Definition of 'illustrator'


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1. a person who draws pictures (especially illustrations in books or magazines)

2. One who illustrates.

3. an artist who makes illustrations (for books or magazines or advertisements etc.)

4. One who draws pictorial illustrations.

5. One who illustrates, or renders bright, clear, or plain; one who exemplifies something in his own person.


1. She has since become an internationally recognised artist and illustrator and is publishing her own memoir this month.

2. She's now a wonderful artist and illustrator.

3. From 1906 he pursued parallel careers as a book illustrator and cartoonist.

4. An artist and illustrator, she also looks after the guests and promotes sustainable tourism in the region.

5. The friendship between the writer and the illustrator was forged during months of rewriting and hard work that produced books that look effortlessly funny.

6. In addition to his writing he was well regarded as an artist and illustrator, often designing covers for his works.

7. It was just reward for a life spent painting, often in spare hours after his day job as a designer and illustrator.

8. If you can be a designer or an illustrator then do that instead, because being an artist is not an easy life.

9. Fan, as she was known, was an artist and illustrator.

10. Born in 1872, he initially trained to be a landscape painter but then made a name for himself as a cartoonist and illustrator.

11. The first two generally share a context, vocabulary, and knowledge of a canon of books; the illustrator is a total wild card.

12. This title illustrator, despised by the official painters, should be given them as the one which has secured them the best claim to fame.

13. Still in illustrator formats, these Nike templated for personal uses only.

14. The illustrator is Anne Sophie Hueber, a young French mom.

15. Frauenfelder was also the magazine's main illustrator, and utilized a cartoony style that appeared cribbed from the spare 50s television cartoons of Gene Deitch.

16. For each Kaleidoscope conference, a Canadian illustrator is selected to produce a fine art poster reflecting the conference theme.

17. The short answer from a pro illustrator is "to sell the book."

18. Nick Parish says the illustrator is Felix Reiners.

19. ‘Quite a few of the artists at the top today began their careers as illustrators for books, magazines and museums and their attention to detail is evident.’

20. ‘She graduated in art and design at Falmouth in Cornwall in 1991 and was soon in demand as a wildlife illustrator for magazines and books.’

21. ‘Most of my pals are either comic book artists or illustrators.’

22. ‘Gouse began his career as a pen-and-ink artist and an illustrator of books.’

23. ‘After the war he returned to easel painting and was also active as a book and magazine illustrator and as a designer of mosaics and stained glass.’

24. ‘All I'll be doing is talking about my book, Mad Art, which chronicles the splendid illustrators for Mad Magazine.’

25. ‘More than 200 artists, designers, photographers and illustrators will showcase their designs in the gallery.’

26. ‘For this reason, illustrators must finish their pictures by deadlines, while painters rarely have to do this.’

27. ‘Fine artists were at the top, while comic book illustrators were at the bottom.’

28. ‘As a printmaker and book illustrator, his clear and imaginative compositions contributed to the popularity of emblem books.’

29. ‘In a carnival atmosphere, leading artists, architects, illustrators, cartoonists, dancers and unicyclists will join forces in a drive to get the nation drawing.’

30. ‘Of all the problems faced by painters, illustrators and still photographers, one of the most difficult is conveying the sense of movement and motion.’

31. ‘The Hans Christian Andersen Awards are the highest international recognition given to the writers and illustrators of children's books.’

32. ‘With 14 illustrators contributing to the book, one might expect some obvious discontinuity among plates, but that is not the case.’

33. ‘Since then, this award has paid tribute to the best of the best African-American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults.’

34. ‘Since 1991, 33 awards have been presented to the authors and illustrators of outstanding books.’

35. ‘He notes that the company will monetize sales by selling images to users and splitting the revenue with the illustrators who created them.’

36. ‘Special seminars aimed at readers, writers and illustrators of kids' books will run throughout the duration of the book exhibition.’

37. ‘Other artists who contributed their talents were a trio of children's book illustrators.’

38. ‘Another fundamental difference is that illustrators create a piece for an assignment.’

39. the illustrator of that children's book did an amazing job

Other users have misspelling illustrator as:

1. ilustrar 13.1%

2. ilustrator 8.33%

3. illustrer 7.14%

4. illistrator 5.95%

5. illustator 3.57%

6. istruttore 2.38%

7. l'istruttore 2.38%

8. Other 57.15%

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