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Other users have misspelling bilingual as:

pie chart
  1. bi-lingual 39.52%
  2. billingual 2.42%
  3. bilingu 1.61%
  4. biligual 1.61%
  5. bilingua 1.61%
  6. Other 53.23%

Definitions of bilingual


  1. using or knowing two languages


  1. a person who speaks two languages fluently

Examples of bilingual

  1. To which I responded matter-of-factly, ‘This is a bilingual country.’
  2. Figure 1: The figure represents diagrammatically the key factors, as described in the literature review, which influence the reading development of English and Greek bilingual and monolingual children.
  3. Growing up bilingual in English and German, Hobsbawm picked up three or four other languages along the way (he reproves monoglot historians for their provincialism).

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