Definition of 'varies'


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1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of vary.


1. Body temperature hardly varies from one person to another.

2. The definition varies from species to species, so a silver birch may be ancient at 150 years old, while an oak of the same age is still a baby.

3. To add to the discussion about reasonable, I think it is also interesting at how the term varies in the amount of idealism that is attached.

4. The title varies, but they are worth reading, too.

5. The title varies from one country to another, but what is the difference between your title of Public Protector and that of Ombudsman, and in what way would your duties differ from those of Mr Justice van der

6. At least this is so in Prussia, and the term varies from a fortnight to three months.

7. The information that needs to be given on a label varies depending on the country and the product.

8. _ -- "Simancas -- Filipinas; descubrimientos, descripciones y poblaciones de las Yslas Filipinas; años 1582 á 1606; est. 1, caj. 1, leg. 3 | 25;" this title varies slightly, as will be seen, from that of No. 1. 5.

9. Though packaged like his other work in hand-lettered, Scotch-taped sleeves (its title varies from copy to copy), it's his first release ever to be sold in stores.

10. the supermarket's selection of vegetables varies according to the season

Other users have misspelling varies as:

1. varias 17.92%

2. vares 3.23%

3. varys 3.23%

4. Other 75.62%

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