Definition of 'fascinating'


Word Frequency
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1. Having interesting qualities; captivating; attractive.

2. Possessing the power to charm or allure; captivating.

3. capable of holding the attention.

4. capturing interest as if by a spell.

5. capturing interest as if by a spell

6. Present participle of fascinate.

7. Bewitching; enchanting; charming; captivating: as, a most fascinating poem.


1. fascinating to hear how your education was wrecked by the military junta.

2. fascinating stuff at all three tables - in such different ways.

3. fascinating look at religious freedom from Heidi.

4. fascinating facts you learn about your family past help you identify your own skills - and how you can use them.

5. fascinating stuff for nature lovers.

6. fascinating fact about falconry: you send a hawk away on your forehand and you bring him back to your wrist with your backhand.

7. fascinating documentary about an eight-year-old who suddenly decided she didn't want to eat.

8. Everything about the legendary Apple co-founder resonates with the word "fascinating."

9. In a terrific piece in today's "Washington Post" called "Team Clinton: Down and Out of Touch," Dana Milbank writes about a breakfast that was held Monday with two Clinton advisers and members of the media which she describes as a fascinating tour of an alternate universe.

10. Spock's tolerance for teasing was high, but Kirk suspected he had approached his limit in one area—lately Spock tended to avoid the word "fascinating."

11. Scheib is willing to share his experiences because he had what he calls a fascinating, fun and fulfilling career in the White House.

12. If you do this then the next morning you can have breakfast in fascinating Monterrey rather than plough on to butt-ugly Laredo. bournemouth

13. ‘It's a fascinating book following the fortunes of the horse and its owners.’

14. ‘So today it's time for some fascinating facts about prime numbers.’

15. ‘Another pastime that has kept me away from the keyboard is a fascinating book I've been reading.’

16. ‘Those who persevere or browse further than the main listings, will find some of the most fascinating chunks of the book.’

17. ‘This is a fascinating and thought-provoking book, laced with genuine wit and elegantly written.’

18. ‘However, the book offers a fascinating, and at times shocking, treatment of the man's life and times.’

19. ‘The book contains a fascinating history on Sheffield House and the Cassan family.’

20. ‘This fascinating book is about community, urban regeneration and green issues, and the cycle of life.’

21. ‘It is a fascinating book, every chapter filled with incident and surprise.’

22. ‘Every day a fascinating fact, which has a healthy message, will be highlighted.’

23. ‘This book is a fascinating look into the process of municipal affairs and how it can go wrong.’

24. ‘These small blips, however, do not prevent this book from being a fascinating read.’

25. ‘How this turnaround came about is one of the subjects of this fascinating book.’

26. ‘The book is a fascinating account of how great physical difficulties were overcome.’

27. ‘This book tells a fascinating and disturbing story that frightened me nearly to death.’

28. ‘This is a fascinating book and well worth a read, especially to anyone living in Japan.’

29. ‘This fascinating book is a summary of the work done so far with the available material.’

30. ‘Many horse racing fans will find this book a fascinating look behind the scenes.’

31. ‘One of the reasons we found this story so fascinating and horrifying is that it's such a rare occurrence.’

32. ‘What makes your stories even more fascinating, however, is that they function at yet another level.’

33. a fascinating story

Other users have misspelling fascinating as:

1. facinating 15.94%

2. fasinating 14.49%

3. fasnating 5.07%

4. fasenating 4.35%

5. fascinanting 4.35%

6. fasanating 3.62%

7. fascinationg 2.9%

8. fasciiting 2.17%

9. fasanting 2.17%

10. Other 44.94%

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