Definition of 'favor'


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1. Something given as a token of love, affection, or remembrance.

2. Obsolete A communication, especially a letter.

3. A state of being held in such regard.

4. Behalf; interest.

5. Permission to engage in sexual activity, especially when granted by a woman to a male partner.

6. Countenance; face.

7. Friendly or favorable regard; approval or support.

8. Obsolete A facial feature.

9. Aspect or appearance.

10. A privilege or concession.

11. Advantage; benefit.

12. Unfair partiality; favoritism.

13. A small decorative gift given to each guest at a party.

14. A gracious, friendly, or obliging act that is freely granted.

15. The object of kind regard; the person or thing favored.

16. Leave; permission; indulgence; concession.

17. A charm; attraction; grace.

18. A kind act or office; kindness done or manifested; any act of grace or good will, as distinguished from acts of justice or remuneration.

19. Advantage; convenience afforded for success: as, the enemy approached under favor of the night.

20. Countenance; appearance; look; features.

21. The state of favoring or of being favored; friendly consideration bestowed or received; objective regard, aid, support, or behoof: with in: as, to be or act in favor of a person or thing; to resign an office in favor of another; he is in high favor at court or with the people.

22. Partial kindness; biased regard or consideration; predilection; partiality: as, kissing goes by favor; a fair field and no favor.

23. Something bestowed as a token of good will or of love; a gift or present; hence, a gift, usually from a woman to a man, as a sleeve, glove, or knot of ribbons, to be worn, as a token of friendship or love, at a fair or wedding, in a festive assembly, or habitually, as formerly in knight-errantry.

24. Good will; kind regard; countenance; friendly disposition; a willingness to aid, support, or defend.

25. Synonyms To patronize, help, assist.

26. To resemble in features or aspect; look somewhat like.

27. To be favorable to; facilitate or render easier: as, the darkness of the night favored the enemy's approach.

28. To extenuate; palliate; represent favorably, as in painting or description.

29. To regard with favor; entertain favor for; be disposed to aid; countenance; befriend; regard or treat with favor or partiality; accommodate: as, to favor the weaker side.

30. To ease; spare: as, to favor a lame leg.

31. To have the semblance (of).

32. To speed up or otherwise increase the success of (a chemical process or pathway).

33. To be advantageous to; make more likely to be successful.

34. To perform a kindness or service for; oblige. synonym: oblige.

35. To show partiality or unfair preference to.

36. To have a liking for; be partial to; prefer.

37. Chiefly Southern US To resemble in appearance.

38. To believe to be most likely to succeed.

39. To approve, advocate, or support.

40. To treat with care; be gentle with.

41. To resemble another in appearance.

42. (in favor of) Inscribed or made out to the benefit of.

43. (in favor of) In support of; approving.

44. (in favor of) To the advantage of.


1. The branch of government currently most in favor is the Judicial.

2. The only one showing even a plurality in favor is the wacky NY Times/CBS surveythat managed to generate a 46 percent undecided number.

3. I've been voting since 1972, and the only thing I'm sure they're in favor is tax cuts to the rich – which hasn't done a darn thing to help any one of us average Americans.

4. Since when did an imperial general use the word favor when talking to a subordinate?

5. Another amazing point in their favor is the sheer ability of these stories to withstand the test of time.

6. Another point in her favor is the absolute fallibility of her characters.

7. A spokesman for Mr. Mica said the proposed legislation was intended to correct what he called a "favor to organized labor" by the mediation board.

8. In his favor is the Swede's game, which is superb.

9. Backspin: In his favor is his laissez-faire approach to golf, and the fact he dominated the toughest links golf course in the world for 71 holes.

10. For although the Mass is called an offering, in what does the term favor the dreams concerning the _opus operatum_, and the application which, they imagine, merits for others the remission of sins?

11. ‘Those at the CIA with more alarmist views gained favor at the White House, while those who were more skeptical lost it.’

12. ‘Open theism has found some favor with Pentecostals who view it in terms of a spirited give-and-take with God.’

13. ‘When the favor of God breathes upon us, there is none of these things which may not turn out to our happiness.’

14. ‘Even more it was a mark of divine favor, for the gods, it was believed, worked through the daimones, emissaries and conductors of their will.’

15. ‘Catholic and Protestant Newfoundlanders took it as a sign - generally, as a mark of divine favor for the Catholic side.’

16. ‘Both sides of a trial seek bias in their own favour as, according to the film's ads, some cases ‘are too important to be left to juries’.’

17. ‘His petition to the Scottish parliament accuses government bodies meant to regulate the fish farming industry of being biased in its favour.’

18. ‘This pact is utterly one-sided-in Mexico's favor.’

19. ‘The dynamic this week has been in his favor consistently.’

20. ‘It is really important that judges show no favour and no bias.’

21. ‘The overall balance is likely to continue to shift marginally in China's favour over the next decade.’

