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1. An upright frame, typically on three legs, for displaying or supporting something, such as an artist’s canvas.

2. An upright frame for displaying or supporting something, such as an artist's canvas.

3. a painting of moderate size such as is made while resting on an easel, as distinguished from a painting on a wall or ceiling.

4. A frame (commonly) of wood serving to hold a canvas upright, or nearly upright, for the painter's convenience or for exhibition.

5. an upright tripod for displaying something (usually an artist's canvas)

6. A frame in the form of a tripod for supporting a blackboard, paper, or canvas in drawing and painting; also, a similar frame used as a rest for portfolios, large books, etc.

7. A picture small enough to be placed on an easel for exhibition after completion.


1. From now on he would always stand at an easel when painting.

2. We bought her paints and an easel, in case she showed any inclination to be an artist.

3. Many walkers take a sketch pad or an easel and paints to knock off their own Constable forgery.

4. For many years he taught a specialist module on the Institute's renowned easel paintings conservation course.

5. The originality of his murals and his easel paintings, she argues, spread its influence well into the twentieth century.

6. One is the presence of the artist himself, bottom right, putting the finishing touches to the canvas on his easel.

7. At its simplest, it is a contrast between decorative art conceived for its architectural context, and the imported art of easel painting writ dramatically large.

8. As photographs record, she would paint amid rain and tearing wind, with her easel and canvas or board held in position by means of rope and boulders.

9. We freely admit that we take inspiration in easel mode from the metaphor of the TV and agree that people need a web appliance but by the same token we are still a webbook and work like one in laptop mode.

10. A lot of artists leave their creativity at the easel, which is not a good way to sell paintings.

11. Los Angeles To conservator Sue Ann Chui at the Getty Museum, the 518-year-old wooden panel painting on her easel is a study in the subtle science of art.

12. It converts from laptop mode, into what litl calls easel mode.

13. On an easel was a large painting of a street scene in Mexico, with dark-haired women in flowing skirts, children playing, and flower vendors with their carts.

14. On her easel is the Amish girl being hit by the car.

15. On the easel was a wild abstract in crude bright colours, bearing no visible relation at all to the scene in the harbour before them; it was unexpected, compared to the neat, anaemic little water-colours that nineteen out of twenty Trewissick harbour-painters produced.

16. Behind the easel was a small wooden sideboard covered by a handmade afghan.

17. ‘The show is also a wonderful time to watch artists set up easels and paint for the crowds or sign posters and books.’

18. ‘The artist's easel, paint box, palettes, paintbrushes and dried tubes of paint occupied a corner.’

19. ‘Here exhibited for the first time, it depicts a painting on an easel and a bird on the wing, the easel representing the artist and the bird in flight the liberating act of painting.’

20. ‘The easel is set diagonally to the right of the stool, just as the artist has his easel in Allegory of Painting.’

21. ‘All of it is made possible by the creative energy that is released each time Thomas sits at his easel to paint.’

22. ‘Among the gifts were gardening books, a new garden pond and an easel, artist's chair and watercolour paints, to help her with her new activities in retirement.’

23. ‘Abby nodded and grabbed the camera she usually used, and Chris followed her with an easel and some oil paints.’

24. ‘She is planning one more major adventure, but after that has promised her family that she will return to her easel - she paints watercolours using Chinese inks and paper.’

25. ‘Business is so bad that their son Graziano, a talented artist, has time to set up his easel and paint in the restaurant as well as work as a waiter.’

26. ‘Cai installed the works in a distinctly outdated mode, crowded together on wooden easels that evoke sidewalk art-fair displays.’

27. ‘With a huge white canvas on the easel before them, artists were called, one by one randomly, given a minute to convey his idea by a deft stroke in his chosen colour.’

28. ‘Rembrandt's drawing, a plan for a painting, is a simple sketch of the artist alone with his easel.’

29. ‘Hal Meah, a sketch artist who set up his easel at the fairs on our route, taught me how to draw.’

30. ‘Churchill, a frequent guest, often relaxed there with his easel and paints, while Rex Whistler contributed decorative murals.’

31. ‘They are shown in a large room, surrounded by other characters, including the artist himself, who stands at his easel.’

32. ‘Benton's early pictures were painted on easels and the pictures were expected to be framed and hung on walls.’

33. ‘This is where the town's Romeos parade up and down, its old men relax on benches outside the church, and artists work at their easels.’

34. ‘Her friends at the club would take turns posing in front of the easel, while Grotte and other art club members painted them.’

35. ‘The artist bent over the easel day and night, vigorously splashing paint here and splashing paint there.’

36. ‘A canvass was set up on the easel, paints on the table alongside.’

37. the artist used an easel while painting

Other users have misspelling easel as:

1. arsl 11.96%

2. aseel 8.7%

3. essel 3.26%

4. asel 2.72%

5. Other 73.36%

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