Definition of 'dummy'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. The partner in bridge who exposes his or her hand to be played by the declarer.

2. An imitation of a real or original object, intended to be used as a practical substitute.

3. A person or an agency secretly in the service of another.

4. Football A heavy stuffed cylindrical bag used for blocking and tackling practice.

5. A mannequin used in displaying clothes.

6. The hand thus exposed.

7. A set of bound blank pages used as a model to show the size and general appearance of a book being published.

8. A figure of a person or an animal manipulated by a ventriloquist.

9. A stuffed or pasteboard figure used as a target.

10. One of a set of model pages with text and illustrations pasted into place to direct the printer.

11. Law A person or entity that is the named party to a transaction but that acts on behalf of another concealed person or entity.

12. A silent or taciturn person.

13. Computers A character or other piece of information entered into a computer only to meet prescribed conditions, such as word length, and having no effect on operations.

14. (Drama) One who plays a merely nominal part in any action; a sham character.

15. One who is dumb.

16. A sham package in a shop, or one which does not contain what its exterior indicates.

17. An imitation or copy of something, to be used as a substitute; a model; a lay figure; as, a figure on which clothing is exhibited in shop windows; a blank paper copy used to show the size of the future book, etc.

18. In the game of rounce, an extra hand of 6 cards in the center of the table.

19. A horse affected with dumminess, which follows an acute inflammation of the brain. See dumminess, 2.

20. The name given by firemen to one of the jets from the mains or chief water-pipes.

21. A dumb-waiter.

22. A locomotive with a condensing-engine, and hence avoiding the noise of escaping steam: used especially for moving railroad-cars in the streets of a city, or combined in one with a passenger-car for local or street traffic.

23. A game of whist in which three play, the fourth hand being placed face up. One player, with this and his own hand, plays against the other two.

24. One who is silent; specifically, in theatrical, a person on the stage who appears before the lights, but has nothing to say.

25. Proofs of pages of composed type pasted down upon a larger leaf in proper order, to show the general arrangement of an intended book or pamphlet.

26. In card-playing:

27. One who is dumb; a dumb person; a mute.

28. An exposed hand of cards, asin whist when three play.

29. The dealer's partner at bridge.

30. A hatters' pressing-iron.

31. A person who is put forward (by interested parties in the background) in some capacity in connection with a matter in which he has no real concern or as to which he is the mere tool of his movers: for example, as an incorporater or a director of a bank, a railway, or other company, in order to satisfy some statutory requirement as to number, place of residence, or the like, or as in Australia, when the public lands were thrown open, one who made application for an allotment in his own name, but really on behalf of another who had already made his own ‘selection.’

32. One who or that which lacks the reality, force, function, etc., which it appears to possess; something that imitates a reality in a mechanical way or for a mechanical purpose.

