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1. A sphere of influence or interest; domain.

2. A territorial or administrative division, especially of a province, in some European countries.

3. A series or process that finishes at its starting point or continuously repeats itself; a cycle.

4. A circular or nearly circular course, circuit, or orbit.

5. Something, such as a ring, shaped like such a plane curve.

6. A group of people sharing an interest, activity, or achievement.

7. A plane curve everywhere equidistant from a given fixed point, the center.

8. Logic A vicious circle.

9. A planar region bounded by a circle.

10. The line that bounds such a figure; a circumference; a ring.

11. A plane figure, bounded by a single curve line called its circumference, every part of which is equally distant from a point within it, called the center.

12. The circumcircle of the triangle of similitude of three figures directly similar.

13. A ring of fibrocartilage which gives support to the auriculoventricular valve on each side of the heart. Also called circulus callosus Halleri.

14. In surgery, the passage of chyme, after gastro-enterostomy, through the artificial opening into the intestine, and then its regurgitation, in consequence of antiperistaltic action, through the pylorus back into the stomach.

15. A complete system, involving several subordinate divisions: as, the circle of the sciences.

16. A bookbinders' wheel-shaped tool, having a design engraved on the rim or edge.

17. In logic, an inconclusive form of argument, in which two or more unproved statements, or their equivalents, are used to prove each other: often called a vicious circle, or argument in a circle.

18. A circle of declination: referred to as the two-hour circle, etc., especially as the six-hour circle.

19. Something conceived as analogous to a circle; specifically, a number of persons intimately related to a central interest, person, or event; hence, a number of persons associated by any tie; a coterie; a set: as, a circle of ideas; to move in the higher circles of society; the circles of fashion; the family circle.

20. In gearing, the pitch-circle.

21. The English equivalent of the name given in some countries, as in Germany, to certain administrative divisions.

22. Compass; inclosure.

23. A series ending where it begins, and perpetually repeated.

24. The mutually accelerating action of two independent but coexisting diseases.

25. In astronomy and geodesy, a piece of metal or glass with lines engraved upon it so as to form graduations dividing the circumference of a circle into equal parts; hence, any instrument of which such a graduated circle forms the part that is most important or most difficult to make.

26. A round body; a sphere; an orb.

27. Second Lemoine circle. Same as cosine circle.

28. A small shuttle made in the form of a horseshoe, and moving in a circular path.

29. A line showing the hour on a sun-dial.

30. In geography, a small circle the plane of which is perpendicular to the axis of the earth; a circle of the globe parallel to the equator: more usually called a parallel of latitude.

31. Circuit; course.

32. In elementary geom., a plane figure whose periphery is everywhere equally distant from a point within it, the center; in modern geom., the periphery of such a figure; a circumference.

33. A circle of communicating arterioles on the sclerotic surrounding the optic nerve.

34. A circular formation or arrangement; a circlet; a ring: as, a circle of stones or of lights.

35. Circumlocution; indirect form of speech.

36. To move in a round or circle; circulate; revolve or turn circularly.

37. To encircle; encompass; surround; inclose.

38. To form a circle; assume or have the form of a circle.

39. To move around; revolve around.

40. To make to move in a circle or to revolve.

41. To make or form a circle around.

42. To move in a circle around.

43. To move in a circle. synonym: turn.

44. To move circularly; to form a circle; to circulate.

45. to confine; to hem in; to keep together; as, to circle bodies in.

46. To encompass, as by a circle; to surround; to inclose; to encircle.

47. To move around; to revolve around.

48. (circle the wagons) To take a defensive position; become defensive.