22. ‘It is not just unreasonable to be biased in our own favour, it is also naïve.’

23. ‘We certainly hope so - we own it, and are unabashedly biased in its favor.’

24. ‘It is still based upon favour with no relevance whatever to competence or effectiveness.’

25. ‘Physicians are often enticed to attend these CME programs with free meals and other favors and gifts.’

26. ‘When you're preparing the baby shower supplies, gifts and favors, the shower theme will practically tell you the best ideas to pick up.’

27. ‘The tricky thing is to draw an appropriate line between a token gift or favor and a more substantial one.’

28. ‘Of course what they really meant was, ‘Do me a favour.’’

29. ‘Do us a favour: Read this book and listen to this tape.’

30. ‘Do us a favour, get a dictionary and look up what a gradient is.’

31. ‘Do us a favour while you're here: visit my campaign website and sign the petition.’

32. ‘Go on do me a favour, do yourself a favour, take that vinyl out of its sleeve.’

33. ‘Do me a favour and stop pretending you know me, because you don't.’

34. ‘But, do not feel that simply because I gave you a gift, that means that you are obliged to return the favour.’

35. ‘He is unencumbered by owing favours to one master or another in London, and he will measure his success by standards set in Scotland, not Westminster.’

36. ‘The government gave us an important quest to fulfill before our execution, but we will not return the favor of kindness!’

37. ‘Now there is a chance for all those organisations and individuals who have availed of their services down through the years to return the favour.’

38. ‘If you're unable to oblige, then the reason why you can't grant the favour should be very good.’

39. ‘Although people typically disdain thinking about close relationships in exchange terms, partners often do reciprocate favors and kindnesses toward each other.’

40. ‘Feudal ways like offering gifts for favors is widespread and starts early; even parents do it for their kids' teachers.’

41. ‘We mistakenly think we will lose a partner's affection by burdening him or her with our requests for favors or acceptance of gifts.’

42. ‘In this spirit, members emphasize communal sharing, as in sharing food, giving gifts, and doing favors.’

43. ‘Do not offer favors or gifts to families in order to gain access.’

44. ‘Bribery refers to the illicit use of rewards, gifts, or favors to pervert judgment or corrupt the conduct of someone.’

45. ‘Offerings and gifts are made to saints and protective spirits for favors in this life.’

46. ‘You've gotten me tons of gifts and I just wanted to return the favor.’

47. ‘His policy was to buy support by granting favours and wide-ranging concessions.’

48. ‘The priest borrows the sum from the merchant and hands it to the wife, and the wife grants him her favours.’

49. ‘It also approved a relaxation of some of the conditions attached to its initial approval and this again favoured the developer.’

50. ‘The demand for UN approval is favoured by sections of the European ruling class and various antiwar groupings.’

51. ‘Most of the people surveyed favor FDA regulation to approve product safety.’

52. ‘If approved, I would favor its widespread use for diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection.’

53. ‘Like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, most Taiwanese politicians favor tax cuts to appease their constituencies.’

54. ‘Some politicians favour a graduate tax, which students pay back once they start earning a set amount following completion of their course.’

55. ‘Unlike in the past, it is nearly impossible to be a successful Republican politician if you favor tax increases.’

56. ‘These are the holidays most favoured by its clients in previous years.’

57. ‘This change seems to be favoured by politicians, the media, and the public.’

58. ‘They are also favored by politicians and budget analysts, as well as by some education policy makers, who see them as cheaper than traditional education programs on established campuses.’

59. ‘They include issuing biased research on particular stocks to attract investment banking fees and giving shares in hot IPOs to favored clients.’

60. ‘Lending more to favored clients is on the rise as well.’

61. ‘This solution is favored by politicians and agency heads who can avoid responsibility for fixing today's problems simply by deferring them into the future.’

62. ‘These politicians tend to favor government spending for jobs and social programs in the cities, and have a generally liberal disposition.’

63. ‘Doesn't the church's about-face on the death penalty make threats to politicians who favor it seem facile?’

64. ‘The fact is that conservative voters favor conservative politicians.’

65. ‘Such a coalition makes it easier for politicians to favor both groups.’

66. ‘The banks also have a habit of channelling the initial equity in the direction of a few favoured clients - usually institutional investors, mutual funds and wealthy individuals.’

67. ‘I don't favor the legalization of drugs.’

68. ‘But no, I don't favor decriminalization.’

69. ‘If you believe a club gets favoured treatment from the NRL, name the club?’

70. ‘Nevertheless, it is widely believed that that current laws disproportionately and unfairly favour women.’

71. ‘Critics claim that the Indian government unfairly favors the IITs when education dollars are doled out.’

72. ‘To some, Title IX is a quota law, designed to destroy men's sports by unfairly favoring women.’