33. Computers Entered or provided only to meet prescribed conditions.

34. Simulating or replacing something but lacking its function.

35. Serving as a front or cover for another.

36. Games Played with a dummy.

37. Silent; mute; noiseless; as a dummy engine.

38. Fictitious or sham; feigned.

39. Sham; fictitious; feigned: as, a dummy watch.

40. Silent;mute.

41. Silent; mute.

42. To act as a dummy. See dummy, 6.

43. To make a model of (a publication or page).


1. Across is the ending as declarer led dummy's winning ten of hearts.

2. Looking at my hand and dummy, they can only be?

3. But you can count four higher cards in dummy (?

4. A convicted robber, he uses a dummy firm to bankroll the trolling factory.

5. He'd set up dummy's nine but had no way to get back there.

6. Parents are told to stop dummy use after a year.

7. Yet the only dummy entry is the ace of clubs.

8. Other volunteers who were given a dummy pill had no significant change.

9. Perhaps you can guess what declarer led from dummy at trick three.

10. Declarer will surely now play another heart but dummy is squeezed.

11. The dealer can swap her hand or the dummy if she wishes.

12. The bidding is over and partner tables their dummy.

13. He had this dummy he could use to go left or right.

14. Seems the real dummies are the ones running the jails.

15. Now ruff a club high and cross back to dummy with the nine of hearts to cash the clubs.

16. Who are you calling a dummy?

17. You now cash the ace of hearts and cross to dummy's ten.

18. East won the king and returned the eight of hearts which passed to dummy's ten.

19. The investigator would then make a dummy call, asking the landlord for his name and address and details of rents.

20. HIGH STREET shops have become real dummies when it comes to the size of their mannequins.

21. Sen. Levin decried what he called "dummy assets" in the CDO, which help boost the rating and then were replaced at the last minute with lower quality assets, and called emails exchanged among S&P analysts, discussing Delphinus, "just devastating as to the kind of culture that was going on here."

22. To be shed of such a dummy is a GOOD thing for Alaskans.

23. I have not been convinced by what the Air Force claimed and, of course, what I call the dummy drop theory of Roswell doesn't satisfy anyone, even the skeptics tended to laugh at that.

24. I set up what they call a dummy corporation, John McKenzie helped me to do it.

25. April 9th, 2010 at 12: 41 am tombaker says: got your thongs all wadded up the whole point of the thong, dummy, is that there is nothing to get wadded up.

26. Please start hiding malware of viruses in dummy links on google to teach a lesson or something like that.

27. South threw a heart and won in dummy, but East got the king of hearts at the end.

28. This dummy is going around in circles within his own mind.

29. ‘It contains a massive array of war relics, collected from all round the world down the years, including authentic uniforms modelled by specially-made dummies in authentic uniforms.’

30. ‘One model included a dummy for history of lung cancer.’

31. ‘The estimation of the probit and logit models including industry dummies was conducted in three steps.’

32. ‘The screen beauty says she is sick of her fellow actors looking artificial because they've been under the knife and claims many of her colleagues now have the expressionless faces of waxwork dummies.’

33. ‘The screen beauty claims many of her colleagues now have the expressionless faces of waxwork dummies.’

34. ‘Walking up to the Opera, you see a waxwork of Berg in its windows clutching an open copy of the score, surrounded by dummies provocatively posed as Reeperbahn hookers.’

35. ‘Among the dummies he builds are authorized, exact replicas of his two friends.’

36. ‘My copy of you was very near perfect but lets face a dummy is a dummy.’

37. ‘To give the feeling that someone is watching and guarding over your spooky home make a dummy or scarecrow.’

38. ‘She photographed both live scenes and artificial tableaux involving mannequins and wax dummies.’

39. ‘This is an impressive collection though I should caution you the dummy gets a little creepy after multiple viewings…’

40. ‘An art project fell foul of the false arm of the law last week as Gardai ‘arrested’ a dummy which has been posed as a beggar around Sligo town centre.’

41. ‘The Kiltimagh native joined legends of the entertainment industry with a life-size waxwork dummy of the music manager.’

42. ‘I kind of liked the idea of using the artist dummies to represent the people instead of actual peoples.’

43. ‘Join the club - how many middle-aged people are there out there, I wonder, who still find it a bit scary looking at the tailor's dummies in a clothes shop window?’

44. ‘The collision wrecked the window display - including a dummy dressed as Elvis - and caused thousands of pounds of damage.’

45. ‘Along with the period costumes, and superhero outfits that he stocks there, the dresses are on display on dummies.’

46. ‘Would he lend The Three Graces out as tailor's dummies?’

47. ‘It is the shop window of the Scottish parliament and it will not do for it to be filled with people who make tailors dummies seem animated.’

48. ‘The train driver said he had just left New Pudsey station in the dawn light when he saw what he thought was a tailor's dummy between the railway line and the embankment ahead of him.’

49. ‘On the roof of one of them a realistic ‘corpse’ - a tailor's dummy - was hidden.’

