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1. Any artificial interest in, or association with, an object, or person, through which it or they appear delusively magnified or glorified.

2. A kind of haze in the air, causing things to appear different from what they really are.

3. Witchcraft; magic charm; a spell affecting the eye, making objects appear different from what they really are.

4. countable an item, motif, person, image that by association improves appearance

5. uncountable Alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)

6. Exciting or mysterious attractiveness usually associated with striking physical beauty, luxury, or celebrity.

7. Archaic Magic cast by a spell; enchantment.

8. A charm affecting the eye, making objects appear different from what they really are.

9. Witchcraft; magic; a spell.

10. the gift or power of producing a glamour. The former is used figuratively, of the gift of fascination peculiar to women.

11. Any artificial interest in, or association with, an object, through which it appears delusively magnified or glorified.

12. alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)

13. Enchantment; a supposed influence of a charm on the eye, causing it to see objects under an unreal semblance; hence, anything that obscures or deceives vision, physical or mental; fascination; charm; witchery. Compare gramary (originally the same word).

14. To charm; bewitch.

15. Tocharm;bewitch.


1. Your partner will add glamour to your life.

2. Suddenly the glamour and the glitz went out of the game.

3. Things you try for the first time go well and add glamour and excitement to your life.

4. Watch the figures soar into the millions as the gadgets and glamour add up.

5. Why do we still have to talk about this obviously anguished former glamour model?

6. They retain the rugged residual glamour of life on the move.

7. Perhaps you are swayed by the glitz and glamour.

8. People you meet for the first time add excitement and glamour to your life.

9. This is a genuine representation of thirtysomethings with a bit of money and glamour.

10. But the former glamour model is as thick as a banana smoothie.

11. Pure luck adds a dash of showbiz glamour to your life.

12. It portrays the glamour and excitement but pulls no punches portraying the bad guys.

13. They will bring glamour and style to proceedings but are liable to sink without trace at the first signs of trouble.

14. They bring us glamour - and fun.

15. She's going to bring so much glamour.

16. I would love to watch all the glitz and glamour.

17. We are introduced to his Southern charm in a whirlpool bath full of glamour models and a bottle of bourbon.

18. The glamour model 's lots include canvas prints of photographs of her and the Aussie singer in happier times.

19. She has become sad and embarrassing and over in some way, a reminder that glamour and allure are as fleeting and elusive as the British summer.

20. Even the word glamour has magic roots, as a charm cast to transform appearances.

21. Berry is a vocal critic of what he calls the glamour of newness, ease, and affluence; and a champion of distraction.

22. It is what you call a glamour, an interlude of witchcraft.

23. "That's not work, that's what we call the glamour gig," he laughs of his too-brief time on the set of Hellboy 2.

24. But the emblem of Indian glamour is in the throes of a comeback, and these women had come to the DLF Emporio mall to attend "sari school."

25. Both book and film stripped the glamour from the mafia and revealed its protagonists for what they were: ruthless, banal, sociopathic thugs far removed from elegant, Godfatherly sophistication and singing in a very different choir from the Sopranos.

26. In the documentary, more glamour is added when the lanky model, Hilary Rhoda of Chevy Chase, Md., wears the precious stone in the new setting.

27. ‘She was glitz, glamour and pizzazz ripped from the headlines.’

28. ‘I am sure the meeting will have all its usual glitz and glamour, as well as plenty of exciting racing, and it could be a big fillip.’

29. ‘Our response is automatic because, like the rest of the world's population, we've been conditioned to believe that the television industry is all glitz and glamour.’

30. ‘The glamour and glitz of the event is keenly awaited - after all it is touted to be the ‘first of its kind,’ in terms of bringing all the stars together on one stage.’

31. ‘There's so much excitement, and glitz, and glamour here.’

32. ‘With the glitz, glamour and sense of history-in-the-making absent, yesterday was simply a rather poor tennis match, which no one much minded who won, least of all the two girls.’

33. ‘However, the show wasn't all glitz and glamour.’

34. ‘Yes, I know full well that loads of money in no way guarantees you health or happiness, and I would much rather my ordinary lifestyle compared to the glitz and glamour.’

35. ‘This promises to be a night of glamour, glitz and fashion.’

36. ‘It's time again for the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards.’

37. ‘You know, despite all of modern medicine's glitz and glamour, sometimes the old fashioned remedies work the best.’

38. ‘It certainly gives me hope that there is a little romance to be found in the world for us normal people, without all the glitz and glamour of a soap opera.’

39. ‘Ten years of glitz and glamour, honoring the men and women who serve in what many here call a thankless profession.’

40. ‘ALL too often the glitz and glamour of major building projects overshadow the sweat and toil of the ordinary men and women who worked on them.’