1. As fear ripples around their circle no one knows who they can truly trust.

2. The same cameras showed that a car had been circling the area.

3. He called the entire squad into the centre circle.

4. The system is catastrophically failing to end the vicious circle of criminality.

5. Look for signs of how her inner circle is feeling.

6. We were circling round waiting for the course to clear and to be interviewed.

7. The aircraft circled the vessel for an hour before dwindling fuel reserves forced its return to Hawaii.

8. It feels like it's come full circle.

9. And therefore I'm delighted to have this group circling us of young people who are working on these issues.

10. They arrived at an army checkpoint beside a highway that circles the city.

11. We must move people beyond merely sitting in rows in pews to sitting in circles in groups.

12. What is the area of his circle divided by the area of mine?

13. You may see a new depth to some people in your circle this week.

14. They circle like a bird feeling out for a rising thermal.

15. We have established a wide circle of friends.

16. For the entire night we walked around in circles.

17. The vicious circle is a basic pattern.

18. They followed the fault line as it circled the jar all the way round to rejoin itself.

19. Today we seem to have come full circle.

20. This would lead to circling in the air or being left on runways.

21. But she soon relaxed her grip to wave happily at the skiers below as they circled.

22. You end up going round in circles.

23. It circled the city monitoring mobile phone and computer traffic.

24. Draw a circle for his eye.

25. This price based on upper circle tickets, top price stalls also available.

26. There are four eggs, arranged in a circle with their points inward.

27. Delays mount up as aircraft circle the skies, vainly waiting for a landing slot.

28. There, they drew a circle on the floor and continued work.

29. On wet days, it rains in the upper circle.

30. Student drama gave me a focal point, a circle of friends, many of my favourite student memories.

31. _ A circle whose center moves around _upon_, or in, the circumference of another _circle_; as the orbit of the moon in its motion with the earth around the sun.

32. (STANDISH _places the chairs above and below the table in the circle, then the chair on the_ R. _side of the fireplace in the circle_.)

33. (_Goes inside circle and sits down up_ C. _in circle_.)

34. The main circle is bi-directional and each entrance has it's own unidirectional mini circle.

35. We need not imagine that Aristides meant the word circle literally.

36. And in particular he singled out for comment the following question, which was one of those set, “Using the term circle as extending to the case where the radius is a pure imaginary, it is required to construct the common chord of two given circles.”

37. My brother has relayed his circle is the same ... few hunt squirrels, and those that once did have put it to the side for deer, turkey, etc.

38. This circle is a foundation for each of our lives.

39. ‘In the normal geometry of flat space, the diameter of a circle is its circumference divided by pi.’

40. ‘Pi, the ratio between a circle's diameter and circumference, has fascinated mathematicians for centuries.’

41. ‘We will locate a marker on the circumference of a circle.’

42. ‘We can picture all these dualities as points on the circumference of a circle.’

43. ‘A fringe of short parallel lines ran around the edge, and then a pair of concentric circles nearer the centre.’

44. ‘I don't know how they get white meat packed into the neat circles or oval shapes that they make chicken sandwich out of.’

45. ‘When the petals fall a large circle of beautifully shaped brown seeds are left arrayed in spirograph formation.’

46. ‘The beam of light aimed at the circle was in the shape of a circle.’

47. ‘Place one or several under a table lamp within the circle of brightest light; the colors will glow.’

48. ‘My oven mitts bear characteristic blackened circles in the exact shape of my stovetop burners.’

49. ‘I can see him there still, in the circle of light thrown by the lamp, leaning his head on his hand.’

50. ‘Gemstones came into use and were usually cut in circles or rectangular shapes.’

51. ‘Tight circles of light begin to appear, sporadically.’

52. ‘The story is largely seen in flickering circles of light and specific scenes are tinted using intense bubblegum pink and steely blue.’

53. ‘The light forms a massive circle, within which one can see the sad buildings that are being demolished.’

54. ‘The circle of light tracked beautifully across the empty gallery space.’

55. ‘We lit them and sat around our burning circle of light singing.’

56. ‘If you haven't immediately fallen asleep, you may see a circle of light.’

57. ‘We're sitting in his spacious living room, which is furnished with two couches and a dozen plastic green chairs arranged in a circle.’

58. ‘Arrange in circles of overlapping slices on four plates.’

59. ‘When he walked into the ballroom Leon saw a circle of candles arranged loosely around her.’

60. ‘He gestured to the couch and easy chairs arranged in a circle in the lobby.’

61. ‘Her pinkish red hair was braided and arranged neatly in a circle on her head.’

62. ‘His hair was wild, and dark circles hung below his eyes.’

63. ‘Her eyes were weary and bloodshot with deep dark circles under them.’

64. ‘I see dark circles under my bloodshot blue eyes and wrinkles from at least four years of undue stress.’

65. ‘His spiky blond hair was matted and there were deep dark circles underneath his eyes.’

