Definition of 'epitome'


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1. of a class of items A representative example.

2. of a class of items The embodiment or encapsulation of.

3. of a written document A brief summary.

4. of a class of items The height; the best.

5. A brief summary, as of a book or article; an abstract.

6. A representative or perfect example of a class or type.

7. A compact or condensed representation of anything; something possessing conspicuously or to a high degree the qualities of a class.

8. A work in which the contents of a former work are reduced within a smaller space by curtailment and condensation; a brief summary; an abridgement.

9. a brief abstract (as of an article or book)

10. Synonyms Compendium, Compend, etc. See abridgment.

11. Hence Anything which represents another or others in a condensed or comprehensive form.

12. An abridgment; a brief summary or abstract of a subject, or of a more extended exposition of it; a compendium containing the substance or principal matters of a book or other writing.


1. Who is the epitome of modern elegance?

2. My room was the epitome of elegance.

3. They have become the epitome of the little man made good.

4. The wacky has become the epitome of respectability and sanity.

5. Taurus is the epitome of classic cool.

6. They are the epitome of style.

7. I thought this was the epitome of cool.

8. Surely the epitome of cool.

9. It's the epitome of English style.

10. Confident, tanned and talkative, he looked the epitome of the champion he longs to be again.

11. I'd always thought the epitome of luxury shopping was when your purchase got a ribbon and your receipt got put in one of those little envelopes.

12. THE Bible contains the history of the human race in epitome; is the mirror in which every age and every generation may see reflected its own features and complexion.

13. But when preparing my Mss. for print I found the text incomplete, many of the stories being given in epitome and not a few ruthlessly mutilated with head or feet wanting.

14. Vocabulary What is the epitome of the word epitome?

15. Not even Loren Pierce's railing commentary on the pastor's introduction of an outlandish word like "epitome" -- clearly forbidden by the Discipline's injunction to plain language understood of the people -- availed to sap the satisfaction of the majority.

16. And that night and the next and the next, I wrote "Gentleman Adventurers," which the critics called the epitome of all that is balladesque.

17. If boutique isn't your preference, you may like the second hotel, Le Royal Monceau. 149 rooms and designed by Phillippe Stark, this hotel is what I'd call the epitome of Parisian luxury.

18. This method is popular in diners across the nation, but the epitome is the Shake Shack with three locations in NYC and a cult following that forms long lines.

19. The epitome was the Insull group, headquartered in Chicago but with tentacles extending into thirty states—an unsettling octopus of capital and influence.

20. Epicycles worked on paper, sort of, but they did a much better job at keeping astronomers respectable and their models intact than at describing the actual movements of heavenly bodies; they have come to be known as the epitome of bad science.

21. ‘Helen's older sister Jenny is the epitome of the perfect Mum.’

22. ‘He was described by the man who nominated him for the award as ‘the epitome of quality leadership in the modern educational era’.’

23. ‘Truly, Jun was the epitome of a perfect leader for anyone and everyone to follow and Chase readily admitted to that - a thing that he seldom did.’

24. ‘Mary, for example, is the epitome of virtue in the original comedy show.’

25. ‘In public our relationship was the epitome of a perfect, loving relationship.’

26. ‘Although flexible and graceful were not the words I'd use to describe our tai chi motions, our instructors William and Pandora were the epitome of suppleness and elegance.’

27. ‘From the seven bedrooms on the first floor, to the nine reception rooms on the ground floor, to the staff quarters below stairs, the apartment is the epitome of elegance.’

28. ‘Kate is the epitome of ladylike elegance with poker straight posture, a svelte figure and a confident yet warm personality.’

29. ‘The Queen herself was the epitome of elegance, wearing - most appropriately for the occasion - a beautiful Mudmee blouse of a sandy brown and a long dress of silver-grey.’

30. ‘The whole place is practically the epitome of ‘timeless elegance’.’

31. ‘In many ways Detroit is the epitome of the materialist paradigm, a place where the mechanical worldview was perfected.’

32. ‘She was the epitome of all Rubensian models and appears in many of his late works, not only in portraits but in the guise of various saints and deities.’

33. ‘This is all highly wonderful and simply the epitome of science fiction writing, but I'm truly excited to inform you that the best is still to come.’

34. ‘Smoking is an evil, deadly addiction, and for smokers to insist on blowing their foul pollution onto other people is the very epitome of senseless selfishness.’

35. ‘These people have become the epitome and complete personification of Greed and Corruption.’

36. ‘I hated superficiality, and the popular people were the very epitome of it.’

37. ‘Bob and Marcie (not their real names; in fact, they are not real people) are the very epitome of the Silicon Valley lifestyle.’

38. ‘In the Netherlands there was initially a craving for all things French, for France represented the epitome of modernity and luxury.’

39. ‘This is the man who represents the epitome of style in his immaculately pressed shirts, tirelessly shined shoes and tailored business attire.’

40. ‘I pictured her to be the epitome of Southern beauty.’

41. ‘Or, as another scholar has said, the creed is an epitome and summary that guides and directs a proper reading of Scripture.’

42. ‘For the rest we depend on excerpts and the epitomes of Zonaras (down to 146 and 44 BC to AD 96) and Xiphilinus.’

43. ‘The two sacred epitomes - ‘Aadi Granth or Guru Granth Sahib’ (now onwards GGS) and ‘Dasam Granth’ have also been given the stature of ‘Guru’ by the tenth Guru - Guru Gobinda Singh.’

44. he is the epitome of good breeding

Other users have misspelling epitome as:

1. epitomy 4.55%

2. epithumia 4.55%

3. Other 90.9%

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