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Other users have misspelling affidavit as:

pie chart
  1. afidavit 8.11%
  2. affidavitt 4.05%
  3. avidavitt 4.05%
  4. affvidate 4.05%
  5. affadvit 4.05%
  6. affidavid 4.05%
  7. l'affidavit 4.05%
  8. Other 67.59%

Definitions of affidavit


  1. written declaration made under oath; a written statement sworn to be true before someone legally authorized to administer an oath

Examples of affidavit

  1. Is that an affidavit filed in the present proceedings before this Court, your Honour?
  2. Calliaud, and by arguments and reasons by him delivered, he was persuaded to unsay his swearing, and to declare that he believed that the affidavit which he made at Patna, and while the transaction was recent or nearly recent, must be a mistake: that he _believed_ (what is amazing indeed for any belief) that not Mr. Hastings, but he himself, interpreted.
  3. They are in the nature of a proposed amended writ of summons, a summons for directions and an affidavit in each of the matters and a list of authorities in each of the matters.

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