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Other users have misspelling ditto as:

pie chart
  1. dito 41.55%
  2. didto 18.31%
  3. detto 8.8%
  4. dritto 4.58%
  5. ditta 4.23%
  6. ditu 2.11%
  7. Other 20.42%

Definitions of ditto


  1. a mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated


  1. repeat an action or statement

Examples of ditto

  1. MyDD's Todd Beeton offers praise for Listening to America: Democratic Platform for Change, the Obama teams suite of tools for collaboratively crafting a party platform -- and heartily mocks Rush Limbaugh's plan to have the writing parties "infiltrated" by Dittoheads.
  2. Both derive from the Latin word for house village, a collection of houses, is also linked in English, ditto the “-vile” suffix meaning city.
  3. I complained and was told I could have only 500 words; ditto, then 700 words.

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