50. ‘More macabre was the tailor's dummy strung up from a noose dangling off scaffolding on a building being demolished on Micklegate.’

51. ‘On four large glass sheets, she has painted in black the silhouettes of a tailor's dummy, a piano, a desk and a garden.’

52. ‘In the corner to the right of the window, through which the moon pales, is a tailor's dummy in hessian.’

53. ‘For many years, in all weathers, a Swanndri-wearing tailor's dummy stood proudly outside his shop to show durability.’

54. ‘As she is undressed and her wedding veil placed on the tailor's dummy, the camera pans up from her naked back to her body in the photograph.’

55. ‘In the movie, he's a dark-haired American modelled on, of all things, a shop dummy.’

56. ‘And when you say towing mannequins, is that mannequin in the sense of, say a store dummy, basically a pretend human being?’

57. ‘On the other side, was a set of three mannequin dummies, all dressed up in spooky attire.’

58. ‘Also present were dressmaker dummies draped in costumes worn during the performances.’

59. ‘The dressmaker's dummy and a blue wing chair that is used repeatedly are symbolic of the upper-middle-class venues of Mammy's travail.’

60. ‘Since I was too shy to take pictures of the salesgirls, I took pictures of the dummies instead.’

61. ‘She, meanwhile, had her stand with her arms out like a dressmaker's dummy, cutting her shirt down the middle of her back.’

62. ‘It's red lacy sleeves flowed eloquently down the dress maker's dummy's sides.’

63. ‘Then he blinks, once, a bit slowly, like a ventriloquist dummy.’

64. ‘At the very least, if they end up dropping this, keep at least Job and Franklin, the ventriloquist dummy because if they just spun off on their own, I would be so happy.’

65. ‘I realized that if this were a bad horror movie, it'd be a ventriloquist dummy in its little suitcase, urging me to go out and set fires.’

66. ‘You know the old ventriloquist routine where the dummy doesn't want to go into the suitcase?’

67. ‘Avant-garde theatre all too often not only trashes classical scripts, but also reduces the actors to ventriloquist's dummies for some directorial message.’

68. ‘I just checked out your author poster, and it scares me (the way clowns & ventriloquist dummies do).’

69. ‘A dialogue: we are not ventriloquists' dummies who cannot speak for ourselves.’

70. ‘I repeat, those who want to be ventriloquist's dummies for such a ‘hidden agenda’ are being far too modest.’

71. ‘Ventriloquists' dummies are always slightly sinister, giving one the sense that they might really have a life of their own.’

72. ‘Punk-rockers, ventriloquists' dummies, clowns, and show-business celebrities have taken the place of the preacher - and they are degrading the gospel.’

73. ‘I mean, the only thing worse then having a wax dummy, is having a wax dummy of a ventriloquist dummy that looks like a clown!’

74. ‘The most sinister of these is a ventriloquist dummy Joey found in an old abandoned house.’

75. ‘Like two ventriloquists' dummies or two sides of the same coin, both master and slave are locked in association.’

76. ‘A talking monkey is alright for children as a ventriloquist's dummy, but how about a doll which speaks only about AIDS and HIV.’

77. ‘Just to say that if any of you feel like doing your party piece towards the end of tomorrow's dinner do feel free, and bring guitar, ventriloquist's dummy or whatever…’

78. ‘His need to lecture his readers sometimes forces his protagonist into the role of the ventriloquist's dummy - and too often we can see the master's lips moving.’

79. ‘In reality, ‘Johny’ was a ventriloquist's dummy, but few seemed to mind about that.’

80. ‘Of course I should have probably looked through the spy hole because staring me in the face was a ventriloquist's dummy.’

81. ‘I had a ventriloquist's dummy and used to do magic shows for the family.’

82. ‘For the next few minutes it took the place of a wooden dummy, receiving more than it's share of abuse.’

83. ‘Of course, NATO knows that we have these dummies, but cannot tell a dummy from a real rocket.’

