apologies for this because it is absolutely crucial to the future economic success of the nation.’

63. ‘One crucial element of the luxury shopping experience is the service and setting.’

64. ‘Once he understands that crucial difference, he should get off to a good start.’

65. ‘Participation by trustees is crucial to their understanding of the issues before the board.’

66. ‘Since variation was the essence of evolution, it was crucial to understand its nature.’

67. ‘All low-carb foods are not created equal, and it's crucial to understand the differences.’

68. ‘Improved road links are crucial to developments in Pembroke Dock and the Angle peninsula.’

69. ‘Monitoring blood lipids is crucial to ensure that the diet is having the desired effect.’

70. ‘Solidarity through donations is crucial to ensure the strike does not fail through lack of money.’

71. ‘All the time, it is crucial to remember that we are never alone.’

72. ‘Insight, understanding and enjoyment are the keys to making newspapers crucial.’

73. ‘Finding species that are unknown to science is crucial to their continued survival, he says.’

74. ‘Strategies for effective communication and involvement are crucial at this stage.’

75. ‘For, low as this may seem, the most crucial industries had been successfully moved.’

76. ‘He was singled out by the judge for stinging criticism, and accused of removing crucial evidence.’

77. ‘Everyone was aware that those games weren't crucial, and it was just the group stage.’

78. ‘Sesame is great for iron, a crucial mineral for maintaining vital energy levels.’

79. a crucial election

Other users have misspelling crucial as:

1. crutial 10.77%

2. cruciale 5.27%

3. crusial 3.74%

4. curcial 1.98%

5. Other 78.24%

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