Definition of 'eligible'


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1. One who is eligible.

2. A person who is eligible.

3. One who is qualified to be chosen or elected; an eligible person.

4. suitable; meeting the conditions; worthy of being chosen

5. Football Allowed under the rules to catch a forward pass.

6. Qualified or entitled to be chosen.

7. Desirable and worthy of choice, especially for marriage.

8. Worthy to be chosen or selected; suitable; desirable.

9. That may be selected; proper or qualified to be chosen; legally qualified to be elected and to hold office.

10. qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen

11. Fit to be chosen; worthy of choice; desirable: as, an eligible tenant.

12. Qualified to be chosen; legally qualified for election or appointment.


1. Those who are considered eligible may be successful in their application.

2. People eligible for flu vaccination should have it each year.

3. Under the changes unions will be unable to call a strike unless at least half of eligible members vote.

4. As American citizens they are eligible to vote but they have been overlooked by campaigns because they have tended not to turn out.

5. He said the winter crisis in Britain's hospitals had deepened because home care providers are regularly unable to provide care for elderly people eligible for support.

6. But some eligible people are not getting the money now.

7. Your daughter may well be eligible for a grant.

8. And what a pair of eligible bachelors she has to choose from.

9. Forms were then distributed to all islanders eligible to vote.

10. He will now be eligible for parole in eight years.

11. Your gifted son may be eligible for a scholarship rather than a bursary dependent on parental income.

12. He was eligible to play for two countries.

13. You may be eligible for an enhanced annuity.

14. He will be eligible for parole in six years and six months.

15. While you are on benefit you may be eligible for insulation grants through your local council.

16. He may live to be in his nineties and will then be eligible for parole.

17. How many people would be eligible?

18. Few of them are eligible to vote in London.

19. He was 58 when he first missed a major he was eligible to play.

20. More than 600 unemployed people are eligible for the scheme in the three councils.

21. Four million young people are eligible to vote for the first time next Thursday.

22. Around half of the 3,000 inhabitants are eligible to vote.

23. It's a school that has many pupils eligible for free school meals and a high number with special needs.

24. But when a man walks out of a marriage, somehow he turns back to being something like an eligible bachelor.

25. You are an eligible man.

26. The term 'eligible beneficiary' means any individual who is an active enrollee in the CLASS program and, as of the date described in subparagraph B

27. "What he's done and what he's done to reclaim his career and seemingly the kind of person that he has become makes him -- I don't even want to use the word eligible -- but you know, it's time," he said.

28. The benefit is they remain eligible to enter legally in the future whereas those involuntarily deported are subject to a strict ten year bar.

29. April 25, 2009 - Families living in eligible areas of Montgomery County are invited to join the Study.

30. Thanks to Brissenden, his black suit was out of pawn and he was again eligible for dinner parties.

31. But recently, city officials have been concerned whether Mr. Smith's group would be able to meet a year-end deadline to remain eligible for the $20 million of federally backed financing.

32. The Recovery Act allowed investors to exclude 75% of their profits if they invested in eligible small businesses between mid-February 2009 and the end of this year.

33. Fredrik Wentzel (Almtuna) — Second-year eligible is a classic late bloomer who has come out of nowhere and continued to impress us by taking Almtuna to the Swedish Elite League qualifying round, posting great numbers.

34. ‘This is subject to winners being eligible for race competition licences.’

35. ‘There are two conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for these new measures.’

36. ‘Four or five cardinals who are eligible for the candidacy of pope could openly campaign.’

37. ‘Frequently attending patients with five or more somatisation symptoms were eligible for the study.’

38. ‘To be eligible for this, they must be qualified for at least three years.’

39. ‘After six months of being monitored, the group becomes eligible for a bank loan.’

40. ‘Mr Butler becomes eligible for the payout as soon as he vacates Government House.’

41. ‘Wonderful for one so young, Noel will be eligible for that championship for two more years.’

42. ‘Families buying either existing private homes or newly built properties will be eligible for the scheme.’

43. ‘Release dates are crucial as films out this year become eligible for the 2002 Academy Awards.’

44. ‘Those with prior travel on public affairs passports are not eligible for this programme.’

45. ‘The family is poor and were eligible for free health care from the government.’

46. ‘It is a facility where they keep the detainees who've been designated as eligible for trial.’

47. ‘Those who have a legal case that are eligible for legal help or full legal aid will be provided with further free legal support.’

48. ‘Walsh will be eligible for the Canadian Football League draft coming up this April.’

49. ‘Please return all club cards if you want to be eligible for a prize.’

50. ‘Those eligible for silver or gold pins are asked to contact a committee member.’

51. ‘A major draw will take place next month and anyone who joins in June will be eligible for all prizes.’

52. ‘Also, the company's restricted list of cases eligible for compensation has been abolished.’

53. ‘The list of films eligible for next year's Best Animated Feature Film Oscar has been announced.’

54. ‘We have plenty of eligible bachelors in these parts and quite a few eligible ladies too!’

55. ‘Prince William managed to stand one of the world's most eligible women up last week when he got tied up foxhunting.’

56. ‘Last month this magazine presented a list of Scotland's 100 most eligible women and men.’

57. ‘In today's society you have the situation where there are fewer and fewer eligible men and more women so what is a woman to do?’

58. ‘Last year's most eligible man had to bow out because he's all loved up now.’

59. ‘Various eligible boys in the village were introduced to her - she showed no interest in any of them.’

60. ‘Hugh Grant is currently linked to Jemima Khan, who tops the list of the most eligible females.’

61. an eligible bachelor

Other users have misspelling eligible as:

1. eligable 6.29%

2. eligble 4.49%

3. eligibile 3.89%

4. elgible 3.59%

5. eligib 3.59%

6. elidgible 2.4%

7. Other 75.75%

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