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1. pejorative, slang A person who is psychotic or otherwise insane.

2. pejorative, slang A person who acts in a bizarre or dangerous manner.

3. informal A class, at a college or university, in which psychology is taught.

4. A psychopath.

5. Psychotic, or otherwise insane.

6. Mentally deranged; crazy.


1. As Zeh puts it, von Neumann's motivation for introducing collapse was to save what he called psycho-physical parallelism (arguably supervenience of the mental on the physical: only one mental state is experienced, so there should be only one corresponding component in the physical state).

2. He makes it his business to change people's minds for them instead of petting their minds and he does the precise thing I have in mine except that he confines himself in doing it to what he calls psycho-mechanics -- to

3. "Our expertise is in providing child safe spaces and providing basically what we call psycho social support," Ms Gibbs said.

4. “I think that’s a question better fit for a team of doctors, all with the word psycho in their title.”

5. Narcissism, in psycho-therapeutic parlance, is a term used to indicate a superficial personality type with a hyper-inflated sense of self to compensate for a grievously wounded core.

6. Good luck America, if this pathological lair and psycho is your best hope as your first female President.

7. Each has their own preference in psycho-pharmaceuticals.

8. The creator (i.e. el perro) named me a psycho without knowing the true psycho is his own friend, who seeks psychologist help.

9. ‘The speech was basically: men are psychos, Americans are psychos, the Americans want to exterminate the planet, and naked protest will end the nuclear age.’

10. ‘I don't want to be put in there with a bunch of crazy psychos… I'm not a bad person.’

11. ‘Second, my best friend and crush is being stalked by crazy, murderous psychos.’

12. ‘Kleptomaniacs, kitchen drinkers, Fatal Attraction type psychos, obsessive-compulsives, and other problem individuals are usually discovered in this phase.’

13. ‘It's unpleasant, but it's more unpleasant to be faced with true psychos / junkies on the subway.’

14. ‘I love blood and gore and crazed psycho killers come back from the dead.’

15. ‘They were scrawny but muscly trashy types, like my in-and-out, in-and-out of prison psycho cousin.’

16. ‘I would come back and watch all my favourite violent psycho movies.’

17. ‘Next is Melanie, doing that psycho laugh of hers from the old days.’

18. ‘I always thought that those psycho girls who stalked band members and actors were just make believe, until now.’

19. he is a real psycho

Other users have misspelling psycho as:

1. psyco 9.18%

2. pshyco 2.95%

3. pyscho 2.62%

4. psico 2.62%

5. Other 82.63%

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