Definition of 'teepee'


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1. A cone-shaped tent traditionally used by many native peoples of the Great Plains of North America.

2. See tepee.


1. The fire rose like a teepee, a cone of light fighting off the dusk.

2. But after the betrothal, a teepee is erected for the presents that pour in from both sides.

3. Yet during the following ten years of defensive war he was never known to make a speech, though his teepee was the rendezvous of the young men.

4. The young woman is set apart under the care of two of her friends, somewhat older, and a little wigwam, called a teepee, just big enough for the three, is made for them, to which they retire.

5. If done correctly, you should have a loosely packed tower or "teepee"

6. The best type of fire structure is the "teepee" because it sheds water and burns fast,

7. Next he's gonna 'head back to his trash bag "teepee" and upload the photo to his old, broken B&W Sanyo TV, then print the photo on an old fading sheet of the WashPost, and then show it to all his good buddy homeless pals under the E Street bridge?

8. His thatch teepee-shaped home is the last stop in tiny East Timor.

9. they lived in a teepee

Other users have misspelling teepee as:

1. teepe 10.43%

2. Other 89.57%

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