84. ‘‘We use their counter-top display that has one of their lights on a dummy gun,’ he said.’

85. ‘The Army team identified the device as a dummy bomb, used for target practice when the site was an airfield during the Second World War.’

86. ‘Far too often the cats are clearly not real cats, but cat dummies and computer-generated cats.’

87. ‘The American servicemen who dropped a dummy bomb on East Yorkshire have returned to flying after an investigation into the blunder, it was revealed yesterday.’

88. ‘The pedal car, which has recently been exhibited at classic car shows, is in fully restored condition, complete with its dummy engine and working headlights.’

89. ‘Use dummy plugs to cover unused outlets - if these are not readily available, simply buy a new plug and insert into the outlet.’

90. ‘One plausible scenario, he said, was that he had indeed threatened the cops with a dummy gun.’

91. ‘You may think you know the location of the lockbox, and maybe you do or maybe that's a decoy or a dummy lock box.’

92. ‘An American fighter dropped a dummy bomb on East Yorkshire by mistake, the US Air Force has confirmed.’

93. ‘A dummy camera was set up earlier this year to prevent cars using the bus gate.’

94. ‘The Lake Erie's radar system tracked the dummy warhead and guided the interceptor to collide with it more than 100 miles above the ocean.’

95. ‘Lectures on tactics and arms were held, and there was even drilling with dummy wooden guns.’

96. ‘This weekend a test will take place in which a dummy missile will be fired from a Californian base and be intercepted by a defence missile launched from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific.’

97. ‘Parkinson's Disease sufferers experience the same benefit from an inactive dummy drug as they do from a real medicine, new research has shown.’

98. ‘By fitting the dummy front to the machine the details of cards used could be recorded, while the camera captured the PIN number.’

99. ‘A dummy bolt is in place in the receiver so headspace is set at the same time.’

100. ‘Even when you ask them where a certain book is located, the computer they're using is just a dummy computer.’

101. ‘If the jet had been flying over a more populated area, then even a dummy bomb could have caused a significant level of destruction and even death.’

102. ‘Family members visited and brought toys but she was confined to an isolation unit with her dummy to suck for comfort.’

103. ‘However, it appeared that posterior cross bite was significantly more common in children who were bottle-fed, as well as those who sucked dummies or their thumbs.’

104. ‘His artistic creation involves three plastic child dummies hanging from nooses in an old oak tree in Milan's busy May 24 square.’

105. ‘By kissing their babies or licking their babies' dummies, parents could inadvertently be increasing their risk of cot death.’

106. ‘Officers also found that he had a stock of nappies, baby bottles, dummies and parenting magazines stored at his home.’

107. ‘Trading standards officers have seized a shipment of 4,000 baby dummies at Stansted Airport which were intended for the hard-core clubbing market but could prove dangerous to children and adults.’

108. ‘Puppies and kittens are particularly likely to swallow unusual objects, including babies' dummies, balls and even razor blades.’

109. ‘If you can, avoid using a dummy and discourage thumb sucking.’

110. ‘Children shouted, babies spat their dummies and cried, and builders leaned out of white vans to express their admiration and to wish me well for the long journey ahead.’

111. ‘Now try to imagine him waving a dayglo wand and sucking a dummy.’

112. ‘The hideous little wretch in the pram - probably gurgling and sucking a particularly unpleasant dummy - was me.’

113. ‘The family is still accepting donations of baby products such as talcum powder, soap, and dummies.’

114. ‘He may also choose to suck his thumb, or perhaps a dummy.’

115. ‘Philip's mother, Carol, said that instead of a dummy he was given a sheepdog whistle as a baby, and he's never looked back.’

116. ‘He was just over a minute behind the stage winner, who slipped a baby's dummy into his mouth as a tribute to his wife and daughter, but that mattered little.’

117. ‘Infants randomised to the dummy groups received a dummy on entry into the trial.’

