Definition of 'jeopardy'


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1. Danger of loss, harm, or failure.

2. Risk of loss or injury; peril or danger.

3. Law A defendant's risk or danger of conviction when put on trial.

4. Exposure to death, loss, or injury; hazard; danger.

5. Exposure to death, loss, or injury; hazard; danger; peril.

6. Synonyms Peril, etc. See danger and risk.

7. An even chance; a game evenly balanced.

8. To jeopardize: as, he jeopardied his fame.

9. rare To jeopardize.


1. That programme is now in serious jeopardy.

2. His racing career is in serious jeopardy.

3. But this is now in serious jeopardy.

4. Yet he will know that record is in serious jeopardy the longer he stays at this sinking ship.

5. In the present circumstances, double jeopardy did not carry any of significant weight.

6. He cannot be tried in Britain because of double jeopardy laws.

7. I would call myself double jeopardy.

8. That case can now be reopened thanks to a revamp of double jeopardy laws, which previously barred cleared suspects from being tried again.

9. Lose for the second time in a row and his career as a top-class boxer is in serious jeopardy, but win and the possibilities are endless.

10. The report says: 'We are at the tipping point where social care is in real jeopardy and this affects the millions of people needing care and support.

11. The use of having a baby in jeopardy is a cheap trick but it works.

12. States and other sources provide significant funding for legal services as well, but one of the most important sources of funding for low-income legal services could be in jeopardy from the Roberts Court.

13. The balance of the game is in jeopardy from the Premiership ball which allows kickers regularly to land 60-yard penalties

14. Because the idea of Obama's physical safety's being in jeopardy is NOT just something Black folk who've been around a while talk about.

15. Some private developers say the number of projects in jeopardy is much higher, perhaps as much as 80%.

16. Ellen (played by Bree Turner), the young woman in jeopardy, is far from helpless and at times behaves more like predator than prey.

17. O Emir, of a truth, we are in jeopardy from the multitude of the foe who is on the walls.

18. ‘But his plans are put in jeopardy when he meets an equally competitive female player.’

19. ‘In jeopardy are the achievements of a quarter of a century of dogged work to establish a strong, peaceful British Muslim community.’

20. ‘The allegations have put her career and her five medals from the 2000 games in jeopardy.’

21. ‘If the money doesn't start flowing soon, the country's very future will be in jeopardy.’

22. ‘Farmers in the area have been severely put out by the announcement and the future supply of their milk to Glanbia is in jeopardy.’

23. ‘He also pointed out that a further 300 spin off jobs from the Marino Point plant could be in jeopardy if it was closed.’

24. ‘The future of a top water-skiing club could be in jeopardy if plans for a new housing development are approved by Selby councillors.’

25. ‘All children from marginalised populations face this double jeopardy.’

26. ‘There is no question of double jeopardy, as asserted by some community groups.’

27. ‘Five Dem incumbents there are in jeopardy due to a GOP redistricting plan.’

28. ‘A vital village transport link is in jeopardy due to a lack of people using it.’

29. ‘But this option is in real jeopardy due to union opposition and especially a misguided court decision last summer.’

30. ‘They are, as Greene has phrased it, in triple jeopardy.’

31. ‘You mentioned the triple jeopardy that you feel officers are subject to, and police staff are subject to.’

32. ‘We are in grave jeopardy of suffering the same kind of attacks that they experienced in London.’

33. ‘Sadly this will set a very destructive precedent, which could place the future of our liberty in grave jeopardy.’

34. ‘He dismissed any notion that he was in jeopardy of losing.’

35. ‘Introduce private sector firms operating speed cameras and the integrity of the law will be in grave jeopardy.’

36. ‘All that we have achieved, and all that we aspire to, are in mortal jeopardy.’

37. ‘The accident put his baseball career in immediate jeopardy.’

38. ‘Any unfair jeopardy to the Claimant should be dealt with if it arises.’

39. ‘The certificate further describes the jeopardy that could arise from disclosure.’

40. ‘Under the circumstances, he would have placed himself in serious legal jeopardy, however he answered the question.’

41. ‘"Times " editor Bill Keller tells me that she does face legal jeopardy.’

42. ‘He remained apprehensive about returning to the United States, unsure of his legal jeopardy.’

43. he was in serious jeopardy of losing his home

Other users have misspelling jeopardy as:

1. jeapordy 15.79%

2. jepordy 7.89%

3. jeapardy 3.51%

4. jeprody 2.63%

5. jeprdy 2.63%

6. jeoporday 2.63%

7. Other 64.92%

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