Definition of 'letters'


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1. Plural form of letter.

2. scholarly attainment

3. the literary culture

4. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of letter.


1. At the top of every note she'd written in big bold letters URGENT.

2. Receiving one of Nick's letters was always more of a forensic exercise than a matter of reading.

3. The telexes and letters had been filed in chronological order.

4. Unfortunately, the VWPL doesn't have the letters in question. *trots off to find the relevant letters*

5. Give the name and the sound of each of the letters in the three following words: _letters, name, sound_.

6. _ We talked about letters yesterday: to-day I will explain figures or numbers to you, the following is a list of them: those letters which stand for numbers are called _numeral letters_.

7. Now, I grant that, generally, the major includes the minor; and a man's being able to read is _prima facie_ evidence that he knows his letters; yet it is possible that the modern many-times-great-grandson may indulge in as much laxity respecting _letters_, as his ancestor did with regard to _words_.

8. BUT this refined jargon, which has infested letters and tainted morals, is chiefly admired and adopted by _young ladies_ of a certain turn, who read _sentimental books_, write _sentimental letters_, and contract

9. All your letters, _my dear letters_, are so entertaining! and which paint so clearly what you are after, that they give me either the greatest pleasure or pain.

10. It was probably this use of _mart_ that led so many authors to use letters of mart, instead of marque, supposing it to mean _letters of war_.

11. he is a man of letters

Other users have misspelling letters as:

1. lettres 10.8%

2. leters 10.15%

3. ltrs 4.75%

4. lettera 2.38%

5. ltteres 1.73%

6. Other 70.19%

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