118. ‘A child who is able to argue with such infallible logic is perhaps a tad old to be toting a dummy in public.’

119. ‘It outlines the fact that dummies can create problems for children's teeth as well as causing speech problems.’

120. ‘Suffice to say that, when I pull out the sofa to sweep under it, I find a dummy (my children haven't used dummies for three years) and an old Singing Kettle ticket.’

121. ‘The book dummies, storyboards, jacket covers, and double page spreads were proudly displayed, still smelling strongly of glue and fixatives.’

122. ‘Included here are selections from his finished prints, work prints, contact sheets, notes, notebooks, handmade photographic books, book dummies, and correspondence.’

123. ‘He knew how to turn my dummy into a book.’

124. ‘Although the dummy pages circulated before the launch looked bold and colourful, the first real front page had the distinct whiff of suburban newspaper.’

125. ‘You read through the reference and tutorial material to work out how things may best be done, set up a dummy page to try them out, and then you find the snag.’

126. ‘The publication, which is also known to have been preparing tabloid dummies, is evidently not going to reveal its hand.’

127. ‘So over the next year, she pored over magazines, drafted an editorial plan and put together a dummy issue from published magazine pages and pictures that she liked.’

128. ‘We stood our ground, revised the dummy a couple of times and appointed a printer.’

129. ‘I've been excited enough to spend several hours working up some page templates and a dummy contents page.’

130. ‘The dummy had turned out to be just that, a dummy, with the group consensus being that the magazine had been lobotomised.’

131. ‘He introduced her to the group publisher, who fronted her enough money to produce a dummy for a new magazine.’

132. ‘Before you make up a batch of reloads, make a dummy round first to ensure your die settings are correct and the round feeds and the bolt closes normally.’

133. ‘I really don't like this method since I have a horror of one of the dummy rounds getting mixed up with my hunting ammunition.’

134. ‘They consisted of launching full-scale missile dummies with a first stage propulsion system and a simplified command system.’

135. ‘The work with officers started with maps and dummies and then proceeded to tactical field exercises.’

136. ‘Following the correct steps to adjust the three dies, we should have succeeded in making a dummy round.’

137. ‘Alternatively, you can make a dummy round with no primer or powder and leave the bullet seated way out.’

138. ‘With a revolver, simply give the cylinder a spin so that you do not know whether to expect a live or a dummy round.’

139. ‘Make a dummy round first to check chambering before you start loading a bunch of ammo.’

140. ‘Typically folks would prepare a dummy cartridge leaving the bullet seated to a shallow depth, smoke it with a candle, and then seat the dummy round in the chamber.’

141. ‘I've seen cases where live rounds got in with the dummies, and vice versa.’

142. ‘This was done by making some dummy rounds with the bullet seated way out and then gradually increasing the depth until the gun would just barely close.’

143. ‘I know what they'll look like, facial shields, dummy bullets, and sedatives.’

144. ‘I think people don't use ‘it’ for exactly that reason Todd - it's so often an expletive or a dummy pronoun that it would get confusing.’

145. ‘This so-called ‘prop it’ is a dummy subject, serving merely to fill a structural need in English for a subject in a sentence.’

146. ‘Connoisseurs of back flip passes, outrageous dummies and champagne rugby in general would have loved this hugely entertaining romp.’

147. ‘He'd mesmerised the home defence with a beautiful dummy before picking up a short pass and slotting the ball past the helpless Roy Carroll.’

148. ‘In Rugby, you can pull a dummy, kick the ball up and under, or a grubber kick, or a long sideline punt.’

149. ‘The ball was passed wide and a dummy by Chapman created the gap for him to scoot over for his opening try of the season.’

150. ‘The stand-off broke the line, threw a couple of outrageous dummies, including what looked like a fake pass to the touch judge (the only man outside him), before bundling over in the corner.’

151. ‘But the devil with the horns was looked upon as a kind of fool's gold, taught to dummies too stupid to grasp the honest ideology of actual wrongdoing.’

