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1. obsolete Plural form of cloth.

2. Items of clothing; apparel.

3. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of clothe.

4. Cloths: the older plural of cloth, now used only in composition, and including usually senses 2 and 3, as in clothes-basket, clothes-horse, clothes-line, etc.

5. Materials for covering a bed; bedclothes.

6. Garments for the human body; dress; vestments; raiment; vesture.

7. Bedclothes.

8. Articles of dress; wearing apparel; garments.

9. Covering for the human body; dress; vestments; vesture; -- a general term for whatever covering is worn, or is made to be worn, for decency or comfort.

10. The covering of a bed; bedclothes.

11. (Zoöl.) a small moth of the genus Tinea. The most common species (Tinea flavifrontella) is yellowish white. The larvæ eat woolen goods, furs, feathers, etc. They live in tubular cases made of the material upon which they feed, fastened together with silk.

12. See under Body.


1. They wore clothes that blended plain and utilitarian cuts with sportswear details and urban styling.

2. We pictured him walking around the grounds in casual clothes without handcuffs.

3. Some had packed a change of clothes.

4. People wear our clothes because they want to be looked at.

5. The man looked just like my boyfriend and was wearing the same clothes.

6. Most high street shops do not sell fur but some is appearing on clothes sold by independent retailers and online.

7. The bigger goal is to supply retailers and suppliers with data on the actual sizes of consumers and on the combinations of clothes that people buy.

8. She claimed that High Street stores are helping to promote an unhealthy image if they sell trendy clothes in bigger sizes.

9. We sell luxury clothes at affordable prices.

10. They are normal people in normal clothes doing something very normal.

11. It was dark but he could feel the clothes brush against his cheek.

12. Wearing the right shoes and clothes as well as being fit can make all the difference.

13. The only thing she envied the men was their casual clothes.

14. You can fit it into your day without getting changed into special clothes.

15. We need to make very sure that we are wearing clothes.

16. His plan was to design clothes to sell to the shops he had worked in.

17. Perhaps the team were relying on most people viewing the clothes on a phone screen.

18. The whole pile of clothes and shoes in the wardrobe.

19. The call was to wear smart but casual clothes.

20. Take a change of clothes so you can hit the office and still be fresh.

21. People buy clothes that bear some relation to the temperature outside.

22. My weakness has always been beautiful clothes and shoes.

23. She looked me up and down in my casual weekend clothes.

24. Some people modestly changed into dry clothes before making for home on foot or by car.

25. It has been brought to my attention that some people wear clothes in bed.

26. To see her image lifted wholesale to sell clothes was a wrench were not expecting or consulted on.

27. If it lands on your clothes, gently brush it off.

28. But people are now wanting to know how soon they will be able to put a jaunty clothes brush over their funeral suit.

29. People earn more money from selling women's clothes.

30. We shop online together for their shoes and clothes, but only when there are discounts.

31. Our Father does not know us because of the clothes that we wear or the haircut that we keep.

32. He rubbed his eyes and scrambled to his feet, brushing down his clothes to cover up his embarrassment.

33. Dressed as I was in the mollah bashi’s clothes, my first care was to make such alterations in them that they should not hold me up to suspicion, and this I did for a trifling expense at an old clothes’ shop, although, at the same time, I took care not to part with any of the valuable articles which had fallen into my possession.

34. There was a lawn tennis court and eleven indoor staff, there was fishing and shooting, and adventures for the children, with tree houses and charades; a family orchestra and dressing up in clothes from the huge dressing-up cupboard on wet days.

35. As I said, all the knowledge I had about what message to give with the clothes is here invalid.

36. Another interesting thing I see in the paintings besides the clothes is the women's figures.

37. While others label clothes for heavier women "plus sizes," she dubs them "real sizes."

38. When I am drying my clothes is my most comfortable moment!

39. The chief god with white hair and wonderful clothes -- It is what they call clothes; under it they are as you and me, only the color is different -- the chief god will give many bells to any folk who can show him the way to Quinsai.

40. Upon those views, I began to consider about putting the few rags I had, which I called clothes, into some order.

41. ‘Meanwhile, the sister is trying to maintain standards and dignity, washing her clothes and covering her body.’

42. ‘‘I now feel more comfortable and relaxed at work wearing casual clothes,’ she said.’

43. ‘His face was so pale, and the oil almost covered his body and clothes completely.’

44. ‘We don't want to see the children wearing worn clothes and shoes.’

45. ‘Just as we do not shop for clothes just to cover our nakedness, nor eat just to fill the gap, so we don't buy sunglasses merely for the purposes of protecting our eyes.’

46. ‘Try on jackets and outer garments over the clothes they'll be worn with.’

47. ‘This could also be a great place to store warm clothes like hats, gloves, scarves and boots.’

48. ‘The only good thing about it, was that we could wear casual clothes, instead of suits and ties.’

49. ‘I offered to take her baby clothes shopping, but she didn't feel like it.’

50. ‘Together they shop for baby clothes, and together they sit at the doctor's office.’

51. ‘She pulled out the first thing on top of the pile of clothes, a sleeveless baby pink velvety sweater with sequin trim.’

52. ‘She was sorting through Ian's worn practice clothes and mending or patching.’

53. ‘Though I'm feeling much better now, I'm still not up to shopping for clothes just yet.’

54. ‘He asked me why I was wearing boy's clothes and a baseball cap, and not a dress.’

55. ‘I thought of my cracked shoes, my worn clothes, my family's urgent needs, my burden of pain.’

56. ‘The Croydon Symphony Orchestra was at work in informal dress; in shirt-sleeves, jeans and other casual clothes.’

57. ‘So I cut off my hair and started wearing loose-fitting clothes and a baseball cap.’

58. ‘My partner and I run an independent clothes shop in Bournemouth, and we trade on the internet.’

59. ‘I was still wearing my school clothes - navy blue skirt, black stockings, white shirt and tie.’

60. ‘Aware of the cold air I quickly dry off and put on my work clothes, a collared shirt and tan slacks.’

61. ‘They would be awakened by a weight pressing on them, or the clothes would be pulled from the bed, or they would hear the sound of a dress sweeping the floor.’

62. he always bought his clothes at the same store

Other users have misspelling clothes as:

1. clouths 7.65%

2. clolthes 2.75%

3. colthes 2.75%

4. clotes 2.14%

5. Other 84.71%

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