41. ‘The island has long since been a firm favourite of A-list celebrities desperate to escape the glitz and glamour of their showbiz lives.’

42. ‘The glitz, glamour and sheer size of the big screen took the breath away.’

43. ‘Then after a fabulous night of glitz and glamour, it would be time to ‘turn back into a pumpkin again’.’

44. ‘Popular and not so popular celebrities have been drafted in to add some showbiz glamour.’

45. ‘There's not a repairman in sight, because plugging all those little money holes brings little glamour to politicians.’

46. ‘Middle ways can be reasonable and serious proposals to reform polarized debates, but they also can lack glamour.’

47. ‘The show travels to nearly 200 cities around the world annually with the beauty, elegance, glamour and energy of a Broadway show.’

48. ‘There was so much of glamour, beauty and seduction in that dressing.’

49. ‘Whereas any black actress who wants to make it in Hollywood has to confront a world where glamour, beauty, sensuality and sexuality, desirability are always encoded as white.’

50. ‘You are likely to surprise people with your glamour, beauty and change of image with new styles and wardrobe.’

51. ‘From London to Hollywood, this exhibition explores to just what extent his photographs have influenced our insatiable attitudes towards fashion, beauty and glamour.’

52. ‘Alas, he remained unimpressed by glamour and beauty.’

53. ‘Bette Davis, although possessing moments of glamour and great beauty, played roles that required sensible shoes.’

54. ‘She had beauty, glamour, and a knockout set of legs (or ‘gams,’ in the lingo of that time).’

55. ‘She tries to combat this by living in a world of fantasy, mesmerized by white Hollywood glamour and beauty.’

56. ‘This fall is all about vintage styles, retro glamour, and sporty chic.’

57. ‘Oriental prints were used on dresses reinforcing the Geisha girl theme while lurex and sequin dresses offered glamour for the evening.’

58. ‘Hurrell helped established the identity of many actresses and actors and created an iconography of steamy sexuality with dreamy glamour.’

59. ‘There is no glamour, no sexuality, on display, only the innocent emotions of a young girl in love.’

60. ‘I think they definitely loved the beauty and the glamour and the clothes and the sets.’

61. ‘Her earnestness is seductive, as is her casting of the hero as an empowered young woman, untainted by media-driven ideals of glamour and sexuality.’

62. ‘It's a formula centred around an almost predatory, sexually-confident brand of glamour.’

63. ‘I did not want to be just the glamour quotient in the show.’

64. ‘What happens when a Hollywood sex symbol, a glamour queen or a knockout girl next door gets older.’

65. ‘Venus in Taurus lends glamour and a fierce ability to enjoy life to the hilt.’

66. ‘Her glamour and sex appeal come from another era, one when stars like Rita Hayworth danced across the screen.’

67. ‘The other side to Mark's job is the glamour photography, providing pictures of scantily-clad models for a number of men's titles.’

68. ‘She is a well-known glamour model who allows her photograph to appear in sex industry advertisements.’

69. ‘The photograph was of a well-known glamour model, taken and used with her consent.’

70. ‘But now the 18-year-old is becoming a sought-after glamour model - and the money is rolling in.’

71. ‘She had college qualifications in business and accountancy, but worked part-time as a glamour model and air stewardess.’

72. ‘Originally she worked as a glamour model and starred in porn films - and she hopes eventually to return to the world of topless modelling.’

73. ‘The girl was no longer a pin-up, but a glamour model, and so approachable that readers were encouraged to believe they stood a chance with her.’

74. ‘How often is it that the most admirable woman represented in a documentary is a glamour model, especially when she is in the company of ‘average’ women?’

75. ‘The same applies to girls who would prefer to be glamour models.’

76. ‘The question is, do I ditch my old friends and lifestyle in favour of glamour models and showbiz parties?’

77. ‘Two glamour models were among the guests and they had one intention and that was to shock.’

78. ‘To become a top glamour photographer takes time.’

79. ‘They wandered past a beach shop and arrived at the end of their journey: the other side of the mall and a glamour photographer's studio.’

80. ‘Even when one guy did get the girl in the magazine, a successful size eight glamour model, it was not enough.’

81. ‘Would these ludicrous appointments have anything to do with his former career in the glamour industry?’

82. ‘Today she gets herself on TV and wants to become a glamour model.’

83. ‘They were bad girls, glamour girls and no-good dames, and they had uniform.’

84. ‘But film appearances and glamour shots do not exhaust the possibilities of image crafting.’

85. he was full of glamour

Other users have misspelling glamour as:

1. glamer 2.92%

2. glanor 1.09%

3. Other 95.99%

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