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1. A drawing, often held as a fundraiser, in which tickets or chances are sold to win a prize.

2. obsolete A game of dice in which he who threw three alike won all the stakes.

3. Refuse; rubbish; raff.

4. A kind of lottery, in which several persons pay, in shares, the value of something put up as a stake, and then determine by chance (as by casting dice) which one of them shall become the sole possessor.

5. a lottery in which the prizes are goods rather than money

6. A game with dice.

7. Same as raffle-net.

8. Nautical, raff; lumber; rubbish.

9. A method of sale by chance or lottery, in which the price of the thing to be disposed of is divided into equal shares, and the persons taking the shares east lots for its possession by throwing dice or otherwise.

10. To award something by means of a raffle or random drawing, often used with off.

11. dispose of in a lottery

12. Tomoveorfidgetabout.

13. Tostir(afire).

14. Tobrushoff(walnuts).

15. To engage in a raffle.

16. To dispose of by means of a raffle; -- often followed by off.


1. Prize luck looks good, so keep your raffle tickets in a safe place.

2. You can enter up to ten raffle numbers.

3. Buy two entries and you get two raffle numbers.

4. It is like entering a raffle when the winning ticket has already been drawn.

5. You can enter up to ten raffle lines each week.

6. Troops should not have to sell raffle tickets or rely on charity.

7. You can enter numbers from both draws and play up to ten raffle numbers each week.

8. Team members who hit targets for new clients receive cash bonuses and raffle tickets for the car.

9. Luck is linked to two charity raffle tickets.

10. Use your raffle number from your Lotto ticket to enter the draw.

11. For full details and to enter the raffle, go to our website.

12. Enter the raffle numbers on our site before noon on Sunday.

13. Enter the raffle numbers online.

14. A raffle to win hearts and minds?

15. A raffle ticket can win for you.

16. A charity raffle ticket wins for you.

17. We will announce the first name of each of our winners, the town where they live and the winning raffle numbers.

18. You can enter up to ten raffle numbers but each must have a unique Sun Code.

19. He is already a Sun+ member and entered one of the Lotto raffle lines under his own name.

20. You can enter up to ten raffle numbers but each must be accompanied by a unique Sun Code.

21. Hold a raffle There are issues to consider with this one, such as whether it is run as a raffle or a competition.

22. THE winner of a 12million EuroMillions raffle prize has just over two weeks to claim the cash before it goes to charity.

23. ‘Much of the money was raised through raffles, with wonderful prizes donated by local businesses.’

24. ‘The voluntary group who need E30,000 every year to keep afloat raise money through raffles, sponsored walks and from donations.’

25. ‘In the pubs and sports clubs they held raffles to raise money.’

26. ‘It was great afternoon with a variety of jazz acts, raffles and promotions raising money for staging the convention.’

27. ‘Sponsorship forms were put up in the pub and raffles raised extra money.’

28. ‘We compensated participants with movie tickets and raffles for prizes for the completion of measures and attendance at the workshop.’

29. ‘That night £600 was raised from ticket sales and raffles and everyone involved deserves a lot of thanks.’

30. ‘They proudly told of how they had single-handedly raised money through cake sales, approaching businesses, holding raffles and selling chocolates.’

31. ‘The club would also like to thank all its patrons who kindly bought tickets for their raffles and who supported all the events that were organised through-out the season.’

32. ‘The couple decided to use the pen they won as a raffle prize to raise money for charity and are now looking for local businesses to donate further prizes.’

33. ‘There was plenty of fine wine flowing and a ticket raffle draw with great prizes.’

34. ‘Meanwhile his luck was still good when it came to the draw for the raffle prizes as his ticket was pulled out first from the hat.’

35. ‘The Lounge Committee had raffles to raise funds for furniture for the lounge, and for curtains and social events.’

36. ‘The hospices have been donated a brand-new car to give away as the star prize of the raffle but they need more help selling the raffle tickets.’

37. ‘At the conclusion of the cabaret the winning tickets for the raffle are drawn.’

38. ‘Firemen around the nation are selling the raffle tickets for five dollars each.’

39. ‘If all the raffle tickets sell, he said, Pipedream is expected to have around £30,000 by Easter.’

40. ‘The special children's raffle was most exciting, the draws supervised by the officer board ensured that everything was above board.’

41. ‘Still shy of the initial target, the Waterford News & Star came to the rescue with a Nissan Micra car which was put up for raffle.’

42. ‘The hard work of craft-minded kids and adults will be put up for raffle and auction by the Northside Centre in Sligo town.’

43. ‘More seriously they were helping to raise funds for the tsunami appeal, raffling a superb prize donated by Nestlé of a day's motor racing.’

44. ‘We would like to thank the public and all the business people who gave donations and sponsored some of the wonderful prizes which were raffled on the day.’

45. ‘The fundraiser received a lot of support from the local traders in Abbeyleix who contributed a wide variety of prizes, which were raffled on the night.’

46. ‘Amazing prizes will be raffled throughout the fun-filled night.’

47. ‘A number of very valuable prizes will be raffled during the night.’

48. ‘Spot prizes were raffled after the ride out with a magnum of champagne attracting much attention from the ticket buyers.’

49. ‘It is also raffling a mountain bike for the school.’

50. ‘John admitted that it was strange for a health food shop to be raffling a calorie-rich chocolate egg but added that it was all in a good cause.’

51. ‘On St. Patrick's Day the club raffled a signed and framed Liverpool F.C 2003-2004 away shirt as its first prize.’

52. ‘The credit union raffled three cars last year and plan to do the same this year.’

53. ‘This trip will be raffled off after the Expression Session at the US Open on August 4th 2002.’

54. ‘Admission is €10 per person and all cooked dishes will be raffled.’

55. ‘The plan is to make up a number of food and drink hampers to be raffled alongside an auction of ‘promises’, other goods, services and tickets.’

56. ‘Would the right thing to do be to hand the passes over to the parking department and put them back into circulation so they can be raffled off to the next lucky winner?’

57. ‘Two five-pound Easter baskets were raffled off.’

58. ‘Fee is e5 per class and includes a tea break and inclusion in a nightly raffle where the flower arrangement made on the night will be raffled off.’

59. ‘The quilt will be raffled on June 5 at the Project centre with all proceeds donated to the Sponsor and Athlete Programme.’

60. ‘The car will be raffled in 2005 as part of a major fund-raising drive which will involve the sale of tickets across the county.’

61. ‘There are two lovely Christmas Hampers being raffled for members of the Kiltimagh District Credit Union this week.’

62. ‘All flower arrangements displayed will be raffled on the night.’

63. We won the raffle!

Other users have misspelling raffle as:

1. raflle 4.6%

2. rafl 3.45%

3. rafle 2.3%

4. Other 89.65%

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