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Other users have misspelling enough as:

pie chart
  1. anuf 6.1%
  2. enogh 5.63%
  3. enoug 4.17%
  4. enof 2.21%
  5. Other 81.89%

Definitions of enough


  1. sufficient for the purpose


  1. an adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose


  1. as much as necessary

Examples of enough

  1. He hoped the roots would harbor the fungi and spread them throughout the compost, but the fungi didn't spread well enough.
  2. Commander Laurel D' ken smiled wryly as the blue haired officer said to Allison, ‘We'll need to nursemaid them a bit but I think they'd be able to manage well enough.’
  3. Upstairs were the bedrooms; “mother-and-father’s room” the largest; a smaller room for one or two sons, another for one or two daughters; each of these rooms containing a double bed, a “washstand, ” a “bureau, ” a wardrobe, a little table, a rocking-chair, and often a chair or two that had been slightly damaged downstairs, but not enough to justify either the expense of repair or decisive abandonment in the attic.

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