66. ‘He looked terrible; underfed and beaten, with deep dark circles under his eyes.’

67. ‘Dark circles were etched into the skin below his eyes.’

68. ‘Foundations provide the coverage you need to disguise dark spots and undereye circles.’

69. ‘My blue eyes were bloodshot and dark black circles surrounded them; signs of a lack of sleep the night before.’

70. ‘He looked at her closely, taking in the dark circles under her bloodshot eyes.’

71. ‘Use a concealer to minimize any dark circles under the eyes or blemishes.’

72. ‘Below his eyes were dark circles, outlining his tired eyes.’

73. ‘She looked thinner, the telltale sign of a recent illness evident in the dark circles under her eyes.’

74. ‘Closer inspection reveals not only the wrinkles around his squinted eyes, but also a suggestion of dark circles under them.’

75. ‘She had the most dreadful dark circles under her eyes.’

76. ‘Real make-up suddenly looked like the preserve of those who had something to hide: crow's feet, dark circles and uneven skin tone.’

77. ‘Hey, what happened to those ugly dark circles around your eyes?’

78. ‘If you ran into me on a street corner I'd be scowling and glassy-eyed with dark circles.’

79. ‘There's no harm in asking Santa to give me my hair back, rid me of dark circles, and transform me into Brad Pitt.’

80. ‘He stretched out on his couch, dark circles under his smoky blue eyes.’

81. ‘If I could wear kohl eyeliner I would never need worry about having dark circles under my eyes.’

82. ‘The blueprint sees an auditorium retained, with seating in the circle on the first floor which could be used to watch theatre.’

83. ‘There were so many choir wannabes that they filled the choir platform, the stalls and the circle seats.’

84. ‘Even from my seat in the circle, Aida's blue eye-shadow looked excessive.’

85. ‘‘When I went to see her dance, I always booked seats in the royal circle,’ he recalls.’

86. ‘He had the strange sensation that he stood in the rear circle of a theatre.’

87. ‘A quick glance at my ticket reminded me that I had a seat in the circle and that I wouldn't be having to stand up for this gig.’

88. ‘It was even better the third time, possibly because we had really good seats in the circle.’

89. ‘I was so small I'd have to perch on the edge of my seat in the circle and peer over the balcony railing to see the players.’

90. ‘I prefer a few close friends to a wide circle of acquaintances.’

91. ‘And at weekends they spend their hard-earned cash in pubs and clubs with a wide circle of interesting, cosmopolitan friends.’

92. ‘Little by little he forges around himself a circle of acquaintances and friends.’

93. ‘He had a wide circle of friends in the book trade in Ireland, the UK and the United States.’

94. ‘His court became the centre for a dazzling circle of poets.’

95. ‘Word of her culinary prowess spread in media circles, and invitations came in to contribute to cookbooks and women's magazines.’

96. ‘The Irish wave of discontent in banking circles has spread across the EU.’

97. ‘Pornography was seen in fashionable circles as a radical movement.’

98. ‘But beyond tight-knit dance circles, the movement's original importance has been largely forgotten.’

99. ‘However, a circle of women disciples followed Jesus up to the end of his life.’

100. ‘You become aware that you're part of a movement or circle in any sort of artistic endeavor.’

101. ‘Both plays were very well received and she enjoyed some celebrity in theatrical circles.’

102. ‘Not all women benefitted from the situation, but only those within the circle of the upper classes.’

103. ‘In other circles, theatre is a dead artform.’

104. ‘The director is a big name in theatre circles and the actors are all well-known faces in Bangalore.’

105. ‘His years in Britain as a cricketer had been his passport to upper-class circles.’

106. ‘It is not easy to break into the cinema circle if you have no background of movies.’

107. ‘He was highly regarded in Bolton's amateur dramatic circles, regularly taking lead roles in Bolton Little Theatre productions.’

108. ‘In showbusiness circles his sexuality was an open secret.’

109. ‘His name, however, comes up all the time in hockey circles.’

110. ‘Round and around they circled each other, lunging, stepping back, attacking and then defending.’

111. ‘Two dogs were circling each other in the enclosed space.’

112. ‘Turning to a working radar, we immediately spotted little white dots circling nearby Alcatraz Island.’

113. ‘The combatants were circling each other warily, and waiting for the next move.’

