Definition of 'nosey'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Alternative spelling of nosy.

2. Offensively or intrusively curious; prying; nosy.

3. Seenosy.


1. I'm not going to be driven away by a nosey landlord and a policeman who's too big for his boots.

2. `He's awfully nosey about poor Sir Cedric's wine cellar," Stan told Reggie.

3. `I do that myself," she added, not wanting to appear nosey.

4. he flipped through my letters in his nosey way

Other users have misspelling nosey as:

1. nosiey 17.39%

2. nosiy 8.7%

3. no se y 4.35%

4. nousey 4.35%

5. Other 65.21%

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