Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling letters as:

pie chart
  1. lettres 10.8%
  2. leters 10.15%
  3. ltrs 4.75%
  4. lettera 2.38%
  5. ltteres 1.73%
  6. Other 70.19%

Definitions of letters


  1. the literary culture
  2. scholarly attainment

Examples of letters

  1. Though Jane tells herself stories, listens to stories told by others, and reads, she never writes anything other than a few letters-misaddressed and undelivered letters, at that.
  2. Most of this I've written down to get my own thoughts in order before I start draughting letters to the media, but first I have a couple of weeks of university to catch up on… sheesh.
  3. Letters from my family are sort of depressing, though sometimes my cousins write a few words that makes me laugh.

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