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Other users have misspelling narcissistic as:

pie chart
  1. narcissitic 9.09%
  2. narcisssitic 9.09%
  3. narcissistiske 9.09%
  4. narcissistisk 6.82%
  5. narcisstic 6.82%
  6. narcisisistic 4.55%
  7. narcisisstic 4.55%
  8. narcisistic 4.55%
  9. Other 45.44%

Definitions of narcissistic


  1. characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance

Examples of narcissistic

  1. Reich 1974 placed the impulsive character, the neurotic character, and the psychopath between neurosis and psychosis and observed the ambivalence, hostile pregenital impulses, ego and superego deficits, immature defenses, and primitive narcissistic features of the impulsive personality.
  2. And because the kids are such "coddled," "narcissistic praise junkies," they'll be beyond tough to bring into the military.
  3. The yogi contemplating his navel often figures for Westerners as an object of amusement, being taken as a symptom of indolence or narcissistic self-absorption.

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