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1. A narcissist.

2. Having an inflated idea of one's own importance.

3. Obsessed with one's own self image and ego.

4. Having an excessive love of oneself; egocentric; egoistic.

5. characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance


1. This is common in individuals with destructive narcissistic traits.

2. The thing about adults with strong narcissistic traits is that they are like that most of the time.

3. He has a personality disturbance with narcissistic tendencies, emotional instability and emotional immaturity.

4. He displays narcissistic syndrome traits.

5. Often, when there are strong narcissistic traits in a person, there has been a disturbance in their early care.

6. All of us have narcissistic traits, but they're so strong in some people that it can cause problems in relationships.

7. It's a classic narcissistic trait to have a bulletproof belief in your own abilities, and to react horribly at the faintest hint of criticism.

8. He put his grade breakdown on his CV — how narcissistic is that?

9. I feel that I have not yet penetrated truly what this book is about, although it surely depicts the hapless life of someone who lives in narcissistic illusion as well as the damage wrought by others who are the same but in a different style.

10. I thought so, since I judged her to be shallow, petty, vindictive and narcissistic from the start.

11. Look again at some select details of the definition of narcissistic personality disorder: a sense of self-importance; fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love; belief in being “special” and unique.

12. There were times here and there when I grew tired of being the face that was overlooked whenever I was out with her, and then I let myself call her narcissistic, but in fact it was strange how little it bothered me in general.

13. They see the Internet as a mirror into which they can gaze in narcissistic rapture.

14. Henry's behaviour, it seems to me plausible that a vain narcissistic man like

15. The statement is often described as a narcissistic rant, and it may be, but it is also an excellent summary of jihadist logic.

16. When I read this, why does the word narcissistic come to mind?

17. ‘This finding refutes the common stereotype of the narcissistic woman with breast implants.’

18. ‘Call me vain or narcissistic or what ever.’

19. ‘They are described as: instinctively rebellious, non-conformist, narcissistic and determined to stay young.’

20. ‘The other film goddesses were narcissistic, neurotic, concerned about no one except themselves.’

21. ‘There's a personality type in guys she's been attracted to in the past where they turn out to be far more narcissistic than they initially seem.’

22. ‘And he did the right thing, distancing himself from this highly narcissistic pastor.’

23. ‘She said that the media unfairly depicts celebrities who are publicly involved with politics as narcissistic.’

24. ‘He's clearly a shallow, narcissistic poseur - surely we're not supposed to feel sympathy for him?’

25. ‘In Traveling Mercies, she demonstrates a unique ability to lay bare her soul even its ugliest parts without ever coming off as narcissistic or solipsistic.’

26. ‘But the angry reaction to her comments rose to a new level today with blogs on the left and right accusing her of being self-centred and narcissistic.’

27. ‘Somehow I think unsung social workers can reach out to the poor and downtrodden better than narcissistic guys who have gotten too much attention in the first place.’

28. ‘Towards the end of the film, his buff, clueless, completely narcissistic character became less amusing and more annoying.’

29. ‘Politics attracts a certain type of guy: the narcissistic showman, hungry for attention and holding centre stage.’

30. ‘"I'm not as narcissistic or self-referential as people think," he says with a smile.’

31. ‘Young narcissistic adults tend to be ostracized and shunned by peers and colleagues.’

32. ‘Thirteen years ago I met a materialistic, narcissistic, superficial, bosomy woman from Long Island.’

33. ‘His narcissistic lover cautions him against his charity towards his neighbours across the hallway.’

34. ‘But where else, you may ask, can one go to see shallow, narcissistic pop stars rip off articles of clothing?’

35. ‘The narcissistic presumption of centrality that underpins paranoia here gives birth to semiotic solipsism.’

36. ‘But a blind spot around narcissistic vulnerability is perhaps the surest sign of extreme narcissistic vulnerability.’

37. ‘For instance, drug-using mothers have been characterized as egocentric with a narcissistic orientation toward their children.’

38. ‘The loss of the girl/boyfriend, for example, may well be an overwhelming and unbearable narcissistic injury.’

39. ‘But I have to take issue about the supposed diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder.’

40. ‘He convincingly argues that the protagonist suffers from a narcissistic disorder that structures her personality.’

41. ‘We also see that perversion is one manifestation of this narcissistic organisation within an individual.’

42. ‘He later identifies that pathological disposition as a form of obsessional neurosis tinged with narcissistic tendencies.’

43. ‘Thus, the cynical drive toward deconstruction itself can be seen as a narcissistic mechanism that flows from bitter childhood disappointment and traumatic disillusionment.’

44. ‘All of the shooters may have felt the desire to defend narcissistic views of themselves and had very low self-esteem.’

45. ‘In addition, they describe the treatment of various narcissistic, anxiety, and dissociative syndromes.’

46. ‘Evidence points to the common existence of narcissistic personality characteristics and impulse control problems in pathologic gamblers.’

47. ‘Food is a fixation here, as it is in bourgeois culture in general, because it is an easily manipulated projection of narcissistic ego.’

48. ‘In trying to engage and assess patients, therapists should remember that patients with narcissistic personality disorder will have certain traits that should be addressed therapeutically.’

49. ‘Patients with narcissistic personality disorder feel as if everyone and everything owes them - without any contribution on their part.’

50. ‘Not surprisingly, the most narcissistic elements in apocalyptic belief require of the individual the most radical forms of self-loss.’

51. This may especially be the case when a parent has narcissistic tendencies or narcissistic personality disorder

Other users have misspelling narcissistic as:

1. narcissitic 9.09%

2. narcisssitic 9.09%

3. narcissistiske 9.09%

4. narcissistisk 6.82%

5. narcisstic 6.82%

6. narcisisistic 4.55%

7. narcisisstic 4.55%

8. narcisistic 4.55%

9. Other 45.44%

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