Definition of 'ridiculous'


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1. Deserving of ridicule; foolish; absurd.

2. Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly. synonym: foolish.

3. rare Involving or expressing ridicule.

4. Fitted to excite ridicule; absurd and laughable; unworthy of serious consideration.

5. broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce

6. incongruous;inviting ridicule


1. We aspired to something ridiculous with this.

2. It's taken me a while to come round to what originally looked a fairly ridiculous notion.

3. And if you have that background, they can't go round saying these ridiculous things.

4. Yet by losing his temper he was making himself look ridiculous.

5. Political pundits are unwilling to accept that the real reason can be anything like as ridiculous.

6. Your lively imagination will suggest other ridiculous scenarios that may work better for you.

7. People say the most ridiculous but breathtaking things.

8. It was a celebration of all that was utterly ridiculous and absurd and great about pop music.

9. Can anything be more ridiculous or more foolish?

10. In that straw hat and that ridiculous set of pyjamas.

11. Why would you put out something so utterly ridiculous?

12. We despise politicians who look naive or ridiculous.

13. It would be ridiculous to say anything other than that.

14. Perhaps it was vanity for they do look ridiculous.

15. All this is ridiculous and laughable.

16. To us that seems absolutely ridiculous.

17. The programme now wears all its production values like a vast and ridiculous Ascot hat.

18. You can't find anything ridiculous in him.

19. We find them faintly ridiculous, laughable rather than laudable and have a strong desire to puncture their pomposity.

20. He said: 'It is utterly ridiculous.

21. She said: 'It was ridiculous.

22. I began by talking about the importance of laughter and a sense of humour, and the need to recognize and embrace the ridiculous and the absurd.

23. I do know that Borges thought the term ridiculous, and argued that then absolutely all the Western world was Latin, inasmuch as the Roman influence extended over all European cultures.

24. The defense team objected to Parrella's use of the phrase "ridiculous and unbelievable."

25. Back in NoMa, Bruce Tallerman , a writer who is a 12-year resident, called the name "ridiculous."

26. Scholes was one of the few players Ferguson absolved of any blame for what he described as a "ridiculous" and "careless" second-half performance.

27. Noting he can make what he calls ridiculous money on the lecture circuit.

28. When Rush started he joked all the time about what he called the ridiculous and hysterical exaggerated characterizations that liberals had of conservatives.

29. He thinks that the Security Council should be praising his country instead of condemning it, in what he called ridiculous statements.

30. Today the Democrat is sounding fed up and frustrated by what he calls the ridiculous attempts to get back at him politically.

31. 'Electro-biology,' a term ridiculous as 'suggestion' and more so.

32. A few approved highly of my conduct; while many not only blamed, but publicly derided me, for what they termed a ridiculous weakness.

33. ‘Just as he has the right to ask for a ridiculous rent increase, you have the right to fight it.’

34. ‘The discussion about everything else we should be blaming and banning is just ridiculous.’

35. ‘Why are we not aware of the ridiculous amounts spent on such white elephants?’

36. ‘The traffic jams are now so ridiculous I wonder why I bother trying to get to work in the first place.’

37. ‘In this day and age you wouldn't expect it to happen once - but three times is ridiculous.’

38. ‘Plans to name a street in a Bradford village after an exotic pink bird have been branded ridiculous.’

39. ‘The council says that the law does not allow it to play such a role, which is ridiculous.’

40. ‘They try to step into their old shoes and into their old clothes, and they look faintly ridiculous.’

41. ‘Is it just me or are others finding this practice ridiculous and just a little shady?’

42. ‘Be in no doubt that we appreciate how ridiculous this whole episode must look.’

43. ‘We thought it was ridiculous that someone so young who had just come out of basic training was sent there.’

44. ‘The increase in costs will result in a doubling of our charges, which is totally ridiculous.’

45. ‘It's ridiculous that such a beautiful landmark should be closed off for so long.’

46. ‘Like all the best comedians, Jethro takes real life and makes it seem ridiculous.’

47. ‘I am sick of hearing the ridiculous arguments about civil liberties and tradition.’

48. ‘It is ridiculous to demand that we should give asylum to those who plot the destruction of our society.’

49. ‘I told her that one of my best friends at the time had a crush on her and she just laughed and thought it was ridiculous.’

50. ‘The ridiculous part is that had he not applied for a grant, he would not have had to apply for permission.’

51. ‘It is extraordinary the number of people who say to me it is ridiculous that players should be paid so much.’

52. ‘The idea that smokers take more paid breaks than non-smokers at work is ridiculous.’

53. her conceited assumption of universal interest in her rather dull children was ridiculous

Other users have misspelling ridiculous as:

1. rediculous 11.71%

2. ridiculious 3.16%

3. ridickouis 3.16%

4. ridiculus 2.85%

5. redisclose 2.85%

6. ridiclous 1.9%

7. rediculus 1.9%

8. ridiculist 1.58%

9. Other 70.89%

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