73. ‘If he criticised the Kremlin at all, it was on the grounds of what he considered its inconsistent efforts in carrying out policies that favoured the new private owners.’

74. ‘Prosecutors suspect that the bureau has, for example, unlawfully favored the school by approving its establishment of a junior high school.’

75. ‘I started college as the beneficiary of a bias favoring males.’

76. ‘The contrast is between a random sampling of gametes that leads to the fixation of selectively neutral alleles and natural selection favoring advantageous variations.’

77. ‘In the competitive struggle for existence, creatures possessing advantageous mutations would be favoured, eventually evolving into new species.’

78. ‘The ball blew all over the field and although it did favour the home side in the second half, they couldn't get the equalising goal.’

79. ‘The outcome, whether it favours the defending champions or the eager challengers, guarantees one thing: a Senior hurling title for South Sligo.’

80. ‘The suite of flowers we have now are the ones favoured by the particular amount of rain we had, and the particular time when it came.’

81. ‘The point is that the paymasters intend to reward bloggers who configure web applications in a way that favours the commercial client.’

82. ‘Counsel for the applicant has clearly put the considerations which are said to support a construction which would favour his client.’

83. ‘She favoured me with what might have been a fond glance, sighed a mega-cat sigh, and went back to sleep.’

84. ‘Marlow favored us with what must seem like an enigmatic smile, but I knew better.’

85. ‘Ariana favored Mae with one of her shark-like smiles.’

86. ‘He favored Serina with the full force of his smile.’

87. ‘He turned away and favored Sally with another broad smile.’

88. ‘Chelsea snapped her mirror shut and favored Dawn with a pseudo-smile.’

89. ‘Leila weighed the question, then favored Nika with that jarring grin.’

90. ‘The aged muzzle dropped a little, and she favored Wendy with a sad smile.’

91. ‘The bike wobbled to a stop as she applied the brakes, and she favored Eric with a wide expectant smile.’

92. ‘Christine's eyes were on him, looking him up and down with the same speculative gaze he'd favored her with, and again he wondered how deep she was with Charles.’

93. ‘Almighty God favoured us with his presence and power.’

94. ‘As one of the girls retrieved her camera, she favored me with a hesitant smile, requested that I sign her program, and told me that she was going to be a coach someday, too.’

95. ‘We would humbly request that - assuming the gods favor us with freedom before it is too late - you would assemble your armies and add their strength to that of our own.’

96. ‘I don't really know him so I was shocked to see how much he favors our grandfather and great-grandfather.’

97. ‘Her very soft southern accent and her facial features favor those of her late father.’

98. ‘He favors my mother and I think I got the best of my dad.’

99. ‘Nicholas rose with some difficulty, favoring his injured leg, and began to make his way over to Erin just as Mr. Saturn did something by the wall.’

100. ‘Floyd has been favoring the sore foot, which he says is always on his mind and is preventing him from getting the proper balance he needs at the plate.’

101. ‘She appeared to be favoring a sore foot on floor exercise, finishing the event with a simple layout.’

102. ‘Taylor, wearing a restrictive brace on his surgically repaired left knee, appeared unsure and favoring his bad limb.’

103. ‘Bastian staggered to his feet, favoring his left leg as Dakota put her arm around his waist to help him walk.’

104. ‘Fayd climbed to his feet, favoring his numbed leg - which was now starting to regain some feeling - and limped towards the skeletal skyscraper, trying to find his pistol.’

105. ‘The third night of rest found him favoring his left leg strongly, and complaining of saddle sores once more.’

106. ‘Up close, he looked in perfect shape, apart from favouring his left foreleg.’

107. ‘She noticed he favoured his right leg as he got up.’

108. ‘He was walking twisted to one side to favour his painful leg.’

109. ‘After finishing 13th, he left the backstage area favoring his right leg and said, ‘Well, at least I made it.’’

110. ‘I didn't move until I heard slow footsteps and peaked over the top of the gold to see Garren warily approaching the dragon, favoring his left leg.’

111. ‘As she was leaving, I noticed that she'd stopped favoring her leg.’

112. ‘His nose was bloody and he looked like he was favoring his right leg.’

113. ‘Tyrone stood, favoring his right arm, which was remarkably better than he'd remembered.’

114. ‘She limped over to Jeremy, favoring her left leg, her eyes never leaving Rachel's for an instant.’

115. ‘As Mitch walked back to the car, he noticed he was favoring his right leg.’

116. ‘He put them on then slowly slid out the bed, standing with the help of cane, heavily favoring his right leg.’

117. ‘Helping me get my helmet off I noticed he was favoring his right arm and seemed to have a splint or cast on it under his suit.’

118. ‘I pushed myself out of the bed and strode across the room, favoring my right leg.’

119. he favors his second daughter

Other users have misspelling favor as:

1. favore 13.76%

2. fabor 2.39%

3. favou 2.39%

4. Other 81.46%

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