152. ‘I don't know the guy, but he's not a dummy, believe me.’

153. ‘I don't care what anyone says, you cannot be a dummy if you have won the European Championship, even although he did it with top German players, but in Scotland there are no grey areas.’

154. ‘Nobody likes a know-it-all, but nobody likes a dummy either.’

155. ‘So like a dummy, I go through there and pull out this date book.’

156. ‘Once it became easy to download, so that any dummy could do it and you're only paying a buck a song, it sort of took it away from the old peer to peer basis thing.’

157. ‘The other is that Americans understand the notion of financial smarts, but that doesn't seem to stop most of us from acting like financial dummies.’

158. ‘Rick's no dummy, so of course he goes along with it.’

159. ‘He's no dummy, taking a calculated gamble on his career.’

160. ‘When it comes to movie marketing, he is no dummy.’

161. ‘I was no dummy, but somehow these brilliant, male minds, forced my IQ to drop 50 points.’

162. ‘Now, mama didn't raise no dummy, so when Steve asked what prize I wanted, I of course choose the five piece.’

163. ‘It's fairly obvious of her interest in him and he's no dummy, so maybe he's ignoring her to protect himself?’

164. ‘The unfortunate fact is that any dummy can assemble a list of keywords and upload their smartpages in just a few minutes.’

165. ‘A capable ruler, he is no dummy, though he sometimes waits too long before taking action.’

166. ‘He is no dummy and he pulled out well before the paint was dry on the new Olympic Stadium.’

167. ‘He was no dummy and you had to be slick when playing this kind of game around him.’

168. ‘There are, according to a reader with too much time on his hands, hundreds of books for dummies.’

169. ‘To help dummies with printing, colour LCDs on the front of the new printers have animations that guide them around any problems that crop up.’

170. ‘I don't let him pretend (as some cartoonists do) that he's just a dummy.’

171. ‘Immediately after this opening lead, the dummy's cards are exposed.’

172. ‘The player on the left of the dummy hand plays the dummy's cards.’

173. ‘In Cowboy and Cowgirl the dummy can discard and draw in the same way as the players.’

174. ‘Either way, the second dummy is then exposed and the play continues as in Double dummy Bridge.’

175. ‘The Defender on the Declarer's left leads the card to the first trick, after which the cards in the dummy are exposed and sorted by suit.’

176. ‘Both dummies are then exposed on the table, opposite their owners, and play continues as in Bridge, each of the players playing cards from their own dummy at its turn.’

177. ‘The hand opposite each player is their dummy, but they cannot look at it until after the bidding.’

178. ‘Playing with three players, the game uses a dummy hand for the fourth player.’

179. ‘This allows the dummy player to leave the table during the play of the hand.’

180. ‘If the dummy hand wins a portion of the pot, the player that it beats must match the pot just as if they were beaten by a player at the table.’

181. ‘Use this scoring method for you and the dummy players west, north, and east players.’

182. ‘He plays from the dummy just as if it were a fourth player sitting opposite the Declarer.’

183. ‘As he ran with the ball, the Olympiakos defence backed off and backed off until he dummied, tried a shot himself and blasted it over the bar.’

184. ‘But he dummied past the first defender, danced round another and cut straight through the middle to the line where he was brought down just short only for his momentum to carry him over.’

185. ‘Time and again he won possession inside the mid-field area, shimmied, dummied and generally toyed with his opponents before threading delightful passes to his team mates.’

186. ‘When Taylor returned though his first action was to dummy, hand off and cut inside to the posts from 30 yards before adding the conversion and then a penalty.’

187. ‘From a position close to the York line he took play right and then went left to dummy his way over for an unconverted try.’

188. dummy up the books that are to be published

Other users have misspelling dummy as:

1. dammy 28.74%

2. ddmmyy 4.6%

3. domy 4.6%

4. dumiy 3.45%

5. Other 58.61%

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