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Other users have misspelling donut as:

pie chart
  1. dounut 10%
  2. dongt 3.33%
  3. Other 86.67%

Definitions of donut


  1. a small ring-shaped friedcake

Examples of donut

  1. She'll approach the perfume counter boldly, spray her ample poitrine and graceful, swanlike neck until it's glistening like a freshly dunked donut and writhe in olfactory ecstasy.
  2. Enterprise wouldn't replace Melissa's rental car even after a mechanic declared the tire on her current car "unrepairable," and warned that it would be unsafe to drive 400+ miles back to New York from Rochester on a donut spare.
  3. As Joey Bag of Donuts would probably say: "Dis is the life we choose.

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