114. ‘They circled each other like two mad dogs, neither making a move.’

115. ‘As the crocodile circled, he retreated to find his dog, which suffered several long cuts to its leg.’

116. ‘Australia's media barons are circling each other like sharks in a very small aquarium.’

117. ‘Ever since, we have circled each other amiably, two playwrights on similar trajectories.’

118. ‘They circle each other with acrobatic moves.’

119. ‘Rather than smile and wink flirtatiously, they instead stare at each other curiously, like two predators circling each other in the wild.’

120. ‘Soon we were circling each other warily, but I had fought him before, and I remembered his weaknesses.’

121. ‘She pointed to two cats that were circling each other, starting to hiss.’

122. ‘In the time it has taken you to read this story, those two stars may have fully circled each other.’

123. ‘This means all the cars have to get back in a close line and circle for four or five laps.’

124. ‘After circling the area once, we headed toward my car.’

125. ‘The car circled the park once then rolled down Dong Khoi Street.’

126. ‘We circled the block once to see who was leaving the club.’

127. ‘She circled the rink once and then began to slap the puck around.’

128. ‘Once outside the girls circled the hut and collected their weapons.’

129. ‘Once again, the wolves are circling a large mammal.’

130. ‘We circled back towards J Street, passing the St. Francis of Assisi church.’

131. ‘The offspring of the Manhattan Project are circling back toward Manhattan.’

132. ‘The dog first heads away from the road, then quickly circles back toward the family.’

133. ‘Her horse slowed to a trot as she circled back to the starting line.’

134. ‘He and I go right, then circle back toward her slowly.’

135. ‘It dumped its fuel in the ocean, before circling back to the airport with 273 passengers and crew.’

136. ‘So am I just circling back to the beginning in my journey?’

137. ‘Sue, my wife, is taking a long run on the beach and then circling back to buy fresh shrimp for supper.’

138. ‘Eventually she flew off, but not before circling back and dropping a single feather at his feet.’

139. ‘We tried to get them away from their weapons but they kept circling back to them.’

140. ‘I circled back and drove by again thinking maybe I'd missed it.’

141. ‘On our fourth day out, we circled back inland.’

142. ‘The hawk circled back to the island.’

143. ‘So they circled back to the park, by which time, the police were already on the scene.’

144. ‘Let's see if we can circle back to where we started.’

145. ‘I'm off to look for a hotel room, and tomorrow morning I'll begin to circle back north.’

146. ‘We circle back down to our boat, passing through crowded Turkish cemeteries.’

147. ‘The film moves rapidly and without signposts from Cape Breton to England, Scotland and Ireland, eventually circling back to where it started.’

148. ‘Ava's thinking is like a wheel spinning, circling back on itself.’

149. ‘She keeps circling back to a few events, a few places, all from childhood.’

150. ‘Seen from space, an aurora appears as a ring of energy circling a planet's polar region.’

151. ‘The steel fence circling the ‘promised land’ looked rather imposing.’

152. ‘Their house will be circled, surrounded.’

153. ‘Houses cry out for a coat of paint and are circled by half-broken fences.’

154. ‘Lush grass surrounded the edge of the pit, which was circled by a white picket fence.’

155. ‘The Gare de Lyon is one of the ring of train stations that circle Paris.’

156. ‘For a glimpse of the not-so-distant past, you have only to cross one of the huge, bleak avenues that circles the Old Town.’

157. ‘circled by soft white sand, the islands are getting known for their beaches.’

158. ‘It was a mountain, and there was a path that circled it.’

159. ‘It is a perfect spring day as they stroll along the path circling the artificial lake.’

160. ‘Decomposed granite paths circle the fountain, and a sandstone path leads to the front door.’

161. ‘It would take eight people holding hands to circle the base of the trunk.’

162. ‘As he held the classified section toward me, I noticed a hastily drawn line circling one of the ads.’

163. ‘Answer by circling the response that best describes you: Agree, Unsure, or Disagree’

164. ‘She went through the ads with her pen, circling some and putting a single line alongside others.’

165. ‘I will always be a person who circles the date on my calendar and anticipates its arrival.’

166. ‘A list of places to avoid and areas where the pilots cannot go are ringed, circled and pinned into maps of the region.’

167. he calculated the circumference of the circle

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