[ UK /sˈɜːkə‍l/ ]
[ US /ˈsɝkəɫ/ ]
  1. an unofficial association of people or groups
    they were an angry lot
    the smart set goes there
  2. street names for flunitrazepan
  3. a curved section or tier of seats in a hall or theater or opera house; usually the first tier above the orchestra
    they had excellent seats in the dress circle
  4. a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island
    the accident blocked all traffic at the rotary
  5. movement once around a course
    he drove an extra lap just for insurance
  6. any circular or rotating mechanism
    the machine punched out metal circles
  7. ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length; a plane curve generated by one point moving at a constant distance from a fixed point
    he calculated the circumference of the circle
  8. something approximating the shape of a circle
    the chairs were arranged in a circle
  1. travel around something
    circle the globe
  2. form or draw a circle around
    encircle the errors
  3. move in a circular path above (someone or something)
    the plane circled, looking for a landing spot
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How To Use circle In A Sentence

  • When Modin scored from the right circle to make it 3-0, it looked bleak for the Devils, who rallied from one-goal deficits twice before winning Game 2 in overtime. USATODAY.com - Tampa Bay creeps closer to New Jersey with 4-3 win
  • Therefore, the hexagon lies on a circle centered at the incenter of that triangle.
  • The orbit of the earth (or the circle which the sun seems to describe round the earth), is called the ecliptic, which is divided into twelve equal parts, called signs, and are distinguished by the following names and marks, [again, the symbols for the signs can be seen in the A Museum for Young Gentlemen and Ladies Or, a Private Tutor for Little Masters and Misses
  • Great Alardyce is indeed of the same generation as Carlyle, Harriet Martineau numbering as a member of both eminent men's circles.
  • And as I watched, having circled back through the carlot, she turned back from heavy traffic several times. Grouse Diary Entry
  • The length should be that of the bandaging; the breadth, three or four fingers; thickness, three or fourfold; number so as to encircle the limb, neither more nor less; those applied for the purpose of rectifying a deformity, should be of such a length as to encircle it; the breadth and thickness being determined by the vacuity, which is not to be filled up at once. On The Surgery
  • copasetic" [used so nicely in "West L.A. Fadeaway"] -- and such stunts as dancing down Broadway in 1939 from Columbus Circle to 44th Street in celebration of his sixty-first birthday. The Annotated "Alabama Getaway"
  • Their green rings, circular or ovoidal in form, abounded in all parts of the country, and it was in these circles they were said to dance through the livelong night. Welsh Folk-Lore a Collection of the Folk-Tales and Legends of North Wales
  • Around the humerus, loose where once it had clung tightly, lay the twisted semi-circle of a priestly arm-ring. MIDNIGHT IS A LONELY PLACE
  • I'm sat in one of those chairs with a little side table to rest your notebook on, arranged in a semicircle in a darkened room.
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