Definition of 'nauseous'


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1. Causing nausea; sickening or disgusting.

2. nonstandard Afflicted with nausea; sick.

3. Usage Problem Affected with nausea.

4. Feeling nausea.

5. Causing, or fitted to cause, nausea; sickening; loathsome; disgusting; exciting abhorrence.


1. You might also feel a little nauseous if you did drink the lot in one go.

2. This new series is likely to leave you feeling deeply nauseous.

3. The smell of it makes me nauseous.

4. His green barnet is making us feel nauseous.

5. Hearing their voices or seeing them makes me feel nauseous.

6. Either of these things would send my temperature rocketing up and make me feel dizzy and nauseous.

7. The thought of all those slick politicians and oily businessmen elbowing each other to jump on the green bandwagon makes me nauseous.

8. Yesterday it was standing room only and it made us feel cosy, if not a little nauseous.

9. I take a final look down and feel a little nauseous.

10. He was dizzy and nauseous.

11. They're often slightly below nauseous.

12. I was extremely dizzy and nauseous.

13. I left feeling sick, nauseous and shaking.

14. He wanted to carry on but I think he was progressively feeling a bit more nauseous.

15. A person will feel slightly nauseous, dizzy and irritable.

16. My heart was pounding furiously and I felt dizzy and nauseous.

17. My heart was pounding and I felt dizzy and nauseous.

18. ‘A day later I became nauseous, was vomiting, and I started bumping into the wall - I couldn't walk straight.’

19. ‘He had felt nauseous, wanted to vomit and, most distressing, felt he was ‘going mad’ and about to die.’

20. ‘Plus, she had been feeling queasy and nauseous.’

21. ‘I feel sick and nauseous, but now I try not to remember why.’

22. ‘A nauseous feeling came over me and I vomited blood.’

23. ‘So I am fat and pasty, constantly nauseous and frequently sick.’

24. ‘We invariably travelled on some clapped-out smelly bus that made us nauseous with the diesel fumes.’

25. ‘He felt nauseous and depressed, awash on a stormy, bilious sea of confusion, misunderstanding, and despair.’

26. ‘‘They said they were feeling dizzy and nauseous,’ she says.’

27. ‘All I can remember is feeling slightly nauseous.’

28. ‘I suddenly feel very hot… and worse, very nauseous.’

29. ‘‘I woke up on Sunday morning and I was feeling ok, but after I had my breakfast I started feeling a bit nauseous,’ Anderson said.’

30. ‘And there are some patients who are not in pain at all, but still want euthanasia, because they are weak, constantly tired, nauseous, or breathless.’

31. ‘Nurse says it's a good sign that Peter's not nauseous.’

32. ‘I have a killer headache and I'm getting nauseous.’

33. ‘The air seemed absolutely dead yesterday; I felt nauseous whenever I ventured outdoors and seriously struggled to breathe.’

34. ‘My aunt said Grandma was nauseous, so I wanted to give her some space and went outside again, taking the opportunity to shoot more photos.’

35. ‘Even the smell of it makes me slightly nauseous.’

36. ‘My temperature feels like it's all over the place, I'm exhausted, headachy, feeling slightly nauseous at times and I have the serious shakes.’

37. ‘But being bombarded with product messages makes me nauseous.’

38. ‘At least I haven't been feeling as nauseous these last few days.’

39. ‘I've watched a couple of episodes, and they both made me nauseous.’

40. ‘It wasn't that he was afraid of blood, on the contrary, but too much blood, exposed organs, and raw flesh with that nauseous stench could already make him sick.’

41. ‘The bonfires can be seen burning at various times throughout the day and night, with the resulting nauseous effluvia blowing towards the two local schools and several housing estates.’

42. ‘Those who remain loyal to Franklin survive on nauseous lichen scraped from the arctic rocks, or by boiling their own boots; others resort to cannibalism.’

43. ‘‘I'm Emma,’ said I, feeling the grip of nauseous embarrassment washing over me.’

44. ‘The air around him was heavy with the sickly-sour, nauseous smell of formaldehyde.’

45. ‘It has every predictable, nauseous feel-good film cliche in it.’

46. nauseous offal

Other users have misspelling nauseous as:

1. nauseaus 5.17%

2. Other 94.83%

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